LARP Throwing Weapons

A LARP throwing weapon is the perfect alternative to turn to when you simply cannot close with an opponent to bring them into your weapons reach. You did remember to bring a few back up throwing weapons, did not you? No? Well, then you had best pay a visit to Dark Knight Armoury, where you can pick up a few handy LARP throwing weapons to carry along into battle! LARP throwing weapons, unlike a typical LARP weapon, are slightly different from the typical arms, as most LARP throwing weapons do not feature a traditional core. Instead, they are crafted mostly from foam and latex, to make them safe for throwing. We offer a variety of throwing weapons to choose from, ranging from throwing knives to throwing axes to all sorts of other weapons that you can eagerly throw at your foes from afar! Our throwing knives range from basic and plain to more ornate and intricate, while all offering the same reliable function of delivering LARP defeat from a distance. We also have a series of throwing axes, which offer a different style of ranged weapon that is perfect for tribal fighters and dwarves, as well as various other warriors who like the idea of hurling an axe at their opponent. We also offer various other thrown weapons, ranging from historical pieces like shurikens to modern weapons like hand grenades, and all sorts of other items that fall in between, including things like tankards, bricks, wrenches, rolling pins, and more. We even offer LARP elemental balls, which are perfect for casting quick spells on your opponents from afar! Pick up a few of our LARP throwing weapons before your next live action roleplay battle to ensure that you can quickly and easily remove an opponent from the fight before they close with you, and while you are here, pick up a throwing knife holder too, to ensure that your knife or knives are kept close at hand and well within easy reach.
Asazel LARP Knife
According to some religious texts, Asazel was a fallen angel who became the spirit of desolation. With the stylish Asazel LARP Knife, you will be sure to embody this demons divine darkness and desolate your enemy.
Price: $16.00
Assassin Inquisitor LARP Throwing Knives
Note the elaborate etchings on the hilt and blade of a dagger set that could only belong to one whose skill has earned rank and wealth. The Assassin Inquisitor LARP Throwing Knives are sure to gain the information that you desire.
Price: $20.00
Assassin Liberty LARP Throwing Knives
Observe the clever design of these fine daggers. A set like this proves useful when sneaking up on an assigned target. The Assassin Liberty LARP Throwing Knives belong in the hands of the warrior who values stealth and swiftness.
Price: $20.00
Assassin Rebel LARP Throwing Knives
The mercenary waits patiently, blending into the shadows just beyond the town gate. The caravan reaches its destination. The target emerges from the carriage. The Assassin Unity LARP Throwing Knives assist in completing the quest.
Price: $20.00
Assassin Unity LARP Throwing Knives
The soldiers of a brutal dictator encroach upon Elven lands. The noble queen sends forth her finest warrior to cut down the threat. A character that values the ways of the forest will enjoy the Assassin Unity LARP Throwing Knives.
Price: $20.00
Auric LARP Throwing Dagger
Just because you are fighting to the death in a bloody battle against the forces of darkness does not mean that you should resort to rugged weaponry. Luckily, the Auric LARP Throwing Dagger is the perfect blend of function and fashion.
Price: $10.00
Baker Roll for LARP
While it may be tempting to use the Baker Roll for LARP for pie making, that is not the true purpose of this foam prop. Whether you wish to spice up a LARP event, or defend you bakery, this throwing weapon will assist in your quest.
Price: $20.00
Battle-Worn Big Bertha II Wrench
A trusted tool from the workshop can now be your next weapon in LARP battle. The Battle-Worn Big Bertha II Wrench has the look of a large, weathered wrench and is made completely out of highly durable, latex-free Calimacil foam.
Price: $48.00
Big Bertha Wrench
The Big Bertha Wrench is a very realistic reproduction of a metal wrench, which is perfectly suited to our post-apocalyptic line of products. It is also quite appropriate for classical LARPers that seek an alternative to edged weapons.
Price: $49.50
Black LARP Shuriken
A silent and deadly weapon is the best weapon for assassins. For those who want to take a page from the legendary ninja, few throwing weapons can match the grace and capability of the lethal looking Black LARP Shuriken.
Price: $8.00
Blue Granite LARP Throwing Rock
The most formidable spells require a focus made from an object of meaning, granting the ability to wield more power. The Blue Granite LARP Throwing Rock is a bumpy, veined stone in a blue hue that can serve as a projectile weapon.
Price: $8.00
Bone LARP Throwing Knife
A perfect projectile weapon for orcs, barbarians, and other warriors of the dark forest, the Bone LARP Throwing Knife features incredible detailing such as a realistic bone texture and sculpted leather cord wrapping on the handle.
Price: $8.00
Brown Sandstone LARP Rock
A popular building material since ancient times, this sandstone rock serves a far more violent use. The Brown Sandstone LARP Rock makes a unique accent and a potential primitive addition to your arsenal.
Price: $8.00
Caesar LARP Knife
Every adventurer needs a good knife. The Caesar LARP Dagger is a versatile foam blade for any LARP arsenal. This latex-free LARP weapon is perfect for carrying as a boot knife, storing in your pouch, or even hanging from your belt.
Price: $20.00
Cutthroat LARP Throwing Knife
Elegant, sleek, and merciless, the Cutthroat LARP Throwing Knife appeals to stealthy rogues and ambitious nobles alike. This LARP blade displays incredible detail with realistic iron and marble texture and coloration.
Price: $8.00
Darius LARP Knife
Almost every warrior has been disarmed in a sword fight. If you would like to keep from losing any more arms, you had best have a secondary defense. The Darius LARP Knife is just what you need in a pinch to get you out of a squabble alive.
Price: $16.00
Dark Elven Throwing Knife
You will not see this blade coming without the senses and reflexes of the keenest of the dark elves. The Dark Elven Throwing Knife displays a curved shape with texturing, a curved handle, and a rounded notch within the blade.
Price: $8.00
Deluxe Ferro LARP Throwing Dagger
If you want to end the reign of a powerful queen or wealthy baron, a run-of-the-mill assassin with run-of-the-mill weapons simply will not do. Luckily, the Deluxe Ferro LARP Throwing Dagger is here to give your reputation a boost.
Price: $10.00
Deluxe Silas LARP Throwing Dagger
Just because you do not want anyone tracing your kills back to you does not mean that you want to use an unremarkable weapon. The Deluxe Silas LARP Throwing Dagger keeps it simple while still looking sharp, so to speak.
Price: $8.00
Elven LARP Throwing Knife
The elves are a graceful people, and that trait shows as much in their culture as it does in their craft. This Elven LARP Throwing Knife offers a glimpse of how even the most beautiful of weapons can also be deadly in skilled hands.
Price: $8.00
Ferro LARP Throwing Dagger
Any assassin knows that the first line of defense is to hit the enemy before they see you, and the best way to do that is to hit them from a distance. Luckily, attacks such as these are exactly what the Ferro LARP Throwing Dagger is for.
Price: $8.00
Green Lorian Stone LARP Rock
Elves know the mystical properties of the Lorian Stone have a more immediate, practical use in battle aside from its use in magic. The Green Lorian Stone LARP Rock can be used as an excellent prop or weapon.
Price: $8.00
Hartman LARP Throwing Knife
The Hartman LARP Throwing Knife is an essential in any adventurers arsenal. Very versatile in its style, this close range LARP weapon is great for throwing, slashing, and stabbing. It is made of incredibly durable, latex-free foam.
Price: $24.00
Ironclaw Pipe Wrench
Our Ironclaw Pipe Wrench is a remarkably faithful replica of a very large pipe wrench similar to the ones we see in those horror flicks where blood, gore and zombie parts fly everywhere.
Price: $66.25
Jorge LARP Knife
If an enemy is approaching you faster than you can draw your sword, you have a problem. The solution is to use a ranged weapon, like a throwing knife. For a reliable secondary weapon, look no further than the Jorge LARP Knife.
Price: $16.00
LARP Beer Mug
This oversized tankard is completely made from foam and latex. There are many, many uses such as catching your LARP opponent off guard with a TKO via tankard, allowing barmaids to keep unruly customers in check.
Price: $30.00
LARP Brick
This real looking brick is part of the Zombicalypse collection. The Brick, like all of Calimacils weapons, tested and balanced for combat. The Brick has no fiberglass core. This Brick measures 8 inches long and weighs 0.3 pounds.
Price: $24.75
LARP Brick - Dark Moon Collection
The Dark Moon Brick is made from durable foam that does not shred and is sealed with a strong coating of latex. The Brick is realistically painted to look like an actual brick. It is dark red with black accents to give an aged look.
Price: $22.00
LARP Brown Bottle of Friar Tuck
Designed for use as an unconventional LARP weapon for the mead thirsty warrior, or as an incredibly realistic prop, the LARP Brown Bottle of Friar Tuck is a spectacular foam replication of a large brown ale bottle.
Price: $24.75
LARP Fransiscan Throwing Axe
Our LARP Throwing Axes are great for those moments in battle when you just cannot get within a swords reach of your enemy. Never fear, you came prepared, right? If not, you had better pick up a few of these Fransisca Throwing Axes.
Price: $16.00
LARP Hand Grenade - Dark Moon Collection
The Dark Moon Hand Grenade is made from durable foam that does not shred and is sealed with a strong coat of latex. The LARP Hand Grenade has a black finish. This is a great prop and throwing weapon for futuristic LARPs.
Price: $16.00
LARP Push Dagger
The perfect role-playing blade for Celtic and Roman soldiers, the LARP Push Dagger features a realistic appearance with an iron blade texture and copper carved hilt design. The LARP dagger is ideal for taking into battle.
Price: $8.00
LARP Skinner Knife
Rangers, soldiers, and woodsmen are sure to appreciate the design of the LARP Skinner Knife. With its iron blade texture, intricate brass-hued hilt, and sculpted leather cord detail, this LARP blade possesses a distinctive look.
Price: $8.00
LARP Throwing Knife Bootknife
When adventuring into a medieval kingdom, it is often necessary to carry a concealed weapon. Whether you take the role of assassin or that of a barmaid, the LARP Throwing Knife Bootknife prepares you for surprise attacks.
Price: $10.00
LARP Throwing Knife Hunter
For the LARP warrior who seeks well-balanced weaponry, we offer the LARP Throwing Knife Hunter. A fuller runs down the curved single-edged blade, while the golden pommel and crossguard set off the rustic, wooden handle.
Price: $10.00
LARP Throwing Knife Impaler
With its spear-like blade, the LARP Throwing Knife Impaler is perfect for surprise attacks. The deep fuller of the blade improves both weight and balance, while a wooden handle with golden crossguard and pommel adds a stylish touch.
Price: $12.00
LARP Throwing Knife Orc
While designed to match the power and brutality of the orc warrior, the LARP Throwing Knife Orc features a green wooden handle and a leaf-like blade, making it a great weapon for wood elves and tribal warriors as well.
Price: $10.00
LARP Throwing Knife with 3 Holes - New Edition
Keep it simple and deadly with the LARP Throwing Knife with 3 Holes â€"New Edition in your arsenal of roleplay weaponry. With a design focused on balance, this dagger features three holes in the hilt and a sculpted double-edged blade.
Price: $8.00
LARP Throwing Knife with Leather - New Edition
With a wrapped grip and a simple double-edged blade, the LARP Throwing Knife with Leather – New Edition is a worthy addition to your arsenal of roleplay weaponry. Surprise you enemies with a swift attack via this well-balanced blade.
Price: $8.00
LARP Throwing Kunai
In the days of the ninja in ancient Japan, the kunai was as much a tool as it was a weapon. Now, you can bring the versatility of this age-old blade to your LARP battles by arming yourself with this LARP Throwing Kunai!
Price: $8.00
LARP Throwing Stone
Sometimes, like when you are ambushed, you have no time to reach for your sword, making proper self-defense a bit tricky. Luckily, anything can be a weapon, even a rock like the one represented by the LARP Throwing Stone.
Price: $4.00
LARP Thrust Knife
Thieves and rogues will want to keep this realistic-looking foam dagger close at hand while sneaking about the town! The LARP Thrust Dagger shows off an iron blade texture and a stippled brass hilt for a striking appearance.
Price: $8.00
LARP Tornado Shuriken
Slinking among the shadows, a clever ninja can use this throwing star to distract any opponent who ventures too close to his hiding place. The LARP Tornado Shuriken features a realistic look with iron coloration and texture.
Price: $8.00
LARP Wrench No. 1 - Dark Moon Collection
The Dark Moon Wrench is made from durable foam that does not shred and is sealed with a strong coating of latex. This item is coreless. The Wrench is realistically painted to look like an actual wrench with a dark silver finish.
Price: $16.00
Lonnars LARP Throwing Hammer
Lonnars LARP Throwing Hammer is a very unique weapon. Shaped like a ram-headed, double-sided war hammer, but small, soft, and flexible enough to safely throw, this fantasy LARP weapon is an impressive addition to any LARP arsenal.
Price: $22.00
Poisoned Friar Tuck LARP Bottle - Blue
What could be oozing from this LARP bottle? You decide! The Blue Poisoned Friar Tuck LARP Bottle is a unique weapon and prop for LARP, made of highly durable latex-free foam. A viscous blue liquid appears to spill from its top.
Price: $31.00
Poisoned Friar Tuck LARP Bottle - Green
Mystical or nefarious, the choice is up to you when it comes to what oozes forth from the Green Poisoned Friar Tuck LARP Bottle! This foam LARP bottle has been hand detailed to depict a viscous green liquid spilling from its top.
Price: $31.00
Poisoned Friar Tuck LARP Bottle - Purple
Dripping with a magic potion or an evil poison, the Purple Poisoned Friar Tuck LARP Bottle is a unique and imaginative addition to live action roleplay settings. This latex-free prop bottle is made of highly safe and durable foam.
Price: $31.00
Poisoned Friar Tuck LARP Bottle - Red
The Red Poisoned Friar Tuck LARP Bottle has been hand detailed to look like a viscous red liquid has oozed forth from its top. This unique LARP prop is an imaginative addition to any setting, as a magic potion or a poisoned drink.
Price: $31.00
Red Bloodstone LARP Rock
Potions and arcane rituals are not the only use for this bloodstone rock! The Red Bloodstone LARP Rock is a bumpy, veined stone in a blood red hue that can serve as an intimidating prop or weapon during your next battle.
Price: $8.00
Ripley LARP Throwing Knife
After the apocalypse, your best friend will be your knife. The Ripley LARP Throwing Knife will help you to face off against zombies, horrible mutants, or pillagers with great success, making it a superb survival blade.
Price: $16.50
Sachem LARP Tomahawk
Incredibly versatile, the Sachem LARP Tomahawk is at home in any setting and is both a great close combat LARP weapon and a LARP weapon for throwing. Made of latex-free Calimacil foam, this LARP hand axe has superior durability.
Price: $23.00
Silas LARP Throwing Dagger
If you are looking to kill an enemy clandestinely, the best way to do it is from far away with a weapon you can trust. The Silas LARP Throwing Dagger, with its undecorated hilt, may look modest, but it is sure to get the job done.
Price: $8.00
Small Bone LARP Throwing Skull
Whether you are a dark elf, an orc, or some other kind of rogue, you can add this morbid throwing weapon to your arsenal as a unique item. The Small Bone LARP Throwing Skull displays a realistic-looking, bone-like human skull.
Price: $6.00
Small Steel LARP Throwing Skull
Whether you are a dark elf, an orc, or some other kind of rogue, you can add this morbid throwing weapon to your arsenal as a unique item. The Small Steel LARP Throwing Skull displays a realistic-looking, metallic human skull.
Price: $6.00
Stone LARP Throwing Knife
Sate your thirst for blood with this primitive blade! The Stone LARP Throwing Knife features great detail with a stone color and texture that looks as though it has been painstakingly carved and sculpted leather cord on the handle.
Price: $8.00
Tensho LARP Knife
Inspired by the kunai knives of ancient Japan, the Tensho LARP Knife has a realistic steel color and tapers to a dramatic point, creating a look that is deadly yet still safe for LARP, made of highly durable Calimacil foam.
Price: $18.00
The Nutcracker
Like all items of the Zombicalypse collection, the Nutcracker is a very realistic reproduction of a common tool, in this case a mechanics wrench. Its silver color gives it an unmistakable stainless steel look.
Price: $49.50
Urios LARP Axe
When it comes to chopping action or cleaving blows, an axe is ideal. The Urios LARP Axe has an incredibly versatile look and a highly durable, latex-free structure that makes it great for nearly any LARP character or setting.
Price: $23.00
Wooden LARP Stake
Stop the vampire scourge upon the land, taking advantage of every resource available to you. The Wooden LARP Stake can be used by anyone, including peasants and villagers with little to no weapons training.
Price: $20.75

"I absolutely love it (DK7008)!!! It fits beautifully and looks AMAZING with my Qarth and Season 4 dresses! Soooo happy!! Would definitely recommend!!"

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