LARP Helmets

One good knock to your skull is all it takes to remove you from combat, both literally and in a LARP situation. Of course, a good helmet can mitigate that factor, so you should always keep your head protected, just like a good warrior. And at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a selection of great LARP helmets that will go a long way in keeping your head safe and sound. Our LARP helmets come in two distinctive materials, polyurethane and leather. Our polyurethane helmets are distinctive for their look, possessing a shape and form that puts other helmets to shame, although as polyurethane is softer and more padded, it provides less protection. In essence, you sacrifice style for protection, although if you are confident in your skills, it is not a particularly bad trade-off. Our leather helmets, though, are more sturdy and provide a more solid defense, and some are just as detailed as our polyurethane helmets, which means you trade up for style and defense, but at a slightly heavier weight. But really, that is not such a trade-off, when you think about it, especially when you consider that our leather helmets still are not really all that weighty. We also have leather helmets with metal plating, which is the most solid form of LARP defense you will get when it comes to light-weight helmets, and you will also look rather shiny, thanks to the gleam of light reflecting off of the metal. This might make you a beacon when it comes to your fellow LARPers, but it will also surely impress the heck out of them, too. So if you are looking for a good helmet that can take a few knocks, and help you survive those knocks, then you have come to the right place, because here at Dark Knight Armoury, we have all the LARP helmets you will need to keep your head safe and secure from all potential LARP weapons that might come hurtling through the air.
Alberto Morion Steel Helmet
The Alberto Morion Steel Helmet is based on historic helms often associated with Spanish conquistadors, though soldiers across Europe eventually wore it as well. The helmets distinctive crest was intended to strengthen its design.
Price: $88.00
Alwin Steel Bascinet
For your next knightly excursion, top off your armoured look with the Alwin Steel Bascinet. This handmade steel helmet covers your head as well as your neck with its attached chainmail neck curtain, called a camail or aventail.
Price: $132.00
Arlan Steel Helmet
Based on the Kegelhelm of medieval Asia and Europe, the Arlan Steel Helmet features a rounded dome shape that comes to a central point and ends in a horse hair crest. An attached aventail adds further coverage to the historic design.
Price: $132.00
Assassins Leather Helmet
Join your fellow elves in an exciting journey to the human realm. Be prepared for a grand adventure and the wealth of unforgettable tales found only on the LARP battlefield with the Assassins Leather Helmet shielding your brow.
Price: $69.00
Beaufort Helmet
Modeled on the Greek Corinthian helmet, this Beaufort Helmet features a classic style that is protective and recognizable, although it also features a few extra touches that help set it apart as a distinctive and unique helmet.
Price: $212.85
Berthold Steel Sallet
A staple style of the late medieval era with Italian origins, the sallet provided great protection on the battlefield. The Berthold Steel Sallet is a wearable, handmade steel armour piece based on this historical European war helmet.
Price: $106.00
Bragi Steel Helmet
Named after Bragi, son of Norse god Odin, the Bragi Steel Helmet is inspired by historic Viking helmets. Curved and riveted plates along the helmets front bottom edge add an extra touch of style to this handmade steel armour piece.
Price: $80.00
Conqueror's Helmet
The limbs and chest are important places to protect on the body when you enter into combat, but it is best to not forget that the head! Do not go into battle without protecting it properly in a Conquerors Helmet.
Price: $321.75
Conquistador Helmet with Plume
The Conquistador Helmet with Plume is a recreation of the classic Spanish morion helms of the 16th century. Foot soldiers and officers from all over Europe favored this style of helm because it was cost effective and highly protective.
Price: $80.00
Dark Lord's Helm
There is no denying that this Dark Lords Helm is quite the intimidating sight. Studded with rows of spikes and set with fearsome horns, this is one helmet that is bound to transform any warrior into a fearsome figure.
Price: $321.75
Dietrich Steel Spangenhelm
When you take to the battlefield, make sure to protect your skull with the Dietrich Steel Spangenhelm. This handmade steel helmet is modeled after one of the most popular European helmet styles seen throughout the Early Middle Ages.
Price: $53.00
Edward Darkened Helmet
You don your dark knight armour with pride. Your black heart fills with evil glee when the weak shirk away in fear. The Edward Darkened Helmet will terrify the hearts of the timid while increasing your defense in LARP battles.
Price: $88.00
Edward Steel Helmet
You wear your knight crusader armour with honor. Your righteous heart fills with pride when others rely on your strength. The Edward Steel Helmet will emphasize your noble bearing while reinforcing your defense in LARP battles.
Price: $80.00
Einar Steel Viking Helmet
The Einar Steel Viking Helmet bears a name with intriguing connections to the einherjar, Norse warriors brought to Valhalla after valiant death in battle. This steel helmet features a face plate inspired by historic Viking styles.
Price: $71.00
Fidelio Steel Barbute
Based on a 15th-century Italian design, the Fidelio Steel Barbute protects the head and sides of the face while still allowing for great ventilation and sight. This handcrafted steel helmet features rivets and a subtle skull ridge.
Price: $88.00
Franz Steel Open Sallet
Worn by soldiers across Europe during the 15th century, the Franz Steel Open Sallet is built without a visor for unhindered vision and breathing. This rounded steel helmet has a slight rear flange to protect the back of the neck.
Price: $71.00
Fredrik Steel Viking Helmet
As the time for battle inevitably draws nigh, you place the Fredrik Steel Viking Helmet onto your head. Made of steel, the rounded skull cap protects your head while the attached face panel guards your eyes, still allowing sight.
Price: $62.00
Goetz Steel Sallet
Pushing up the visor of your Goetz Steel Sallet, you shout commands to your soldiers, hoping to win the battle with your strategy and willpower. This handmade steel helmet will protect your head during the skirmishes to come.
Price: $88.00
Guardsman Helmet - Polished Steel
Defending your city may be dangerous, but you can be sure your head will stay safe with the Guardsman Helmet - Polished Steel helm! This polished steel helmet will bring a standardized aesthetic to whatever guard uniform you assemble!
Price: $108.00
Harald Steel Helmet
Hailing from the age of Crusaders, the Harald Steel Helmet presents a unique take on the classic, rounded spangenhelm design popular throughout the Middle Ages. Its attached full face mask provides fantastic front protection.
Price: $97.00
Harding Steel Norman Helmet
You prepare yourself for the turmoil of battle and place the Harding Steel Norman Helmet upon your head. Its conical construction will help to deflect the blows of your enemies while its nasal piece protects the front of your face.
Price: $62.00
Henning Steel Spangenhelm
Marching towards battle with the Henning Steel Spangenhelm on your head, you summon your courage and prepare to meet your fate on the battlefield. This handcrafted steel helmet is inspired by styles popular in the Early Middle Ages.
Price: $62.00
Illumine Brass Helmet
Become an elven warrior ready to do battle with the foes of the forest when you wear the Illumine Brass Helmet. This brass helmet has a sugar loaf-inspired shape with fantasy details that add a subtle elven elegance to its form.
Price: $149.00
Jupp Steel Kettle Helmet
You count yourself lucky as a blow from above narrowly misses your head but, should the attack have hit, you feel well protected wearing the Jupp Steel Kettle Helmet. This style was popular among foot soldiers of the Middle Ages.
Price: $71.00
Kaldor Darkened Helmet
Call for your trusted henchman, and gather the dark troops. The land is yours for the taking. Set yourself as the cruel dictator of this kingdom. Let all fear your tyrannical image with the Kaldor Darkened Helmet upon your head.
Price: $132.00
Kaldor Steel Helmet
Gather your trusted knights and arm your mighty soldiers. The kingdom must be safe from the cruel overlord. Show the strength of your leadership and reclaim your land with your proud head enclosed in the Kaldor Steel Helmet.
Price: $115.00
Kaspar Blackened Helmet
Swift as a storm wind, you and the rest of the cavalry swoop onto the battlefield, bringing doom to your enemies. Protected by the Kaspar Blackened Helmet, handcrafted from steel, you charge towards the fray, certain of your victory.
Price: $132.00
Kaspar Steel Helmet
Your head protected by the Kaspar Steel Helmet, you confidently ride towards your next battle. Based on helmets worn by Renaissance cavalry and pikemen alike, this handcrafted helmet features a round crest, cheek flaps, and a visor.
Price: $124.00
Killer's Mask
Sometimes, things look inherently evil. That does not make them bad, though. Quite the opposite, because this Killers Mask has a look that screams sinister intent and still manages to be nothing less than extraordinary.
Price: $158.40
Konrag Steel Kettle Helmet
Neither rain, shine, nor downwards volley will best you in the Konrag Steel Kettle Helmet. Essential armour for medieval infantrymen, it protects the wearers face with a wide, downturned metal brim attached to its round skull cap.
Price: $71.00
Laurin Steel Great Helm
As you endeavor for your noble cause, you feel confidently protected with the Laurin Steel Great Helm upon your head. This handmade steel helmet is inspired by those popular with Crusading knights during the High Middle Ages.
Price: $88.00
Magnus Visor Steel Helmet
The peaceful kingdom faces ruin once again. Another dragon terrorizes the townsfolk. Duty calls the gallant knight to face the monstrous beast. Face your fierce opponent while wisely cloaked within the Magnus Visor Steel Helmet.
Price: $106.00
Manolo Steel Barbute
Hearing the call to protect your kingdom, you quickly don your trusted helmet. The Manolo Steel Barbute, based on 15th century Italian designs, protects your skull, back of your neck, and sides of your face without hindering vision.
Price: $88.00
Mathes Steel German Sallet
Take to the battlefield with stylish protection when you wear the Mathes Steel German Sallet. This steel helmets hinged visor and extended tail feature sharply scalloped upper edges, lending sleek ferocity to its 15th century form.
Price: $106.00
Medieval Crusader Sugar Loaf Helmet
The sugar loaf helmet was a popular choice for crusaders in the early medieval days. This Medieval Crusader Sugar Loaf Helmet is full sized and wearable, making it a terrific addition to your Crusader costume at your next event.
Price: $80.00
Medieval Italian Knights Helmet
This Medieval Italian Knights Helmet is fully wearable and is a fantastic example of the style worn by Italian knights in the 15th century. The helmet is made from 18-gauge stainless steel and features an authentic appearance.
Price: $90.00
Medieval Nasal Norman Helm
Contrary to popular belief, Vikings were not keen on decorating their helmets with horns. Most Viking helmets were some variation of the simple conical nasal helm, like this Medieval Nasal Norman Helm, made from 18-gauge steel.
Price: $79.90
Medieval Saxon Nasal Helm with Aventail
This Medieval Saxon Nasal Helm with Aventail is made from 18-gauge steel and displays an authentic look. Nasal helms are simple in design, but helmets like this one enjoyed great success throughout early medieval Europe for a time.
Price: $90.00
Odomar Viking Leather Helmet
Sharp war cries offer a terrifying warning, as the seafaring raiders reach the shore. Behind the ocular mask of the Viking Leather Helmet, fierce eyes reveal the determination of the Norse warrior boldly leading the way to battle.
Price: $232.65
Ottokar Steel Bascinet
Before you venture forth on you next knightly errand, be sure you are properly protected by the right helmet. The Ottokar Steel Bascinet provides fantastic coverage with its adjustable full face plate and attached chainmail aventail.
Price: $115.00
Owen Steel Kettle Helmet
No matter what tribulations a medieval infantryman faces, he must carry on. With its wide brim, the Owen Steel Kettle Helmet helps shield its wearer from the blinding sun, pouring rain, and any downwards blow or strike from above.
Price: $71.00
Paladin's Helm
An experienced warrior and a noble, the paladin was no stranger to battle, and he or she understood that protecting oneself in battle was an important task. That is why no paladin would ride into battle without a Paladins Helm.
Price: $222.75
Peter Steel Helmet
Preparing to duel with your sworn nemesis, you secure the Peter Steel Helmet over your arming cap. Drawing inspiration from the time of Crusaders, this handmade steel helmet features a full face plate for fearsome protection.
Price: $88.00
Ratio Helmet
The Ratio Helmet has been designed to protect the head during combat while stunning your opponents with your awesome headgear. The brass and black coloration of the fantasy helm ensures it goes great with our other Ratio armour.
Price: $158.00
Raven Helmet - Epic Dark
For a dark raider, blackened armour is a pleasing aesthetic. The Raven Helmet - Epic Dark is a blackened iteration of the Norman Style helmets that Vikings wore into battle. Its design provides mobility and security simultaneously!
Price: $137.00
Raven Helmet - Polished Steel
In a style that befits a Viking helmet, the Raven Helmet - Polished Steel makes sure to provide maximum coverage while retaining mobility. This awesome steel helmet is designed with combat in mind and will be sure to protect you!
Price: $128.00
Reginald Darkened Steel Helmet
The evil queen has sensibly chosen you as her dark right hand. None can stand against your deceitful cunning and deadly skill. You fortify yourself in the malicious style and wicked strength of the Reginald Darkened Steel Helmet.
Price: $97.00
Reginald Steel Helmet
Through ceaseless dedication and masterful skill, you have gained the highest rank of the knighthood. You stand as the strong right hand of your ruler. Your vigilant eyes observe the kingdom from within the Reginald Steel Helmet.
Price: $88.00
Rodrigo Morion Steel Helmet
The evolved form of the medieval kettle hat, the morion is often associated with Spanish conquistadors but was also commonly worn by Renaissance infantry. For your next historical soldier look, try out the Rodrigo Morion Steel Helmet.
Price: $88.00
Roger Steel Nasal Helmet
With grim austerity, you await the inevitable chaos of war. The Roger Steel Nasal Helmet protects your head, the favored crown for battle hardened warriors such as yourself. This helmet takes inspiration from classic Viking styles.
Price: $62.00
Roman Centurion Helmet with Black Plume
A centurion was a professional officer of the Roman army who commanded groups of centuries of around 80 men. The Roman Centurion Helmet with Black Plume is a superb replica of a helmet that would have been worn by one of these leaders.
Price: $129.90
Rufus Steel Helmet
Whether worn as your primary head protection or underneath a great helm, you cannot beat the benefits of a close fitting skull cap like the Rufus Steel Helmet. This helmet style was worn by medieval Crusaders and common folk alike.
Price: $44.00
Sigismund Steel Burgonet Helmet
You proudly ride towards the battlefield as part of the cavalry, your head protected by the Sigismund Steel Burgonet Helmet. This handmade steel helmet is based on a style worn by mounted and armoured fighters during the Renaissance.
Price: $106.00
Skull Helmet with Gold Teeth
Medieval style and an intimidating look make this Skull Helmet with Gold Teeth perfect for costumes and reenactments. Your opponents will know you mean business when you wear this full-face cover, 18-gauge stainless steel helmet.
Price: $109.90
Skull with Teeth Helmet
Handmade from 18-gauge steel, this Skull Helmet with Teeth with strike fear into the heart of your enemies. Covering the entire face and offering great protection, the front guard is designed to look like a sinister skull face.
Price: $72.00
Spanish Comb Morion Helmet
The morion is most commonly associated with Spanish conquistadors, although historically, foot soldiers throughout Europe wore them as well. This Spanish Comb Morion Helmet is an excellent replication of the popular protective armour.
Price: $81.90
Spanish Morion Helmet
The morion helmet was used in the 16th and 17th centuries, usually having a flat brim and a crest from front to back. This Spanish Morion Helmet is a modern replica of those worn by the foot soldiers of explorers like Hernando de Soto.
Price: $79.90
Steel Kettle Hat with Face Armour
Often worn by medieval infantry, the kettle hat has a wide, downturned brim to protect soldiers from attacks from above. This Steel Kettle Hat with Face Armour takes protection to the next level with its attached steel face guard.
Price: $88.00
Tankred Steel Nasal Helmet
Keep your head protected when you next head into the fray. The Tankred Steel Nasal Helmet, based on a combat helmet style commonly worn in 12th century Europe, features a unique forward tilted point at the apex of its skull.
Price: $80.00
Thore Steel Nasal Helmet
Prove your thunderous might when you step onto the battlefield wearing the Thore Steel Nasal Helmet. Inspired by early medieval designs, this handmade steel helmet sports riveted strips across its skull in classic spangenhelm form.
Price: $62.00

"I've bought from your company many times in the past, and I've always had a wonderful experience doing so. Recently I realized some of the items ordered weren't in stock and wouldn't make it by my deadline, and I was able to quickly and painlessly alter the order to interchangeable items that would make it to me on time. The customer service representative was very polite, cheerful, patient, and extremely helpful throughout the entire process. This kind of service coupled with a very extensive array of products is why I always come back to you!"

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