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At first, a book on combat techniques might seem slightly odd. After all, lessons learned from a book cannot compete with battle tested experience earned in the thick of combat. But in all reality, reading about a martial art or weapon style is a fantastic way to begin to familiarize oneself with the rigors and techniques. Combining what is learned from a book with physical practice and effort is a fantastic way to learn a new skill. Thus, Dark Knight Armoury offers a number of sword fighting and combat books! In this section, any avid fan of medieval combat can find a book that details any number of styles of combat. Many of these books offer detailed explanations and vivid pictures that demonstrate several techniques that have been firmly rooted in medieval martial arts for centuries. And not all of the books deal with swords, either. There are combat books on pole weapons, daggers, and tomahawks, as well as books detailing the use of various styles of swords, including the long sword and the cut and thrust sword. If you enjoy medieval history and just want to read about the way that knights fought, then these sword fighting and combat books are an excellent resource. If you are actually learning how to fight like a real medieval warrior, then these books are sure to offer a solid foundation upon which skill and mastery can be built, provided that reading is balanced with practice and experience.
Gil Hibben Throwing Knife Guide
The recently updated Gil Hibben Throwing Knife Guide offers sixty-four pages of detailed instructions. It also features full color illustrations for the beginner or the professional knife thrower.
Price: $10.00
Highland Broadsword Book
The lessons in Highland Broadsword are designed to help you learn the fundamentals of broadsword fighting, with an emphasis on developing practical skills, not on exploring the esoteric details of broadsword fencing theory.
Price: $14.00
Iaido Sword Book
Described in the Iaido Sword Book, Iaido is the classical Japanese discipline of drawing and cutting with the long sword in defense of an unanticipated attack, throwing off the blood and returning the sword to its sheath.
Price: $50.00

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