LARP Sword & Dagger Frogs

So now you are armed with a kick-butt LARP weapon. Say you want to keep that weapon at your side for all to see, but you do not want to carry it in hand every moment of the day. What then? Why, you pick up one of these LARP sword frogs or any of our other LARP weapon frogs from Dark Knight Armoury, which will secure your weapon at your side with ease! This way, you can keep your hands free for various other tasks and activities, while still having your LARP sword ready at your side, should you need it in a moments notice! Our LARP frogs are crafted from durable leather and come in a variety of designs, with some being very simple and others being impressively detailed with intricate stitching and designs. Unlike regular sword frogs, our LARP sword frogs are almost all one continuous piece of leather, which eliminates corners and edges that might scratch or catch on your weapons surface. Of course, swords are not the only weapons you can carry into a LARP battle, and so we also offer various other frogs for a variety of other weapons. LARP dagger frogs are similar to our sword frogs, only sized for a smaller blade. Our axe frogs and axe holders are perfect not just for LARP axes, but for hafted LARP weapons of all sorts, including things like maces, war hammers, and more! Virtually all of our LARP frogs are designed to be looped onto a belt so that your weapon hangs reliably at your side. If you are planning on carrying your LARP weapon around, one of these LARP sword and dagger frogs are an absolute must-have, as they allow you to keep your weapon close at hand, while keeping your hands free for other activities.
Adventurer Sword Holder
A quick draw sometimes makes the difference between life and death. This is true with any weapon you wield. So make sure your weapon is easily drawn by wearing this Adventurer Sword Holder whenever you head off into LARP combat.
Price: $26.00
Alchemist Baldric with Glass Vials
Keep your potions and your sword at hand when you wear this Alchemist Baldric with Glass Vials. Displaying six corked glass vials along the chest, this leather baldric also has an adjustable sword frog with two buckles at the hip.
Price: $105.00
Alchemist Sword Frog
The rogue adjusted the Alchemist Sword Frog on his belt as he left the apothecary shop. After checking that the corks were secure on the three vials of murky liquids, he walked slowly, melting into the raucous crowd of shoppers.
Price: $29.00
Buckled Leather Sword Frog
Having a good weapon for your next encounter is a good thing, and so is being able to draw your weapon with speed. That is where this Buckled Leather Sword Frog comes into play, as it makes carrying your weapon an effortless endeavor.
Price: $16.00
Castagir Back Harness
Carry your sword - or swords! - on your back using the Castagir Back Harness. Handcrafted from high-quality leather, this unique sword carrying harness is intended to be worn with the Castagir Sword Frog, which is sold separately.
Price: $36.00
Castagir Sword Frog
Bring your favorite LARP sword with you wherever you wander when you equip the Castagir Sword Frog to your person. This handcrafted leather sword frog features an open holding style with wide scallops along the edges of its opening.
Price: $32.00
Celtic Warrior Sword Frog
Our Celtic Warrior Sword Frog is an essential accessory for any LARP fighter. Made of leather and made unique through its wide front accent panel and Celtic cross concho, this LARP sword frog can also hold LARP axes and daggers.
Price: $29.00
Cloth LARP Sword Bag
The sight of weaponry on the hip of anyone but a guard can be so unseemly and barbaric! As you journey into town, tuck your weapons away in the Cloth LARP Sword Bag. Nobody will mind you having blades if they cannot see them!
Price: $23.00
Crusader Sword Frog
The Crusader Sword Frog is based on the iconography of holy warriors honor bound to their cause. This handmade leather frog features a Crusader shield concho on its front accent panel, adding medieval style to its versatile form.
Price: $29.00
Customizable Belt Harness
Do you ever wish that you could change your sword frog into a quiver, or your quiver into a sword frog? This Customizable Belt Harness allows you to do just that, possessing an effective and easy-to-use modular design.
Price: $22.00
On Sale For: $18.00
Cutthroat LARP Knife Leather Holder
Thieves and roguish characters require knives that can act as both a handheld and thrown weapon, which is why the Cutthroat LARP Knife Leather Holder is perfect for them! With it, they can carry a multi-function LARP blade!
Price: $18.00
Dark Elven Throwing Knife Holder
Dark Elves, much like their surface-dwelling cousins, utilize elegant, swooping blades that require curved sheathes. Store your Dark Elf throwing knife in the Dark Elven Throwing Knife Holder and step up your LARP outfit game!
Price: $20.00
Doran Back Harness
The best way to store a sword is a way that lets you unsheathe and swing it at the same time. The Doran Back Harness allows you to do just that, guaranteeing that you will be prepared to fight even in the event of an ambush.
Price: $31.00
Doran Sword Frog
A sword makes a fantastic companion, and oftentimes, it becomes more to its wielder than just a means of self-defense. Treat your sword with the respect it deserves by hanging it at your hip from the stylish Doran Sword Frog.
Price: $8.00
Double LARP Sword Hanger
When questing on the behalf of an aging wizard, or by the command of a noble ruler, never venture forth without your swords. Treachery and unnatural perils may mar the way, so secure your weaponry with the Double LARP Sword Hanger.
Price: $64.00
Dragon King Sword Frog
Carry your LARP weapon securely at your side with our Dragon King Sword Frog. This handmade leather frog is ideal for LARP swords, daggers, and axes. A dragon concho in your choice of steel or antique brass accents the front panel.
Price: $29.00
Dual LARP Sword Back Harness
Nothing beats being able to reach over your shoulder and draw your weapon of choice! This Dual LARP Sword Back Harness lets you do just that - in duplicate, as it gives the ability to hold two swords over your shoulders instead of one!
Price: $45.00
Elven LARP Knife Leather Holder
For an elf that needs to deal some damage from a distance, but has run out of arrows, throwing knives are an excellent substitute! Keeping throwing knives in pouches is a hassle, so store yours in the Elven LARP Knife Leather Holder!
Price: $20.00
Elven Leather Holster Hook
Be you a high elf, drow, or wood elf, nothing is more inconvenient, or irritating, than reaching for your sword only to discover it has slipped from its holder. The Elven Leather Holster Hook offers a solution to this common problem.
Price: $10.00
Elven Leather LARP Sword Hanger
With one of these Elven Leather LARP Sword Hangers at your side, not only do you have a quick and easy way to keep a blade at your side, but you also have a tasteful accessory that features patterns of nature emblazoned on its side.
Price: $35.00
Felawen Elven Long Sword Frog
The Felawen Elven Long Sword Frog is crafted from high-quality leather and open at the bottom, great for showing off your favorite LARP sword. This versatile frog can be worn on the back as well as left and right sides.
Price: $20.00
Galino Throwing Leather Dagger Holster
Whether you are a mercenary, rogue, or assassin, there can never be too many weapons on your person. Those daggers prove extremely useful at times. The Galino Throwing Leather Dagger Holster will keep a handy arsenal close.
Price: $27.00
Geralt Diagonal Sword Frog
Keep your favorite LARP weapon at your side with the stylish Geralt Diagonal Sword Frog. Made from thick, high-quality leather, this frog suspends weapons diagonally from a belt and is easily adjusted for different sized swords.
Price: $36.00
Illumine Sword Holder
The Illumine Sword Holder adds a touch of elven elegance to the way you carry your LARP weapon. This hand crafted leather LARP frog is open at both ends, has a beautiful vine embossing, and comes in your choice of black or brown.
Price: $39.00
Imperial Swordholder

Never leave your sword at home again with the help of this Imperial Swordholder. Guardsmen and fighters within the Imperial family can always be ready to attack or defend when they wear their blade at their hip with this piece.

Price: $27.00
Laced Leather Sword Frog
Not only will this Laced Leather Sword Frog allow you to hang your sword at your side, but it will also serve you well as an accent, one that will subtly enhance your look and style while fulfilling a vital role in your armed ensemble!
Price: $16.00
Lace-Up Cuff Black Sword Frog
Whether you have armed yourself with a sword or a dagger, you want to be sure the blade is within reach during your hour of need. No matter which weapon you wield, keep it close to your side with the Lace-Up Cuff Black Sword Frog.
Price: $11.00
LARP Celtic Triskel Sword Frog
This LARP Celtic Triskel Sword Frog will securely hold your LARP sword, dagger, and even some axes at your waist, making drawing your weapon very convenient. The frog slides on to most belts and will hold a variety of weapons.
Price: $16.00
LARP Dagger Holder
If you want to take your trusted dagger with you on your adventures, the LARP Dagger Holder is a classic way to carry it! This leather dagger frog has a traditional loop structure that can be worn on either the right or left side.
Price: $7.00
LARP Kings Sword Frog
This LARP Kings Sword Frog will securely hold your LARP sword, dagger, and even some axes at your waist, making drawing your weapon very convenient. The frog slides on to most belts and will hold a variety of weapons.
Price: $16.00
LARP Knife Leg Harness
Prepare yourself for battle with the quick accessibility of your throwing knives provided by the exceptionally designed LARP Knife Leg Harness. Holding up to three LARP throwing knives it is perfect for surprising your enemy from afar.
Price: $32.00
LARP Leather Frog Left Handed
This high-grade leather frog will easily slide over almost any belt and will accommodate a large variety of our LARP swords and weapons. We also have available right-handed leather frog. Our Leather frog is available in black or brown.
Price: $18.00
LARP Leather Frog Right Handed
This high-grade leather frog will easily slide over almost any belt and will accommodate a large variety of our LARP swords and weapons. We also have available left-handed leather frog. Our Leather frog is available in black or brown.
Price: $18.00
On Sale For: $16.00
LARP Sword and Dagger Belt
The sword frog or dagger frog is a must-have for the warrior who plans on going into combat. But what about the warrior who wants both? This LARP Sword and Dagger Belt is the way to keep your favorite blades close at hand!
Price: $99.00
LARP Sword Frog
This is a very efficient frog design that holds your LARP sword at your waist. It fits a variety of belt sizes. This is intended for LARP weapons only, and can be ordered to accommodate either a left or right hand draw.
Price: $13.00
LARP Sword Holder with Fur Trim
This frog holds your LARP sword at your waist, giving you the option of a left or right hand draw. It fits a variety of belt sizes. This is intended for LARP weapons only, as the opening is bigger to hold the larger, rounder blades.
Price: $17.00
LARP Swordholder
Between battles, you need a convenient place to store your characters sword. The LARP Swordholder is an affordable and classically styled option for keeping your LARP approved sword safely at your side at all times.
Price: $15.00
LARP Throwing Knife Holder for 3 Knives
We offer many different styles of LARP throwing knives and these holders are the perfect way to carry them around. This dagger frog holds three knives and ties easily to your belt, onto your armour, and around your leg or arm.
Price: $18.00
LARP Throwing Knife Holder for 5 Knives
Whether you are a ninja from the Edo Period or an assassin from the West, you can never carry too many daggers. Be appropriately armed for your trade with the LARP Throwing Knife Holder for 5 Knives secured to your belt or baldric.
Price: $24.00
LARP Victory Sword Frog
This LARP Victory Sword Frog will securely hold your LARP sword, dagger, and even some axes at your waist, making drawing your weapon very convenient. The frog slides onto most belts and will hold a variety of weapons.
Price: $17.00
Leather Baldric Plate Piece
If you are looking to build your own baldric, than this is Leather Baldric Plate Piece is one of two items that will really interest you. Crafted entirely in fine leather, this piece will serve as the mount for your baldric.
Price: $22.00
On Sale For: $18.00
Leather Broadsword Frog - Black
It is important to keep your faithful sword by your side in case of an ambush or dragon attack. Equip yourself with the Black Leather Broadsword Frog. This leather sword holder has two belt loops for easily attaching to most belts.
Price: $11.00
Leather Broadsword Frog - Brown
The medieval world is full of dangers, from rogues to corrupt knights in search of heroes to slay. But you will not fall victim to these perils, for you keep your trusty blade close at hand in your Brown Leather Broadsword Frog.
Price: $11.00
Leather Holster Hook
You like the look of a sword without a cross-guard, but it constantly slips from your sword frog. Worry not fellow adventurer. Here lies a solution, the Leather Holster Hook. This LARP accessory keeps your trusted weapon in place.
Price: $10.00
Leather Kunai Holder
A thrown weapon can be incredibly useful in a stealth situation. If you take out the enemy from a small distance, without the noise of combat, you gain the upper hand in any battle. Store your thrown weapon in the Leather Kunai Holder!
Price: $18.00
Leather LARP Sword Hanger
No warrior should ever head into battle without having their sword at their side, and more importantly, without having it easy reach. With this Leather LARP Sword Hanger, both of those feats are easily achieved with one accessory.
Price: $29.00
Leather Sword Frog
No matter what perils your adventure may hold, our Leather Sword Frog is just the thing for keeping your LARP weapon at your side and ready to fight. This sword holder is made of soft and sturdy leather with a front accent panel.
Price: $25.00
Leather Sword Holder
This Large Sword Frog is designed to hang from your waist belt and will securely hold your sword in place. When the frog is fully laced up, the opening measures 2.5 inches across. This is perfect for LARP Weapons or larger swords.
Price: $14.00
Leon LARP Sword Frog
Your sword guides you. Your sword protects you. And it is awesome. Why would you hold it in a run-of-the-mill sword frog? Show your LARP weapon the respect it deserves when you hang it at your hip from the stylish Leon LARP Sword Frog.
Price: $12.00
Louis Horn Sling
Stay hydrated during a perilous journey through a LARP kingdom. Never be without your favorite beverage by keeping a drinking horn close with the Louis Horn Sling. It also serves well for carrying weaponry and other accessories.
Price: $11.00
Louis Sword Frog
Be armed and ready at all times when journeying through a LARP kingdom. Prepare yourself for the unnatural creatures and scoundrels you are destined to meet on said adventure. Keep your trusted weaponry close with the Louis Sword Frog.
Price: $11.00
Medieval Cross Sword Frog
Any good warrior knows the value of having your trusted weapon by your side. The Medieval Cross Sword Frog is ideal for that! Handmade from high quality leather, this sword frog makes it easy to carry your LARP weapon on your belt.
Price: $29.00
Mjolnir Sword Frog
Strike with the might of a thunder god when you draw your weapon from the Mjolnir Sword Frog. This handmade leather sword frog is ideal for a variety of LARP weapons. The hammer of Thor, Mjolnir, decorates its front accent panel.
Price: $29.00
Musketeer Baldric
Perhaps your belt is already full or perhaps your look will not support a belt. Either way makes carrying a sword difficult. At least it would if you did not wear this Musketeer Baldric, to keep your sword secure at your side!
Price: $80.00
Pirate Baldric
A baldric is more than just a stylish addition to your attire. It is also an effective way to support your weapon, ensuring that no matter where the tides take you, this Pirate Baldric keeps your trusty cutlass ready at your side!
Price: $168.00
Ready for Battle Double Sword Harness

When you need to be well-armed for a battle or secret mission, make sure you can carry as many weapons as possible. The Ready for Battle Double Sword Harness offers a great option for toting two blades with ease and comfort.

Price: $35.00
Ready for Battle Large Frog
Your sword has witnessed your bravery during battle and has been there to help you overcome all odds. Your tool of dominance has earned the right to be at your side when you need it, with the Ready for Battle Large Frog.
Price: $17.00
Ready for Battle Medium Frog
Your sword works just as hard as you do when it comes to battling an army or defending the king. Just as you do, your sword needs a proper place to rest, and the Ready for Battle Medium Frog can help you keep your sword near.
Price: $14.00
Ready for Battle Small Frog
You do not always need your sword, but you can keep it near with the Ready for Battle Small Frog. Whether you are in a tavern enjoying a drink or have just defeated an enemy, this item will keep your sword where it needs to be.
Price: $12.00
Rogue Knife Set Holder
When running away from guards, you may not have time to stop and pick up your throwing knife, which is why you should carry three of them! The Rogue Knife Set Holder is perfect for holding three throwing knives, regardless of style!
Price: $40.00

"I love the quality of the craftsmanship and how easy it is to find what you are looking for on the site.' I will be a customer of yours for a very long time.' I am going to have to build a room dedicated just to house what you sell!"

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