Gambesons were traditionally worn during the medieval ages. Warriors favored them primarily as a source of padding, worn under their armor to ensure that the steel or leather plates did not rub and chafe uncomfortably during hours of movement and use. Dark Knight Armourys wide selection of functional gambesons performs the exact same function as their historical counterparts. These functional gambesons can be worn with steel or leather armor. It helps to reduce the pinching and chaffing of both types of armor. They are also great looking, and many of the gambesons can be worn alone as padded armor or quilted armor. They come in a variety of styles and colors, from plain, undecorated gambesons that are fit for any knight, warrior, or soldier, to decorated yet functional gambesons that are fit for kings and outlaws. We have gambesons that have no sleeves, short sleeves, detachable sleeves and full sleeves, ensuring that no matter what type of gambeson you need, Dark Knight Armoury has it available. If you need padding for your armor or if you prefer to wear padded armor, then pick up one of our padded gambesons. You will fit snugly into your steel or leather armor and you will look rather authentic, not to mention pretty cool to boot.
17th Century Buff Coat
The 17th Century Buff Coat makes the perfect option for warriors re-enacting the Golden Age, Thirty Years War, or the English Civil War. Often worn beneath armour, historical buff coats were typically donned by cavalry and officers.
Price: $185.00
17th Century Sleeveless Buff Coat
Also called a buff jerkin, the historical buff coat was developed from leather jerkins worn by soldiers during the Tudor era. The 17th Century Sleeveless Buff Coat makes a great option for LARP events and historical re-enactments.
Price: $165.00
Arming Gambeson
Arming Gambeson is available in two colors. An arming gambeson is a special padded jacket worn under armour. The arming gambeson was specially designed so that parts of the armor could be sewn to it in order to improve security.
Price: $119.00
On Sale For: $95.00
Arthur Canvas Gambeson Set
When you want excellent protection during battle, the Arthur Canvas Gambeson Set is your ideal solution. The padded armour includes a gambeson, tassets, and sleeves in a versatile set that can be worn in different combinations.
Price: $100.00
Arthur Long Gambeson
The ideal armour padding for your next re-enactment battle, the Arthur Long Gambeson extends from neck to knee. The top-stitched gambeson vest can be worn under many kinds of armour to help prevent rubbing and pinching.
Price: $80.00
Arthur Padded Bracers
Keep your arms in good shape during your next battle with the help of this excellent medieval armour padding. The Arthur Padded Bracers are ideal for keeping your re-enactment armour from chafing or pinching as you fight.
Price: $19.00
Arthur Padded Gambeson
An excellent option for protecting yourself in battle, the Arthur Padded Gambeson appears in a sleeveless vest design. The medieval gambeson can be worn under many kinds of re-enactment armour to help prevent rubbing and pinching.
Price: $56.00
Arthur Padded Greaves
Keep your legs in good shape during your next battle with the help of this excellent medieval armour padding. The Arthur Padded Greaves are ideal for keeping your re-enactment armour from chafing or pinching as you fight.
Price: $20.00
Arthur Padded Sleeves
The Arthur Padded Sleeves are made to match the Arthur Padded Gambeson (MY100134) with eyelets at their top for easy attachment. These sleeves are made of canvas with a polyester padding and feature a diamond shaped topstitch.
Price: $31.00
Arthur Padded Tassets
Add the Arthur Padded Tassets to your arming wear for extra protection and style. Made to accompany the Arthur Padded Gambeson (MY100134), these tassets have a sturdy cotton canvas outerlayer with protective polyester padding.
Price: $27.00
Arthur Suede Gambeson
This suede vest makes an excellent addition to your re-enactment gear with its quality construction. The Arthur Suede Gambeson offers armour padding that can be worn under many kinds of armour to help prevent rubbing and pinching.
Price: $100.00
Arthur Suede Gambeson Set
Made of high-quality materials, the Arthur Suede Gambeson Set includes a vest, tassets, and matching long sleeves. With protective polyester padding and an inner cotton lining, this gambeson set is ideal for wearing under armour.
Price: $214.00
Canvas Hamond Arm Wraps
Any adventurer knows that there are few things as obnoxious as an open sleeve cuff getting in the way of the hand, impeding combat or climbing. Luckily, the Canvas Hamond Arm Wraps are here to guard against exactly that issue and more!
Price: $11.00
Canvas Hamond Leg Wraps
When you are running through the forest trying to escape the enemy, the last thing you want is to trip on your pants or leave a blood trail from your bramble-beaten shins. This is exactly what the Canvas Hamond Leg Wraps are here for!
Price: $12.00
Crusader Upper Leg Padding
The Crusader upper leg padding provides padding to the thigh area and laces up in the back of the leg for adjustability. The Crusader upper leg has a re-enforced knee made of leather to prevent damage to the knee or tearing of the pad.
Price: $45.00
Diana Gambeson
Sometimes, when out questing, all that heavy steel plating can be a bit cumbersome and uncomfortable. In times like these, the best place to be is within the safe padding of an article of clothing like the Diana Gambeson.
Price: $100.00
Early Gambeson
Our gambeson is of a type worn from the early middle ages well on through the Renaissance. The Early Gambeson is also typically worn under plate armour to prevent the armour from pinching your skin when in motion.
Price: $99.00
A gambeson would be worn either separately or in combination with maille or plate armour. Our gambeson is made of fine quilted canvas that will both protect and provide an accurate period outfit for re-enacting.
Price: $149.00
Gladiator Padded Arm Guard
Not all armor is made of leather and metal. The gladiators, particularly, were known for wearing cloth armor, like this Gladiator Padded Arm Guard, to provide a degree of protection while still preserving the warriors agility.
Price: $75.00
Gustav Gambeson
Wearing armour in battle can lead to uncomfortable rubbing and pinching. Increase the comfort of your re-enactment gear by adding the Gustav Gambeson, which provides a layer of sturdy padding between you and your armour.
Price: $60.00
Imperial Gambeson
To achieve status as a legendary warrior, you need to be able to move comfortably in your medieval armour. The Imperial Gambeson covers your arms, neck, and torso down to the hips, keeping your armour from pinching or rubbing.
Price: $158.00
Leopold Gambeson
Keep yourself comfortable and safe underneath your armour with the Leopold Gambeson. Made of canvas with polyester padding, this arming jacket features versatile short sleeves, a stylish high collared neck, and five adjustable straps.
Price: $91.00
Leopold Padded Bracers
Experienced warriors know the value of good armour padding, which can mean the difference between comfort and chafing or pinching. The Leopold Padded Bracers will keep your forearms in good shape while you trounce the enemy.
Price: $11.00
Leopold Padded Greaves
Experienced warriors know the value of good armour padding, which can mean the difference between comfort and chafing or pinching. The Leopold Padded Greaves will keep your lower legs in good shape while you trounce the enemy.
Price: $12.00
Leopold Suede Gambeson
Featuring a high-quality suede exterior, the Leopold Suede Gambeson is a fine arming jacket perfect for wearing underneath various armoured looks. This gambeson features versatile short sleeves and a fashionable high collar.
Price: $151.00
Leopold Suede Padded Bracers
Increase the comfort and fit of your bracers while avoiding unnecessary pinching, scratching, and bruising. The Leopold Suede Padded Bracers offers an extra layer of protection to your forearms, enhancing your defense when LARPing.
Price: $26.00
Leopold Suede Padded Greaves
While a good suit of armour is necessary on the LARP battlefield, the armor itself can create uncomfortable pinching and bruising. Enhance the effectiveness, comfort, and fit of your leg armour with the Leopold Suede Padded Greaves.
Price: $31.00
Leopold Thigh Padding
Staying mobile in battle is critical, which makes leg protection like the Leopold Thigh Padding an essential piece of your re-enactment gear. The arming wear offers comfort, making it easier to wear full leg guards for longer.
Price: $36.00
Light Sleeveless Gambeson
When you are choosing your medieval armour, make sure you do not forget to pick out appropriate pieces of padded arming wear like the Light Sleeveless Gambeson to improve comfort and protect against rubbing, chafing, and pinching.
Price: $49.00
Medieval Gambeson
This style of gambeson has strap-and-buckle front closures and open armpits, providing mobility and ventilation without over-compromising protection. Our Medieval Gambeson is crafted in heavy-duty padded canvas.
Price: $149.00
Medieval Long Gambeson
A warrior wore many layers when they were going into battle. Beyond underclothing, this Medieval Long Gambeson is one of the first of many protections that any warrior would have worn, and one that any reenactor should wear as well.
Price: $112.00
Medieval Sleeves
It is easy to get cold at a Renaissance fair, with winter wind biting any exposed skin. If only more underdresses came with sleeves. Luckily, you can now keep your arms covered without sacrificing authenticity with the Medieval Sleeves.
Price: $15.58
Padded Archers Armour
Archers were not usually involved in the heaviest fighting, so archers were typically only armored in light materials, like this Padded Archer's Armour, which allowed them to remain mobile and distant, to make use of their bow.
Price: $174.00
Padded Arm Bracers
These padded arm bracers are great to wear under steel or leather arm bracers. They will prevent any skin pinching and stop your bracers from sliding around. Made from padded, quilted black fabric and lace up in the back for closure.
Price: $13.00
Padded Arming Cuisses
When marching into battle, you can never have too much protection. These Padded Arming Cuisses are traditionally worn on the upper legs and provide extra padding to keep you protected yet mobile during your next conflict.
Price: $48.00
Padded Gambeson
This padded gambeson is perfect for LARP, so it is better for leather armour or light steel armour. The sleeves are a half sleeve length and the underarms are designed with holes which provide ease of movement and good ventilation.
Price: $49.00
Padded Gladiator Leg Guards
Given that armor reduces harm to a warrior, it is reasonable that gladiators did not wear much armor. After all, it was intended as a fantastic spectacle. Thus, many who fought wore cloth armor, like these Padded Gladiator Leg Guards.
Price: $117.00
Padded Greaves
These padded greaves are great to wear under steel or leather greaves. They will prevent any skin pinching and stop your greaves from sliding around. Made from padded, quilted black fabric and lace up in the back for closure.
Price: $20.00
Pointed Brass Tip Tie Strings
The Pointed Brass Tip Tie Strings are must-haves in any medieval wardrobe. Use them to replace missing strings, add new aspects to your outfit, or change up your look. They are sold as a set of six and come in a variety of colors.
Price: $9.00
Ratio Tunic
Showing off dramatic black and red coloration, the Ratio Tunic is a padded, long-sleeved coat covering the torso from neck to hips. The padded tunic can be worn on its own or serve as armour padding under mail or plate armour.
Price: $64.00
RFB Padded Armour
Padded armor has been in use since the dawn of time. After all, extra padding can go a long way towards helping man survive almost any encounter. This RFB Padded Armour puts traditional padded armor in your hands to keep you safe.
Price: $44.00
Robin of Locksley Gambeson
Worthy of the outlaw who historically wore it, the Robin of Locksley Gambeson is a two-piece garment consisting of a corduroy undershirt with padded, studded sleeves and the quilted sleeveless gambeson that goes on top of it.
Price: $159.00
Shapur Gambeson
While the Shapur Gambeson goes well with a variety of historical looks, its design bares an Eastern Asian influence. An outer layer of cotton canvas combined with wool-felt padding offers extra protection on the LARP battlefield.
Price: $91.00
Short-Sleeved Gambeson
Stay safe and comfortable underneath armour with the Short-Sleeved Gambeson. This medieval arming wear tunic is made of cotton canvas and features a light level of padding as well as short sleeves and a top stitched, quilted look.
Price: $68.00
Stitched Sleeve Gambeson
Traditionally worn under armor, padded protection like this Stitched Sleeve Gambeson fulfills several purposes. First and foremost, though, it enhances protection, making any accompanied suit of armor that much more effective in battle.
Price: $116.00
Tenebra Armour Skirt
Made up of several suede panels, the Tenebra Armour Skirt brings a classic look to leather armour. A great piece for protecting the lower body, the waist of the skirt is adjustable at the back via two leather buckled straps.
Price: $71.00
Tenebra Armour Vest
Made of high-quality suede with a padded, inner cotton lining, wear the Tenebra Armour Vest for protection during light combat. The top half, covering the shoulder area, is attached to the body of the vest via eyelets and cords.
Price: $120.00
Tudor Canvas Armour Jerkin
The Tudor Canvas Armour Jerkin provides an extra layer of protection during LARP battle. Its slim design allows more freedom of movement when worn underneath steel armour, thereby limiting pressure marks and increasing defense.
Price: $100.00
Upper Leg Padding With Steel
This upper leg padding provides padding to the thigh area and laces up in the back of the leg for adjustability. The upper leg has a 14 gauge steel plate to give it strength when kneeling to prevent damage to the knee or the pad.
Price: $45.00
Viking Winingas
Viking pants had baggy thighs to keep the legs unrestricted, but closer to the calves, the fabric could get in the way of the feet. For this reason, they had legwraps. The Viking Winingas replicate such garments with stunning accuracy.
Price: $28.78
Warriors Medieval Gambeson
Our Warriors Medieval Gambeson is such a versatile piece for your wardrobe. You can wear this gambeson under your leather or steel armour for comfort and fit or wear it as a jacket or doublet. It is perfect for winter or re-enacting.
Price: $88.00
Wool Hamond Arm Wraps
Vikings may be able to stomach the cold a bit better than other medieval adventurers, but that does not mean that they should not be properly clothed! Give your wrists some protection from those wintry winds with the Wool Hamond Arm Wraps.
Price: $12.00
Wool Hamond Leg Wraps
To survive in the cold Scandinavian winter, a Viking cannot neglect to cover any part of their body, including the ankles. The Wool Hamond Leg Wraps are the perfect accessory to do just that, keeping heat contained all along the lower leg.
Price: $16.00

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