Girls Costumes

More-so than their male counterparts, little girls are prone to wanting to dress up in dozens of different looks. At Dark Knight Armoury, we carry a selection of girls costumes that will do wonders for transforming your little girl into a variety of different looks, ranging from the beautiful princess to the legendary pirate, all the way to an adorable gothic maiden or vampire! All designed for the little lady who has captured your heart, these costumes are generally fit for children between the ages of 2 and 12, although each costume size varies, so see each individual costume description for definitive and accurate size information. Your little girl can be the princess that she has always wanted to be when she wears any of our princess costumes, queen costumes, or Juliet costumes, and she can even be her favorite princess from her favorite fairy tale! Or if she is looking for something a bit more action-packed, she can don one of our girls pirate costumes, transforming her into a pretty little pirate that will put all the boys to shame with her true pirate attitude. Pixie and fairy costumes are great for the girl who wants to show off her more fantastical side, and gothic costumes will transform your little girl into the cutest darn vampire you have ever laid eyes on! With such a great variety available, there is something here in the Girls Costume section at Dark Knight Armoury for every girl, so grab your little darling and start browsing together, so that you can bond all while picking out her next great look for a costume party, Halloween, or for everyday play!
Beautiful Princess Girl's Costume
There is not a little girl today who has not wished to be a princess at some point, and now, with this Beautiful Princess Girls Costume, she can be dressed in an elegant gown that will make her feel like she is in her own fairytale.
Price: $18.00
Blue Camelot Princess Girls Costume
Every young girl dreams of being a princess, and with this Blue Camelot Princess Girls Costume, you can turn that dream into reality! This beautifully detailed costume offers a terrific option for renaissance fairs or Halloween.
Price: $13.50
On Sale For: $10.80
Buccaneer Girl's Costume
This great costume is the perfect way to transform your little girl from an adorable angel into a sassy pirate girl. In this Buccaneer Girls Costume, she will be ready to sail the seven seas in search of glory, treasure, and adventure.
Price: $20.00
Can-Can Cutie Girl's Costume
If your little girl has her eyes set on the stage, then help her along with an exotic and elegant stage costume that will wow onlookers and make her feel like a real stage beauty, the Can-Can Cutie Girl's Costume.
Price: $90.90
Cheerless Leader Girls Costume
Somebody has to cheer on the dead, right? If your young girl wants a costume that is both cute and creepy, this Cheerless Leader Girls Costume is the perfect way for your little one to have the best of both worlds this Halloween.
Price: $38.00
Childrens Costume Pirate Hat
If your little one plans on being a pirate, the task falls to you to provide them with all that they need for a great pirate look. That should include this Childrens Costume Pirate Hat and its youthful dash of swashbuckling style.
Price: $5.00
On Sale For: $3.84
Childs Black Costume Robe
This is a universal costume piece that can be worn by boys or girls. It is a black hooded robe with a black waist sash. Whether your child wants to be a vampire, gothic ghoul or a monk, this robe can be used for many different costumes.
Price: $10.00
On Sale For: $8.00
Deluxe Kids Jedi Knight Robe
Observe with pride as your young Star Wars fan takes on the guise of Jedi warrior this Halloween. Whether your child chooses the role of Obi Wan Kenobi or Luke Skywalker, the Deluxe Kids Jedi Knight Robe is a fantastic accessory.
Price: $35.00
Elegant Lady Girl's Costume
Elegance is not restricted by age, as this Elegant Lady Girls Costume very well shows. When your daughter puts on this costume, she will look fit to attend the grandest balls and show how elegant even a young maiden of the realms can be.
Price: $40.00
Enchanting Princess Girl's Costume
For the royal treatment, the Enchanted Princess Girl's Costume will make your little girl feel like the princess she has always dreamed of being. Primarily light blue, this costume is a perfect princess gown.
Price: $78.00
Flower Faerie Girl's Costume
Does your little girl dream of flying free among the trees and flowers as a fair creature of the forest? It might just be a dream, but now you can give her part of that. She can look the part in her Flower Faerie Girl's Costume.
Price: $29.43
Fortune Teller Girl's Costume
The Fortune Teller Girl's Costume is great for a spirited, maybe even sassy young girl who loves color and does not like to be told what to do, making her a free spirit in the truest sense of the word.
Price: $68.00
Girls Age of Ultron Black Widow Costume
Clever and dangerous, Natasha Romanoff joins the Avengers once more in the film sequel, Age of Ultron. The Girls Age of Ultron Black Widow Costume allows your child to dress up like the popular spy-turned-superheroine.
Price: $27.00
On Sale For: $21.60
Girls Age of Ultron Deluxe Black Widow Costume
Clever and dangerous, Natasha Romanoff joins the Avengers once more in the film sequel, Age of Ultron. The Girls Age of Ultron Deluxe Black Widow Costume allows your child to dress up like the popular spy-turned-superheroine.
Price: $37.00
On Sale For: $29.60
Girls Battina the Witch Costume
Who said that witches were innately evil? Not all witches enjoy hexing people and causing chaos! By infusing dark charm with delightful magic, your little sorceress can put the stigma to rest with the Girls Battina the Witch Costume!
Price: $40.00
Girls Buccaneer Sweetie Costume
Fiercer than Blackbeard, your child can now dress as a charming pirate lass for her next Halloween party. The Girls Buccaneer Sweetie Costume features a dress with a white, off-the-shoulder bodice and handkerchief skirt.
Price: $32.00
Girls Caribbean Pirate Princess Costume
This cute Girls Caribbean Pirate Princess Costume is perfect for any costume party, birthday or pirate event, Halloween and general dress up. The costume includes the dress with attached over-jacket and the skull and crossbones headpiece.
Price: $8.00
On Sale For: $6.40
Girls Caribbean Pirate Queen Costume
Your child can sail the Seven Seas with her pirate crew whenever she wears this fun childrens swashbuckler costume. The Girls Caribbean Pirate Queen Costume makes a great choice for Halloween, school plays, or playtime.
Price: $16.00
Girls Cinderella Costume
What little girl has not wanted to be a princess? More specifically, a fairytale princess from one of her favorite stories? She may not be able to live the life, but she can at least pretend, dressed in her own Girls Cinderella Costume.
Price: $29.00
On Sale For: $22.00
Girls Classic Witch Costume
Not all witches have hooked noses and warts! With the Girls Classic Witch Costume, your little spell-caster can look great while cursing her enemies into toads. This childrens costume makes a fantastic option for Halloween.
Price: $16.00
Girls Crimson Caribbean Pirate Costume
Landlubbers, beware! With the Girls Crimson Caribbean Pirate Costume, your child will become the latest lady of the high seas. This stylish kids pirate ensemble will allow her to look great while plundering ships for gold.
Price: $45.00
Girls Deluxe Catwoman Costume
No cat burglar is better known than the infamous Selina Kyle from the DC Comics universe. With the help of the Girls Deluxe Catwoman Costume, your child can dress up like the character from the Dark Knight Rises film this Halloween.
Price: $38.00
On Sale For: $30.40
Girls Elegant Renaissance Queen Costume
For young ladies with grand aspirations, proper raiment is a must. With its graceful blue and cream color scheme delicately accented with gold, the Girls Elegant Renaissance Queen costume transforms its wearer into a royal ruler.
Price: $32.00
Girls Enchanted Princess Costume
Your child will be charming woodland creatures before you know it whenever she dresses up in this elegant princess gown! The Girls Enchanted Princess Costume provides a great option for the Renaissance fair or Halloween.
Price: $48.00
On Sale For: $38.40
Girls Fairy Godmother Costume
Designed with the classic image of the fairy godmother in mind, the pink Girls Fairy Godmother Costume is the perfect picture of a fairy queen or fae noble garbed in brightness and fairy radiance.
Price: $98.00
On Sale For: $58.00
Girls Grecian Goddess Costume
Your young Olympian will look as though she has been blessed by Aphrodite herself when she wears this charming toga costume. The Girls Grecian Goddess Costume offers the perfect combination of style, comfort, and quality.
Price: $30.00
Girls Juliet Costume
This is a classic medieval look for your little girl. Our Girls Juliet Costume is a one piece dress made from a dark blue velvet with a light blue center, accented with gold colored trim. Includes a matching headpiece with veil.
Price: $21.00
Girls Juliet Costume
Our Girls Juliet Costume is perfect for your little princess. This costume is great for Halloween, costume parties, themed birthday parties and general dress-up and play that all young girls love to do.
Price: $35.00
Girls Lady Gothique Costume
Step out of the spirit world on the spookiest night of the year with the help of the elegant Girls Lady Gothique Costume! This silver and black gothic gown will transform your child into a noble ghostly figure from ages past.
Price: $40.00
Girls Maid Marian Costume
The love interest of Robin Hood in English folklore, Maid Marian possesses undeniable courage and loyalty. The Girls Maid Marian Costume allows your child to dress up like this iconic highborn lady for her next costume party.
Price: $35.00
Girls Medieval Majesty Costume
A hush falls over the crowd as their Queen makes her way through the ballroom. With pride in her step and clothed in the Girls Medieval Majesty Costume, this grand monarch ascends the throne, promising peace throughout her kingdom.
Price: $40.00
Girls Medieval Princess Magenta Costume
The Girls Medieval Princess Magenta Costume adorns a noble maiden who is beloved by the entire kingdom. Whether she chooses to oversee the festivities alongside the royal family, or celebrate with her friends, she will look simply grand.
Price: $27.00
Girls Medieval Princess Royal Blue Costume
Whether she wishes to preside over the festivities with the royal family, or celebrate with friends, your child will look adorable in the Girls Medieval Princess Royal Blue Costume. Surely, there is none more beloved in all the kingdom.
Price: $27.00
Girls Midnight Vampiress Costume
All vampires aspire to Gothic elegance in their daily and formal wear. The Girls Midnight Vampiress Costume provides the perfect mix of comfort and opulence in this red and black bat-themed dress.
Price: $25.00
Girls Navy Princess Costume
Turning fairy tales into reality can be difficult in todays world, but every little girl deserves the chance to be a princess. Now you can make your little girls dream come true by dressing her in the Girls Navy Princess Costume!
Price: $30.00
Girls Noble Lady Renaissance Costume
This is a classic medieval look for your little girl. A noble style burgundy dress with lavish looking trim is accented with a matching headpiece that has an attached veil. This costume is perfect for any party or for Halloween!
Price: $23.00
Girls Pandora the Witch Costume
Not every witch enjoys transforming people into toads, preferring to use their powers for good instead! The Girls Pandora the Witch Costume allows your young spell-caster to dress up as a charming enchantress this Halloween.
Price: $50.00
Girls Pretty Pirate Costume
The golden booty of successful pirates ensures that they will never be dressed worse than the best. The Girls Pretty Pirate Costume allows you to show off the results of your brigandage with this classy pirate dress.
Price: $35.15
On Sale For: $31.64
Girls Princess Juliet Costume
While she is not technically a princess, Juliet does have the background to be considered very-much a princess, and what is more, in the Girls Princess Juliet Costume, your little girl will still look very-much like a pretty princess.
Price: $17.50
Girls Princess of the Tower Costume
Trapped for years up in the heights of her tower, this fairytale princess awaits rescue by her Prince Charming! The Girls Princess of the Tower Costume will transform your young royal into an elegant and lovely Rapunzel.
Price: $30.00
Girls Princess Violeta Costume
Turning that little girl in your life into the princess she has always dreamed of being is easier than you think! By surprising her with the Girls Princess Violeta Costume, you can help to make her happily ever after come true!
Price: $30.00
Girls Red Heart Princess Costume
She may be too young to be the queen of hearts, but that does not mean she cannot be royalty. And in the Girls Red Heart Princess Costume, she will definitely be a princess, fit for practically any royal occasion.
Price: $27.00
On Sale For: $21.60
Girls Red Jewel Princess Costume
Whether you are looking for an exceptional Halloween costume or fairytale dress-up fun, you have found the right piece in the Girls Red Jewel Princess Costume. This costume dress is also an excellent option for renaissance fairs.
Price: $29.00
On Sale For: $23.20
Girls Regal Queen Costume Gown
This is a classic fairytale or medieval look for your little girl, a beautiful Renaissance Gown in dark purple with gold accents. This costume is perfect for any costume party, birthday, medieval event, Halloween, and general dress up.
Price: $15.00
On Sale For: $12.00
Girls Renaissance Maiden Costume
Princesses must exhibit beauty and grace in their every movement, aided by their fashionable wardrobes. With the blue and gold Girls Renaissance Maiden Costume, you can be suitably dressed for any occasion.
Price: $29.00
Girls Renaissance Queen Costume
Little girls the world over dream of becoming a queen, and now they can do so by putting on this Girls Renaissance Queen Costume. Done in the fashion of fairytale queens and renaissance maidens, this costume combines history and fantasy.
Price: $16.50
On Sale For: $13.20
Girls Roman Empress Costume
High up on the summit of Mt. Olympus, the gods look down upon the beautiful maiden that rules the Roman Empire. Help your little girl embrace the responsibility of ruling an empire by adorning her in the Girls Roman Empress Costume!
Price: $16.00
Girls Royal Vampira Costume
With her sweet look, this young vampire princess will easily stand above her many subjects this Halloween. The Girls Royal Vampira Costume transforms your child into a regal and elegant dark queen of a bloodthirsty populace.
Price: $27.00
On Sale For: $21.60
Girls Sassy Pirate Costume
Our Girls Sassy Pirate Costume is perfect for any costume party, birthday or Pirate themed party, Halloween and general dress up. The costume includes the striped dress trimmed with lace, pirate hat with attached bandana, and boot tops.
Price: $35.00
On Sale For: $29.60
Girls Snow Queen Costume
Our Girls Snow Queen Costume is perfect for your little sweetheart. The costume consists of the silver satin dress and glovelets. Whether she is just playing dress up or being the bell of the ball, this costume is a fine princess style.
Price: $29.00
On Sale For: $23.20
Girls Striped Costume Tights
Whether your little girl is on the hunt for buried treasure or enjoying a life of oceanic adventure, the Girls Striped Costume Tights will dress her in a traditional pirate look without overlooking her personal style and charm!
Price: $5.00
Girls Sunshine Princess Costume
Princesses are said to be full of warmth and love, but sometimes their dresses might seem cold and uninviting. Now your little princess can express the caring royal within her when she wears the Girls Sunshine Princess Costume!
Price: $30.00
Girls Transylvanian Vampiress Costume
Your child will look like she has risen from the shadows as an undead countess when she wears this fantastic gothic kids costume. The Girls Transylvanian Vampiress Costume looks dramatic and sophisticated with its bold coloration.
Price: $21.00
Girls Winter Soldier Black Widow Costume
Moving silently across the room, efficiently taking in the scene, our hero appears. Enjoying the festivities alongside her comrades, the Girls Winter Soldier Black Widow Costume is a perfect fit for the youthful Marvel Comics fan.
Price: $28.00
On Sale For: $25.20
Girls Winter Soldier Black Widow Deluxe Costume
Calling on masterful spy abilities, the young hero enters the room strategically, taking well-planned action against a serious threat. Your favorite Avenger steals the scene in the Girls Winter Soldier Black Widow Deluxe Costume.
Price: $40.00
On Sale For: $36.00
Girls Wonder Woman Tutu Costume
A confident power pose is sure to earn a junior Amazon Princess an overflowing supply of candy. The Girls Wonder Woman Tutu Costume guarantees that your youngest Justice League member invades the Halloween scene with heroic style.
Price: $35.00
On Sale For: $28.00
Golden Princess Girl's Costume
If your little girl is already your princess, then why not let her dress and feel like one with this Golden Princess Girls Costume? She will feel like she stepped into a fairytale when she puts on this yellow ball gown costume dress.
Price: $38.00
Gothic Swashbuckler Girl's Costume
This Gothic Swashbuckler Girls Costume is a perfect choice for any girl who wants to be a pirate with her own sense of style. Featuring a darkly colored dress inspired by gothic style, this costume is as pretty as it is unique.
Price: $32.00
Gothic Vampira Girl's Costume
Whether she is attempting to look like a vampire or attain the image of a dark, yet beautiful princess or noble, one thing is certain. While wearing the Gothic Vampira Girls Costume, your little girl will be beautiful.
Price: $58.00
On Sale For: $43.00
Green Pixie Girl's Costume
Not many adults ever see pixies, fairies, and other forest sprites, but that hardly matters, because when your little girl puts on this Green Pixie Girls Costume, she will definitely be the prettiest little sprite you have ever seen.
Price: $40.00

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