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Pirates were not a picky lot, and thus, did not usually care what form of jewelry they wore, so long as it as valuable. That would mean that any section dedicated to pirate rings could contain any form of jewelry from the times, although here at Dark Knight Armoury, our pirate rings section contains only rings that have a direct association with pirate style. Thus, many of our pirate rings are laden with obvious pirate symbols, including the traditional skull and crossbones, as well as the classic Jolly Roger. Some are a bit more simple than others, giving them a bit of a lower profile, which makes them great low-key additions to your attire when you are looking lay low in a dangerous, unfriendly, pirate-hating port, as well as a great addition to your casual attire when you are looking to add that touch of dangerous pirate style to your look. Others are a bit more overt, featuring obvious, bone-white skull and crossbones designs as well as faux gemstones that are bound to draw attention while simultaneously showing off how skilled and successful you are as a pirate. Plus, some of the rings have a frightening look that might just cause your opponents to flinch in a dual when they see the fingers of your sword-hand adorned with fearsome skulls and the like. So if you are tired of adorning your pirate with regular jewelry, or if you just want to have something pirate-y on your person all day long, then you would best get on over to Dark Knight Armoury to pick up a great pirate ring.
Buccaneer Beauty Cameo Ring
Pirates frequently find themselves in possession of beautiful pieces of jewelry, and that is truer for a female pirate than any other. This Buccaneer Beauty Cameo Ring is definitely an accessory that a pirate lass would want to have.
Price: $3.50
Gold Plated Skull And Crossbones Ring
The Jolly Roger, with its skull and crossbones design, has long been a symbol of pirates. Now, you can wear that symbol on your finger and feel like an authentic pirate whenever you put on this Gold Plated Skull and Crossbones Ring.
Price: $6.50
Jack Sparrow Ring Set
If you are looking for a pirate with style, look no further than Jack Sparrow. Get his look with the Jack Sparrow Ring Set, three rings based on the jewelry worn by Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean films.
Price: $34.95
Kraken Ring
The Kraken, a monstrous, tentacled creature from the depths of the sea. Sailors say that it can pull entire ships to the ocean floor by wrapping its massive tentacles around them, like what the Kraken Ring does to your finger.
Price: $22.50
Pewter Pirate Gem Ring
There is nothing worse for a merchant sailor than to see a ring like this Pewter Pirate Gem Ring up close, because that means that they have been boarded by pirates and are likely to soon lose their ship, their cargo, and much more.
Price: $6.25
Pewter Skull And Crossbones Ring
The Jolly Roger, with its skull and crossbones design, has long been a classic symbol of pirates. Now, you can wear that symbol on your finger and feel like an authentic pirate whenever you put on this Pewter Skull and Crossbones Ring.
Price: $5.25
Pirate Skull Ring
Pirates have an obvious love for skulls. It is readily apparent when you look at their flags. They also love treasure. Those loves combine in this Pirate Skull Ring, which features a fearsome looking skull and a shining silver glimmer.
Price: $2.00
Silver Pirate Skull Ring
Any scallywag would be lucky to own a pirate ring this fine! The Silver Pirate Skull Ring offers an eye-catching swashbuckler design that features a skeletal pirate wearing a patch and Jolly Roger hat at the top of the band.
Price: $40.00
Triple Skull Silver Ring
Show you have an appetite for destruction with the Triple Skull Silver Ring. These three skulls make for a great gothic accent to wear, whether you are dressed in the latest fashions or going as a dark lord or count to the fair.
Price: $57.43

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