Celtic Pendants

The benefit of a good Celtic pendant over a traditional Celtic necklace is that many of our pendants do not come with their own chain or neck cord, which means that you can accessorize it how you want, creating your own ideal Celtic necklace. Of course it need not be said that each and every one is also a stunning design that is worth wearing purely for the style it offers, either. Each of these Celtic pendants are crafted from quality materials, most often pristine pewter or sterling silver, and they come in a huge assortment of shapes and sizes, making them a great accessory for men, women, and even children to wear to accent their chosen appearance. They go great with costumes for the local Renaissance fair, and they go even better with typical, contemporary attire, especially for those who want to show off a bit of heritage or a love of Celtic style. Many are adorned with traditional Celtic designs, including things like trinity knots, winding knotwork, Irish Claddaghs, Celtic dragons, Celtic crosses, and even Mjolnir designs. So if you are looking to show off a little Celtic style, or if you are looking to give a great Celtic gift, then the Dark Knight Armoury is not a bad first place to start looking, because you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for here in our Celtic pendants section.
Alban Elfed Stag Charm Pendant
To the Celts, the stag was not solely a prey animal, but instead a beast of noble bearing, possessed of dignity and endurance. This Alban Elfed Stag Charm Pendant represents all of the stag's qualities, in the form of a pendant to wear.
Price: $54.00
Avalonian Phoenix Pendant
Inspired by the legend of Avalon, the mythical island where King Arthur is said to dwell as he heals and waits for the right moment to return, the Avalonian Phoenix Pendant represents transition and rebirth through its artistic design.
Price: $20.60
Beltane Stag Pendant
Named after a Gaelic May Day festival, the Beltane Stag Pendant invokes the joy of nature and its life-giving attributes. The silvery stag head depicted in this pendant features Celtic knotwork antlers adorned with a silvery pentacle.
Price: $20.60
Bird of Cliodna Silver Charm Pendant
In Irish myth, Cliodna was a beautiful woman for who was reserved a cruel fate. Even in death, though, she was accompanied by beautiful birds, and in this Bird of Cliodna Silver Charm Pendant, one of her birds can accompany you, as well.
Price: $51.00
Blue Jeweled Triskelion Pendant
The triskelion symbol features three spirals, continually in motion, signifying the three realms of being. The Blue Jeweled Triskelion Pendant is a unique and stunning way to display an ancient universal symbol as a part of your wardrobe.
Price: $27.50
Braided Fleur De Lis Pendant
The Fleur De Lis is a stylized lily or iris originating in the middle ages was and is an important historical symbol of nobility and spirituality. Show your royal demeanor with the Braided Fleur De Lis Pendant.
Price: $167.93
Brans Raven Pendant
The legends and artistry of an ancient era take flight in the Brans Raven Pendant. Decorated throughout with astonishingly intricate Celtic knotwork, this pendant takes its name from Bran the Blessed, a giant king from Welsh myth.
Price: $20.60
Brigid Cross Pendant
Often made of woven rushes or straw, the Brigid cross arises from the story of one of the patron saints of Ireland. The Brigid Cross Pendant displays a stylized cruciform design with a central square and four radials.
Price: $18.00
Bronze Brigid Pendant
At once a midwife, blacksmith, and poetess, Brigid is a vast Celtic deity who could assist her followers in any endeavor. The Bronze Brigid Pendant artfully depicts her as three sisters, each performing one of her unique roles.
Price: $26.99
Bronze Celtic Knot Stag Pendant
Lend a little wildness to your days when you wear the Bronze Celtic Knot Stag Pendant. Often a form taken by the Celtic god Cernunnos, the stag here appears as an elegant accessory ready to help you embrace the spirit of the forest.
Price: $24.99
Bronze Celtic Knot Wolf Pendant
Emblems of the moon in Celtic mythology, wolves were said to represent loyalty, intelligence, and communication. The Bronze Celtic Knot Wolf Pendant depicts an elegant dancing wolf entangled in swirling lines of unraveled knotwork.
Price: $24.99
Bronze Celtic Swirl with Hidden Pentacle Locket
Usually, it is up to you to fill a locket with your own trinkets or memoirs, but in the case of this Bronze Celtic Swirl Locket with Hidden Pentacle, it comes with a surprise already held within, to accommodate your own unique style!
Price: $49.99
Bronze Dragon Pentacle Pendant with Garnet Accent
In Norse myth, dragons are often guardians, either for good or ill. This Bronze Dragon Pentacle Pendant with Garnet Accent, with its Norse inspiration, is no different, featuring a duo of dragons that guard an ancient emblem.
Price: $26.99
Bronze God Lugh Pendant
Known as the God of Fire in ancient Druid myth, Lugh was a Sun God whose name meant Shining One. The Bronze God Lugh Pendant depicts the deity with intricate detail, sitting peacefully as he is surrounded by an artistic ring of fire.
Price: $34.99
Bronze Morrigan Pendant
In practice, the goddess Morrigan can be a great aid to those who invoke her, but to those who offend her, she is a powerful enemy. This Bronze Morrigan Pendant depicts the goddess as she once appeared to the Gaelic warrior, Cu Chulainn.
Price: $39.99
Bronze Tree Pentacle Locket
This pendant is distinctive and unique, featuring a double-faced design that serves well a wide variety of styles, which makes this Bronze Tree Pentagram Locket quite the versatile accent that will enhance your look considerably.
Price: $39.99
Call of Annwn Pendant
Let the melodic howls of this celestial hound guide you to paradise. The Call of Annwn Pendant features a crescent moon and hound design, inspired by the Otherworld of Welsh mythology, called Annwn and ruled by the King Arawn.
Price: $20.60
Cat Sith Pendant
A common fairy creature in Celtic lore, the Cat Sith takes the form of a black cat that can be as large as a dog. The Cat Sith pendant draws upon this folklore to take the shape of a crouched black cat with deep, ruby-red eyes.
Price: $22.50
Celtic 3D Blade Pendant
If you have always loved the beauty in knives, then the Celtic 3D Blade Pendant could be for you. This stylish piece of jewelry is modeled after a blade to provide you with a fashionable yet not so deadly accent item.
Price: $16.00
Celtic 3D Trinity Heart Pendant
Love is a boundless connection that two people can share for a lifetime. Memorialize that notion with the Celtic 3D Trinity Heart Pendant. This dazzling piece of jewelry is a great gift for someone that you care about.
Price: $20.00
Celtic 3D Trinity Pendant
Complete your look today with the dazzling Celtic 3D Trinity Pendant. This modern take on an ancient design will definitely enhance your outfit and have admirers wondering how you came across such an elegant item.
Price: $7.00
Celtic 3D Triskellion Pendant
The stunning Celtic 3D Triskellion Pendant will jump out at everyone you walk by with its unique design. A wonderful piece of jewelry like this will only make you the center of attention as you proudly wear it in public.
Price: $28.00
Celtic Anchor Pendant
The Anchor Pendant displays beautiful Celtic knotwork. The Anchor Pendant would make a great gift for a loved one or yourself. The Anchor symbolizes hope and religious dedication. Add the Anchor Pendant to any ensemble to turn heads.
Price: $15.00
Celtic Animal Pendant
The stunning Celtic Animal Pendant can be a wonderful way to show your love and appreciation for the animal kingdom in a stylish manner. This piece is sure to become a welcome addition to your wardrobe and liven your style up a bit.
Price: $11.00
Celtic Arland Pendant
For centuries, Celtic knots have been a source of intrigue and inspiration. These beautifully interconnected designs have come to symbolize ideals like unity and balance. The Celtic Arland Pendant is inspired by these ancient symbols.
Price: $12.00
Celtic Arrow Knot Pendant
The Celtic Arrow Knot Pendant is ideal for those who love Celtic artwork and archery. Inspired by an arrow head, this piece takes that design and incorporates the complex set of lines used to create a triquetra.
Price: $11.00
Celtic Arrowed Cross Pendant
Displaying the perfect balance of Celtic beauty and modern style, the Celtic Arrowed Cross Pendant shows off an equidistant cross design with intricate knotwork and arrow engravings across all four of the arms.
Price: $20.00
Celtic Axe Pendant
The Celtic Axe Pendant is made of a lead free pewter. The double axe head of the Celtic Axe Pendant appears unique, and the emerald stone gives it a measure of elegance. This pendant can be worn by Men or Women.
Price: $15.00
Celtic Axe Pendant
The Celts were mighty warriors feared in battle by both the Greeks and Romans. You, too, can be feared in battle when you go in wearing the Celtic Axe Pendant around your neck! You will feel brave like a mighty Celtic warrior!
Price: $18.00
Celtic Bird Pendant
Made of lead-free pewter, the Celtic Bird Pendant is an eye-catching piece of neckwear. The knotwork detail includes two Herons which symbolize love and fidelity. The Celtic Bird Pendant is a lovely accent to any attire.
Price: $30.00
On Sale For: $17.00
Celtic Birds Dog Tag
Every soldier who has served will recognize the modern Celtic Birds Dog Tag, which can accent any look. This battle jewelry accessory can become a treasured addition to your collection that has military influences.
Price: $8.00
Celtic Butterfly Pendant
The Celtic Butterfly Pendant is as elegant as it is fashionable. This piece is an excellent idea for anyone who wants to add some style to their wardrobe while showing some appreciation for butterflies and nature.
Price: $45.00
Celtic Chalice Pendant
The Celtic Chalice Pendant combines an ancient symbol with the image of traditional drinkware. This item is a great piece to have if you are making a toast or if you can appreciate the rich background of the Celtic knot.
Price: $24.00
Celtic Circle Cross Pendant
The Celtic Circle Cross Pendant is a great way to show your love and appreciation of Celtic art. This pendant has been designed to replicate ancient Celtic styles so that it could accent any outfit in your wardrobe.
Price: $33.00
Celtic Circle Knot Pendant
Accent your outfit with the dazzling Celtic Circle Knot Pendant and become the talk of the town. This elegant pendant will make you stand out from the rest, when you proudly wear this image of Celtic inspired artwork.
Price: $6.00
Celtic Circle Triskellion Pendant
The Celtic Circle Triskellion Pendant is a unique item that carries a rich multicultural history. A dazzling item like this will make you the talk of the town as you proudly display this elegant piece of jewelry.
Price: $10.00
Celtic Circular Knot Pendant
The Celtic Circular Knot Pendant is sure to be the missing piece of style and art that your wardrobe needs. This beautiful pendant has been designed into a familiar shape that can easily accent any outfit you match it with.
Price: $20.00
Celtic Claddagh Crescent Pendant
This pendant has contemporary flair, displaying an elegant knotwork circle accented with a heart from a traditional Irish Claddagh. The Celtic Claddagh Crescent Pendant makes a great gift for yourself or a friend.
Price: $15.00
Celtic Claddagh Cross Pendant
Show the importance of faith, friendship, and love in your life by wearing the Celtic Claddagh Cross Pendant as a beautiful statement piece. This cross pendant makes an elegant gift for yourself or someone special to you.
Price: $17.00
Celtic Claddagh Eternal Knot Pendant
Offering a unique take on the traditional Claddagh design, the Celtic Claddagh Eternal Knot Pendant features sections of intricate knotwork overtop the design of hands holding a crowned heart and along the arms.
Price: $25.00
Celtic Claddagh Pendant - Gold Finish
The claddagh ring is an old Irish ring that was traditionally given as a token of friendship or love. First designed in the 17th century, the symbol has remained a popular one and is now reimagined as this gilded Celtic Claddagh Pendant.
Price: $12.99
Celtic Claddagh Pendant - Silver Finish
The claddagh ring is an old Irish ring that was traditionally given as a token of friendship or love. First designed in the 17th century, the symbol has remained a popular one and is now reimagined as this silvered Celtic Claddagh Pendant.
Price: $12.99
Celtic Classic Claddagh Pendant
The Celtic Classic Claddagh Pendant is designed with a traditional Irish look. The symbol is associated with love, loyalty, and friendship, and is an elegant way to show your true feelings for that special someone.
Price: $9.00
Celtic Classic Triskele Pendant
The Celtic Classic Triskele Pendant is a symbol that is centuries old but has always found a way into the modern world. This elegant piece of jewelry is sure to be recognized by many when they see you proudly wearing it.
Price: $8.00
Celtic Clover and Cross Pendant
The Celtic Clover and Cross Pendant showcases the complexities of Celtic artwork. This exclusive pendant will have everyone admiring your look as you proudly wear this excellent example of Celtic inspired work.
Price: $22.00
Celtic Clover Pendant
Introduce a fresh new look into your jewelry collection with the elegant Celtic Clover Pendant, which is fashionable and versatile. This original and dazzling accessory is sure to have your friends and family wanting one of their own.
Price: $17.00
Celtic Crescent Moon Pentacle Pendant
The moon has always captivated man, and now with the Celtic Crescent Moon Pentacle Pendant you can unlock some of those mysteries. This elegant and dazzling item will impress your friends when they see you proudly wearing it.
Price: $22.00
Celtic Cross and Irish Claddagh Pendant
This pendant combines two traditional Irish symbols, the Claddagh and the Celtic cross. The Celtic Knotwork Collection has been created to celebrate Celtic heritage and capture the intricate designs that have inspired mankind for ages.
Price: $28.00
Celtic Cross Claddagh Pendant
Combining two ancient beliefs, the Celtic Cross Claddagh Pendant is as beautiful as it is meaningful. Balance between traditional symbols and contemporary design has been found within this elegant accessory.
Price: $20.00
Celtic Cross Dog Tag
Now you can easily add a new dimension to your personal style with the dazzling and elegant Celtic Cross Dog Tag. This unique jewelry accent can be a great way to show your appreciation for active members of the armed forces.
Price: $8.00
Celtic Cross Heart Pendant
Featuring several meaningful symbols amidst beautiful crystals and traditional knotwork, the Celtic Cross Heart Pendant is a sincere and thoughtful way to show your loved ones that your affection and love for them knows no bounds.
Price: $23.00
Celtic Cross of the Spirit Pendant
The perfect pairing of spirituality and symbolism, the Celtic Cross of the Spirit Pendant shows off an eye-catching design of an equidistant cross with intricately intertwined Celtic knotwork throughout the arms.
Price: $23.00
Celtic Cross Pendant
Embrace the artistic and religious values that can accompany the elegant Celtic Cross Pendant, which can easily accent any outfit. This unique piece of jewelry offers a modern design that is rich with history and meaning.
Price: $14.00
On Sale For: $11.90
Celtic Cross Pendant
The circle connecting the arms of the Celtic cross symbolizes unity and the eternal cycle of life and rebirth. The Celtic Cross Pendant is made of pewter. The Celtic Cross Pendant would make a great accent to any medieval ensemble.
Price: $9.00
Celtic Cross Pendant
This beautiful Celtic knotwork cross features the intricate details of ancient carvings found on ornate Celtic crucifixes. It was created to celebrate Celtic heritage and capture the knot designs that have inspired mankind for ages.
Price: $20.00
Celtic Cross Pendant
Even with impressive knotwork, not all Celtic styled pendants are showy works that are likely to draw unwanted attention. This Celtic Cross Pendant, for example, is small and subtle, yet still featuring the classic Celtic style.
Price: $7.50
Celtic Cross Pendant
The Celtic cross is one of the oldest and most recognizable symbols of spirituality. This beautiful Celtic Cross Pendant features the intricate details of ancient carvings found on ornate Celtic crucifixes.
Price: $144.93
Celtic Cross Pendant - Gold Finish
The Celtic Cross is a widely popular symbol and has different meanings to different people. Whatever special meaning the Celtic Cross has to you, you can display your heritage or love of all things Celtic with this beautiful pendant.
Price: $12.99
Celtic Cross Pendant - Silver Finish
The Celtic Cross is a widely popular symbol and has different meanings to different people. Whatever special meaning the Celtic Cross has to you, you can display your heritage or love of all things Celtic with this beautiful pendant.
Price: $12.99
Celtic Cross Pendant for Protection and Prosperity
The Celtic Cross Pendant for Protection and Prosperity is a new take on a timeless symbol. This piece offers a balance between silver and black and maintains the traditional Celtic knotwork and imagery so often admired.
Price: $19.00

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