Traditional Youth Bows

Archery, even youth archery, starts with a bow. Make sure your childs first bow is an appropriate one. The youth archery bows, from Dark Knight Armoury, are all fantastic bows for a youth archer to start with. Each of our youth archery bows are designed specifically with a child in mind. They feature significantly lower draw lengths and draw weights then any of our other bows, making them uniquely suited for a child. For this reason, many of our youth longbows are fantastic choices for your childs very first bow. We have a number of differently styled youth archery bows, all of which come in differing levels of draw weight and draw length, ensuring that no matter what level your child is at, if they are a youth archer, we have the youth archery bow to suit their needs and size. Like our traditional bows, each youth archery bow is hand crafted. They also have a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects. Because each bow is hand crafted, please make sure you read each item description carefully to get a good estimate as to when your favored youth archery bow is likely to arrive.
Rustic Youth Longbow with Leather Wrapped Handle
Just because an archer is young does not mean that they have to settle for a sub-par bow. This Rustic Youth Longbow with Leather Wrapped Handle offers a mix of detailing and functionality, making it one bow that any archer would enjoy.
Price: $95.00
Youth Greenleaf Longbow
Elves are known for their love of nature, and this Youth Greenleaf Longbow reflects that. It is adorned in leaves and vines, while also being painted green over its whole length. The color fades towards the tips, transitioning from leaf-green to bark-brown.
Price: $99.00
Youth Linen Backed English Longbow
Archery is not solely for adults. Not anymore, at least. This Youth Linen Backed English Longbow echoes the overall look of our adult version, in a smaller size that is perfectly made for the young archer to own, shoot with, and enjoy!
Price: $85.00
Youth LOTR Legolas Style Bow
A lot of people love Lord of the Rings, adults and kids alike, and for those youths who love Legolas and his archery, nothing beats this Youth LOTR Legolas Style Bow, which puts an authentic elf bow into a young archers eager hands.
Price: $85.00
Youth Prologue Bow
Our Youth Prologue Bow is on a bow design that is worthy of any elf. The front of the bow is hand-painted with fine scrollwork in metallic gold, while the handle is black, which fades to a natural brown along the bow's length in a very cool transition.
Price: $99.00
Youth Ranger Bow
The rangers were the last men of the west and were destined to wander the land until the Return of the King. They were traditionally armed with both blades and bows. This Youth Ranger Bow recreates one such weapon for any young archer to wield.
Price: $99.00

"Love this arm cuff (DK6074). Fits great and is made of great material. Received a day early."

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