Medieval and Renaissance Hats

There is so much more to medieval headwear then just crowns. In fact, just saying that it includes hats is doing medieval headwear a disservice, because there are more than just hats available here at Dark Knight Armoury. Even a cursory glance at our medieval and Renaissance hats will reveal that we offer a great selection of different hats and more. Our medieval hats run a wide gamut of styles, ranging from simple peasant hats to more elegant and attractive hats that are perfect for showing off any nobles sense of style. We also carry an assortment of hoods, which perfectly complement a variety of different looks, ranging from the lowly peasant to the hooded noble, down even to the nefarious assassin or the mysterious rogue. And really, those are only a few options you have when it comes to wearing one of our hoods. We also offer Renaissance style hats and Victorian hats that are perfect for later period costumes, ranging from the classic musketeer hat to the well-known tricorn, which was loved and used by pirates, sailors, and soldiers all across Europe. And for the Steampunk styled costumer, we also carry an assortment of impressively designed top hats, bowlers, and derbies that will work wonders when it comes to creating your own Steampunk style. We have got hats and hoods for ladies and for gentlemen of all ages and all styles, which means that you are sure to find the hat of your dreams when you pay a visit to us here at Dark Knight Armoury.
Antique Velvet Hat
The Antique Velvet Hat is made out of a remarkable fabric that showcases the soft and smooth texture of velvet without its typical reflective sheen, resulting in a lavish yet refined look fit for a Renaissance or Victorian noblewoman.
Price: $49.00
Antoinette Renaissance Hat
The Antoinette Renaissance Hat is a baroque ladies hat that is made from elegant, ornamented taffeta. It is available in a variety of colors and features a sewn-in wire so that it can be adjusted and formed to personal preference.
Price: $30.00
Baldur Medieval Cap
Peasant outfits are best complimented by unadorned pieces of apparel. Because of this, the Baldur Medieval Cap is perfect for any peasant costume you might make! It may not keep the sun out of your eyes, but your head will stay warm!
Price: $10.00
Black and Ivory Mini Bonnet
The bonnet has been worn for hundreds of years, either to protect a womans hair or to accent her outfit while outside her home. This Black and Ivory Mini Bonnet is designed after a style made to accent a womans appearance and clothing.
Price: $52.00
Black Musketeer's Hat
The Black Musketeer's Hat is the ideal choice of headgear for any roguish, yet debonair Renaissance swashbuckler. The hat is a great compliment to musketeers, as well as to other renaissance-themed costumes and appearances.
Price: $25.00
Boys Renaissance Hat
Even children can get in on the fun of historic reenactment. The Boys Renaissance Hat, made of high quality antique velvet and beautifully patterned brocade, is ideal for helping your child get the look of a regal young lord.
Price: $33.00
Cavalier Musketeer Hat
For your next daring adventure, top off your debonair style with the Cavalier Musketeer Hat! Handcrafted out high quality American leather, this historically inspired wide brim hat features an extravagant feather decorating its band.
Price: $187.00
Deluxe Brown Robin Hood Hat
It does not matter if you want to be Robin Hood himself or just another member of the men that make up the Sherwood Bandits, as this Deluxe Brown Robin Hood Hat is the perfect hat to wear either way, thanks to its impressive look.
Price: $10.00
Feathered Floppy Renaissance Hat
Sometimes, it is the feather that makes all the difference in a hat. Luckily, this Feathered Floppy Renaissance Hat is not without a feather accent, nor is it lacking in great designs, including a unique look and a quality material.
Price: $55.00
Flemish Pill Hat with Celtic Applique
The noblemen and women of Northern France historically wore this hat. The Flemish Pill Hat was reported to have been popular in French and Italian courts. As such, this hat makes a fantastic addition to regal and simple styles.
Price: $65.00
Floppy Hat
Floppy hats are worn by both men and women. These hats fit with most periods, Medieval through Renaissance. Made of cotton velveteen, they are suitable for Peasants or Nobles. This is a truly universal hat, a must for your wardrobe.
Price: $45.00
Floppy Renaissance Hat
Usually, when you think of a renaissance hat, you traditionally think of a ladies hat. Gentlemen can have a great renaissance hat too, in the form of this Floppy Renaissance Hat, which goes great with all manner of historic looks.
Price: $49.00
Hagen Suede Leather Coif
The Hagen Suede Leather Coif provides an extra layer of comfort and protection from scratching and bruising when worn underneath a helmet or chainmail coif. It also serves well as headwear for medieval roles outside of LARP combat.
Price: $31.00
Jafar Turban
Your journeys to foreign and exotic lands have brought you both great fortune and immense wisdom, as the experience of learning from other warriors can only benefit you. Wear the Jafar Turban proudly as a sign of your learnings!
Price: $44.00
Kelly Green Robin Hood Hat
Whether running through the forest as an elf, teasing pirates as the immortal Peter Pan, or strategically redistributing the wealth of medieval nobility, the Kelly Green Robin Hood Hat is the ideal costume cap for all your adventures.
Price: $19.95
King Henry Hat
No king is truly dressed without the proper headwear, and the King Henry Hat embodies the regal style of historic nobility with its expertly handmade, authentic-inspired style and its golden colored brocade fabric construction.
Price: $48.00
Ladies Feathered Renaissance Hat
If you can measure a ladies status by how ornate and showy her hat is, then the woman who wears this Ladies Feathered Renaissance Hat is likely the most noteworthy in the room, as this hat is virtually impossible to ignore.
Price: $33.00
Leather Cavalier Hat
No period outfit would be complete without a fine hat to top off a dashing appearance. This hat is one of the best and most affordably priced on the market. It is crafted in fine black leather.
Price: $85.00
Leather Witch Hunter Hat
Crafted from full-grain leather that has been vegetable tanned, this wide brimmed hat makes a great addition to your look. The Leather Witch Hunter Hat goes well with period and fantasy costumes as well as modern attire.
Price: $77.00
Magician Chapeau
Even if you are a proud magician who follows tradition, it is okay to admit that those wide-brimmed, pointy hats look stupid. Luckily, you can upgrade to something more stylish while maintaining your mystique with the Magician Chapeau.
Price: $28.78
Marie Antoinette Hat
Inspired by the extravagant styles of Renaissance era Baroque fashion, the Marie Antoinette Hat is a delicate womens headpiece handmade from rose gold brocade fabric and decorated with elegant ruffles and a large ostrich feather.
Price: $48.00
Medieval Arming Cap
When knights engaged in jousting tournaments or battles, they would put something on under their helmets to keep the metal off their scalps. The Medieval Arming Cap replicates one such piece of headgear in authentic detail.
Price: $19.18
Medieval Bonnet
The bonnet has enjoyed popularity since the Middle Ages. It has undergone many variations over the years, but sometimes, it is nice to revert to the original. The Medieval Bonnet recreates this hat with beautiful authenticity.
Price: $15.58
Medieval Wool Beret
When people think of the beret, they think of 20th-Century France, but the hat has actually been around since the Middle Ages and was popular throughout Europe. The Medieval Wool Beret replicates an early incarnation of this hat.
Price: $22.78
Medieval Wool Cap
Headgear has been around for as long as humans have known the cold. The Medieval Wool Cap replicates one of the earliest forms of hats, a traditional European cap that was popular throughout the Middle Ages and evolved into the sock hat.
Price: $22.78
Mens Crushed Velvet Tudor Hat
Incredibly regal with a soft feel and majestic luster, the Mens Crushed Velvet Tudor Hat is an outstanding take on Tudor fashion. Fit for sophisticated historic looks, this hat features faux fur trim and an ostrich feather decoration.
Price: $48.00
Mens Medieval Floppy Hat
Add a stylish embellishment to your medieval or Renaissance reenactment outfit with the Mens Medieval Floppy Hat, made of 100 percent natural cotton and available in a wide assortment of colors and distinct color combinations.
Price: $38.00
Mens Ornate Renaissance Hat
Made from panels of antique velvet and elegant, floral patterned brocade, the Mens Ornate Renaissance Hat is the hat for a refined Renaissance nobleman. This historic-inspired hat displays a wide brim with a slightly puffed crown.
Price: $48.00
Mens Renaissance Hat
The Mens Renaissance Hat combines antique velvet and patterned brocade in an authentic-inspired design well suited for the stylings of historic nobility. An ostrich feather decorates this handmade Renaissance reenactment hat.
Price: $50.00
Mens Royal Tudor Hat
Impressive and regal, the Mens Royal Tudor Hat is handmade of high quality floral brocade fabric patterned with shimmering thread for a look that is both extravagant and elegant, suitable for characters of nobility or royalty.
Price: $48.00
Mob Cap Bonnet
This cute cotton Mob Cap Bonnet has elastic around the brim for a great fit on any head. Adorned with lace trim and a black bow, this style of casual headwear was worn by girls and ladies in Regency, Colonial, and Frontier eras.
Price: $22.00
Monique Renaissance Hat
A stylish hat can sometimes be the saving grace to an outfit, just as it can also be the accent that brings everything together in a great way. This Monique Renaissance Hat is just such an accent, one inspired by stunning and rich renaissance era design.
Price: $65.00
Moss Green Robin Hood Hat
If your hobbies include either stealing from the rich and giving to the poor or terrorizing hook-handed pirates, then the Moss Green Robin Hood Hat is your new favorite cap. This costume hat is great for a number of fun fantasy looks.
Price: $19.95
Muffin Hat
Our Muffin Hats are a classic design and go perfectly for almost all periods. They are made of cotton velveteen and have metallic trim around the band as a nice detail. These are one size fits all, machine wash, and tumble dry.
Price: $39.00
Peasant Bonnet
The Peasant Bonnet was considered a sign of female dignity and decency. Only unmarried women could leave their hair uncovered, and every married woman was required to wear one of the several variations of Medieval Bonnet.
Price: $28.00
Ragi Fur Cap
Dress yourself in the practical style of the North with the Ragi Fur Cap. Made of suede, this hat features a band of faux fur. With this hat, you can guard yourself against winter winds and snows or just stay cozy on a cooler day.
Price: $26.00
Scottish Cap
Made from 100 percent wool with cotton accents, this Scottish Cap is perfect for those blustery days on the Highlands or any Celtic event. A twill bow decorates the back of the band and a dark green pompom is perched on the crown.
Price: $39.00
Scottish Tartan Cap
If you are planning on adding a cap to your Scottish or Gaelic attire, there is one hat that can do so with ease. This Scottish Tartan Cap is based on the soft Scottish bonnet and perfectly complements traditional highland attire.
Price: $27.00
Stefan Wool Beret
In many cases, the hat makes the man. You can tell whether a villager is a baker, an artist, or a farmer all by the look of his hat. The Stefan Wool Beret will help you define who your Ren Fair character is as a medieval villager!
Price: $12.00
Suede Musketeer Hat
This Musketeer hat is manufactured of soft suede. This hat brings back the romance of a bygone era. Our Suede Musketeer Hat has a beautiful period trim that adorns the edge, as well as color-matching suede hatband and antique button.
Price: $95.00
Tudor Flat Cap
The flat cap was traditionally worn by men and women from the late 15th through the early 16th century. This Tudor Flat Cap is made of poly-cotton fabric. Two grommets allow for a plume or other adornment to be added on either side.
Price: $29.00
Tudor French Hood
The Tudor French Hood is the perfect finishing touch for many of our period gowns. This elegant ladys hat features a beautiful velvet structure and metallic trim, great for adding authenticity and regality to historical looks.
Price: $49.00
Victorian Summer Hat
Worn for days spent outdoors in warm weather, the wide brim of the Victorian Summer Hat is great for guarding yourself against the bright heat of the sun. This white sun hat features a colorful ribbon band for a feminine look.
Price: $49.00
Victorian Top Hat
This stunning Victorian Top Hat is sure to turn heads when you wear it with any Victorian era costume. The chiffon hat band is pinned at the front with a brooch and cascades freely from the back. Gold braid accents the curved brim.
Price: $11.95
Victorian Veil Hat
The Victorian Veil Hat, made of artfully layered sheer fabric, is a fascinator style accessory ideal for any well-to-do Victorian lady. The delicate and translucent fabric drapes elegantly about the hair and face of its wearer.
Price: $35.00
Wheel of Time Aiel Shoufa Turban and Veil
The world in the Wheel of Time series is a dangerous one. In the Aiel Wastes, this is doubly true, for it is a desert inhabited by warriors known as the Aiel, many of whom wear something like this Wheel of Time Aiel Shoufa and Veil.
Price: $40.00
White Beaded Cap with Long Veil
To obtain a completely unique look, a bride may opt to wear something with a little more character than a veil. She may opt for an elegant hat, like the White Beaded Cap with Long Veil, although this hat is not just for brides.
Price: $118.00
Woodsman Fur Trimmed Hat
The Woodsman Fur Trimmed Hat draws inspiration from historic hats worn by those who regularly braved the wilderness or crafted clothing from its inhabitants. This reenactment hat uses manmade materials to achieve its authentic look.
Price: $48.00
Youth Medieval Sam Hat
If your child is interested in attending Ren Faires, LARPing, or participating in reenactments, then you want the most comfortable pieces of clothing for them. The Youth Medieval Sam Hat is perfect for young reenactors and LARPers!
Price: $10.00
Youth Squire Cap
Designed for children, the soft black Youth Squires Cap is a nice addition to any costume wardrobe. This cotton velvet slouch hat is great for both lads and lasses to wear with outfits ranging from medieval to Renaissance.
Price: $28.00

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