Medieval Headwear

Just when you think that your medieval look is totally complete, you realize that you have forgotten something. Is it the gloves? No, you have gloves. Shoes? No, you have boots. Headwear? No? That is why Dark Knight Armoury is happy to offer a wide variety of different styles of medieval headwear that is perfect for just about any style of costume, medieval or not. After all, kings and queens are instantly recognizable as much for their rich attire as for their extravagant crowns, and pirates will scarcely set sail without a good tricorn on their head. And you can get both of those, and more, here. Among our more traditional headwear, we offer a wide range of traditional hats and hoods from many different ages, ranging from top hats and derby hats from the Victorian era that are perfect for Steampunk styles, to musketeer hats and floppy hats for a Renaissance look to tricorns and bandanas for pirates. And those are only just a few examples. We also carry brilliant, shining crowns that are fit for kings and queens, as well as a selection of matching tiaras that will make any girl feel like a princess. We also offer a range of accessories that are worn on the head, including hair accessories like headbands and bun cages, as well as goggles, monocles, masks, and spectacles that are perfect for changing your look in those little ways that wind up making a big difference. So if you are looking to alter an existing costume, you may want to drop by, because Dark Knight Armoury offers a selection of headwear that is perfect for taking an old costume and really reviving it. Plus, a lot of our hats, hoods, crowns, and more also great accessories that you can use time and time again, with hundreds of different looks, so really, if you have a few good costume pieces and a few good hats, you are never limited in the amount of looks and styles you can create.
Gothic Hats, Gothic Leather Hats, and Gothic Top Hats
When you need the perfect gothic accessory to transform your ensemble, check out the fun Gothic Hats here at Dark Knight Armoury! We provide a mix of hat styles including gothic top hats, gothic leather hats, gothic mini hats, gothic period hats, and more. Our leather hats possess incredible quality in their craftsmanship with high durability and comfort. Ladies and gents can peruse this category to find the perfect gothic cap to top off their look.
Medieval and Renaissance Hats
There is so much more to medieval headwear then just crowns. In fact, just saying that it includes hats is doing medieval headwear a disservice, because there are more than just hats available here at Dark Knight Armoury. Even a cursory glance at our medieval and Renaissance hats will reveal that we offer a great selection of different hats and more.
Pirate Hats, Buccaneer Hats, and Pirate Tricorns
Everyone can agree that a hat serves as one of the most important features of any buccaneer ensemble. Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we carry an excellent selection of Pirate Hats, including tricorns, bicorns, pirate bandanas and head scarves, mini pirate hats, and more! Pirate lasses and lads will find a range of styles to enjoy, as many of these buccaneer hats feature trim, feathers, ribbons, beading, and other decorative details to set them apart.
Steampunk Hats, Steampunk Top Hats, and Leather Steampunk Hats
Nothing makes as dramatic a difference to your magnificent steampunk ensemble as a fine Steampunk Hat from Dark Knight Armoury. We provide a stunning array of ornate fascinators, vintage driving caps, leather top hats, dashing derby hats, aviator caps, veiled mini hats, and more to suit any Neo-Victorian style. Our steampunk headwear features incredible details ranging from feathers to clock parts to create their iconic looks.
Medieval Hoods, Hooded Mantles, and Medieval Cowls
Choose the perfect period head covering for your historical ensemble from our selection of Medieval Hoods here at Dark Knight Armoury. We carry a great selection of hooded mantles, medieval cowls, and other historical hoods for men and women. Created from fine materials like leather, cotton, wool, suede, faux fur, and more, these hoods also come in a range of colors, ensuring you can find the ideal look for your outfit!
Floral Head Wreaths, Medieval Flower Crowns, and Flower Head Wreaths
Finish off your fantastic look with the addition of one of the charming Floral Head Wreaths offered here at Dark Knight Armoury. These flower crowns make fantastic accessories when dressing for seasonal festivals, weddings, Ren Faires, theatrical performances, and more. Our floral garlands come in a variety of styles, featuring silk flowers, faux berries, ribbons, faux leaves, and other decorations.
Leather Headbands, Leather Headdresses, and Medieval Leather Crowns
Complete your outfit with one of our excellent leather headbands, which come in a variety of styles. These leather accessories add a regal touch to period costumes and can be worn as a leather crown or leather circlet. Our kids leather headbands ensure that we have a piece for any age. Browse through our leather fantasy headbands, leather Viking headdresses, and leather Celtic diadems to find the perfect piece of leather headwear for your attire!
Kings Crowns
A king without his crown is just a man in regal attire. As a symbol of authority and rulership, it is the crown that really helps a king stand apart from even his most noble of subjects. So, when you plan on looking kingly, it is best that your royal highness not forget the crown, and luckily, you can find plenty of them right here at Dark Knight Armoury.
Queens Crowns
Among royalty, it is often expected that the queen will be one of, if not the most beautiful woman in the room. And if she is wearing one of the queens crowns from Dark Knight Armoury, that is almost a guarantee, as our fabulous crowns are the perfect accessory for any woman to wear when she is looking to elevate herself to the realms of royalty and beyond.
Princess Tiaras
When it comes to transforming yourself into true royalty, there is only one place to turn, and that place is Dark Knight Armoury. We carry a wide assortment of beautiful princess tiaras that are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to any womans look, ensuring that they look like nothing less than the princesses that they truly are.
Leather Masks, Leather Steampunk Masks, and Leather Fantasy Masks
Anyone who is experienced in the world of costumes and masquerades likely has a fair degree of experience with masks. These leather masks, however, take the notion of a mask to a whole new level. Solid and sturdy, these masks go beyond the typical latex piece and instead feature a level of detail that is sure to excite anyone with an interest in a good mask.
Leather Mempos, Leather Face Masks, Japanese Mempos and Face Protectors
The warriors of ancient Japan wore leather masks to protect their faces when they went into battle. Such a mask was called a mempo, as well as a mengu or a men yoroi. At Dark Knight Armoury, we have taken inspiration from these oriental warriors of old and added some leather mempo to our stock, allowing you to add another amazing detail to your armored look.
Goggles, Spectacles and Monocles
Sometimes, all you need is a little accessory that can change your look in a big way. A good pair of spectacles can be that accessory, as can a nice monocle, which goes nicely with almost any look. Or maybe you need a good pair of goggles to help complete your ideal style? All of these are great reasons to check out our selection of spectacles, monocles, and goggles.
Feathers & Plumes, Period Hat Feathers, and Musketeer Hat Plumes
One of the most popular millinery supplies, dyed feathers and colorful plumes make charming additions to medieval hats and vintage hairstyles. Our dyed ostrich plumes go with any look from plumed musketeer hats to ladies feathered fascinators. Peacock feathers serve as excellent period hat accessories and feather hair ornaments for a unique style. Add a jaunty touch with a Renaissance hat feather for a charming ensemble!
Headbands, Bun Cages And Hair Accessories
Nothing is more frustrating than when your hair falls into your face. But who wants to fasten it back when it might mean breaking your costume with a modern accessory? That is why Dark Knight Armoury provides a number of great headbands and bun cages, which are perfect for securing your hair back without breaking the great style of your costume or look.
Joerg Landsknecht Beret
Mercenary soldiers of the Middle Ages, called landsknecht, were known for their colorful clothing. The Joerg Landsknecht Beret is based on their historical garb. Made of canvas, this medieval hat has a quartered, two color design.
Price: $13.00

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