Viking Drinking Horns

Vikings were a distinctive group, especially when it came to their drinkware. Typically, they used normal medieval drinkware, but on occasion, they would instead drink from great, decorative horns. In celebration of these glorious warriors and their unique artifacts, Dark Knight Armoury is proud to carry a series of incredible looking Viking Drinking Horns. Some of our drinking horns are simple and plain, befitting the horn that any typical warrior would have favored for enjoying a nice cup of mead or chugging down ale in the longhouse with this fellows, while others are impressively ornate things that have a great deal of style and flare, making them perfect for chieftains to use and show off, as well as great decorations to have sitting about your home. Virtually all of our drinking horns are crafted from realistic materials, ranging from intricate stonework to authentic antler. Many are also completely functional, although we do carry a few models that are more suited for decoration then they are for use. Each one also includes a stand that is perfect for storing the drinking horn when it is not in use. Nothing says authentic Viking then one of our authentic drinking horns. Your chosen beverages are sure to taste more authentic when you enjoy them from any one of Dark Knight Armourys Viking Drinking Horns, whether you are enjoying a nice sip of mead in the comforts of your own home or some hot cider at the next Renaissance Fair!
Aesir Drinking Horn with Stand
You are a powerful Viking warrior whose prowess on the battlefield is matched only by your ability to guzzle mead. You need a drinking vessel deserving of your legendary status. You need the Aesir Drinking Horn with Stand.
Price: $20.00
Aslaug Carved Drinking Horn with Holder
You never know, as you sail from land to land in search of adventure, when you might stumble upon a lavish party. It is always best to be prepared, so be sure to carry the Aslaug Carved Drinking Horn with Holder at your side.
Price: $18.00
Bjorn Drinking Horn with Holder
With the Bjorn Drinking Horn with Holder, you will never go thirsty for want of a cup. Pillaging and sailing can be hard work, so be sure to have your drinking horn ready at your side for the next chance you have for refreshment.
Price: $21.00
Carved Drinking Horn with Stand
After a few millennia of accommodating warriors, Valhalla is running a bit low on supplies. Luckily, you brought your own drinking horn! Make sure you are prepared for any Viking feast with the Carved Drinking Horn with Stand.
Price: $15.00
Carved Leaves Drinking Horn with Holder
Life as a Viking is not all about raids. You must also make time for leisure. As such, it is important to bring your feastware with you wherever you go, which is why you should equip the Carved Leaves Drinking Horn with Holder.
Price: $18.00
Carved Stallion Drinking Horn with Stand
Impress fellow warriors when you arrive at your next feast with the Carved Stallion Drinking Horn with Stand. Be the merriest Viking of the bunch as you take a sip from this brass-accented natural Viking horn.
Price: $20.00
Ceremonial Viking Drinking Horn
Emerging from the Viking Age in Scandinavia, the horn was used for used for ceremonial purposes as well as festive functions. This Ceremonial Viking Drinking Horn is a splendid vessel perfect for any Viking or history fanatic.
Price: $29.90
Dragon Drinking Horn
This genuine horn goblet is handmade with carved dragon scales and deeply etched lines, making the Dragon Drinking Horn a spectacular drinking vessel. An adjustable black suede belt holster provides a convenient carrying method.
Price: $40.00
Drinking Horn of Cu Chulainn with Stand
Made of stoneware, the Drinking Horn of Cu Chulainn with Stand features raised-relief decoration. A strap for carrying or hanging the horn is included. It is great for Medieval weddings, Renaissance fairs, and special occasions.
Price: $100.00
Drinking Horn of Freya
Here is a beautiful, functional piece for collectors and reenactors who enjoy an adventure into Norse mythology. From Windlass Steelcrafts, this Drinking Horn of Freya befits Viking royalty, worthy of the goddess that inspired it.
Price: $36.00
Drinking Horn of Jarl
This magnificent real horn is a feast for the eyes. The rim on this Drinking Horn of Jarl is edged with brass knotwork, while the tip has been decorated with a dragon head. An adjustable leather belt holster is included for carrying.
Price: $36.00
Drinking Horn of Olaf
Rimmed with brass, this gorgeous drinking horn is named after Olaf the Peacock, chieftain of the early Icelandic Commonwealth. An intricate peacock feather has been lavishly hand painted onto the horn and sealed for durability.
Price: $35.00
Drinking Horn of Ragnar
Norse epic poetry tells of a fearsome Viking named Ragnar Lodbrok, but whether he actually existed is a subject of historical debate. Regardless of his authenticity, the Drinking Horn of Ragnar is sure to make you feel just as legendary.
Price: $35.00
Drinking Horn of Rollo
Both a noble and a warrior, Rollo, born Gaange Rolf, was a Norseman who helped conquer regions of France and became the first Duke of Normandy. With the Drinking Horn of Rollo, you can feel his might every time you sip your mead.
Price: $35.00
Einar Horn Drinking Goblet
Perfect for toasting with your favorite beverage, this genuine Einar Horn Drinking Goblet is handmade with etched patterns. With a brass rim and base, this horn cup is fit for a Viking king, medieval wedding, or reenactment feast.
Price: $18.00
Einherjar Horn Drinking Cup
According to Norse mythology, the Einherjar are the inhabitants of Valhalla, slain Vikings who fill their cups with mead from the udders of a magic goat. With the Einherjar Horn Drinking Cup, you too can revel in their battlefield glory.
Price: $15.00
Floki Drinking Horn with Holder
Be sure you are more than ready for your next Viking feast with the Floki Drinking Horn with Holder. This voluminous drinking horn holds quite a bit of drink and comes with a leather holder for having it always by your side.
Price: $24.00
Freyja Drinking Horn
When the Valkyries scavenged the battlefield for the souls of the slain, only half of the dead Vikings went to Valhalla. The others went to Sessrumnir, the hall of Freyja. With the Freyja Drinking Horn, you can quaff like you just died.
Price: $28.00
German Drinking Horn with Stand
Made of stoneware, the German Drinking Horn with Stand features raised-relief decoration. This horn is cast from the sculpture made in Germany by Peter Duemler in the year 1883. A display stand for the Drinking Horn is included.
Price: $105.00
Great Norse Drinking Horn with Leather Holder
You were never outshined on the battlefield, so you certainly are not about to be outshined in the halls of Valhalla. The Great Norse Drinking Horn with Leather Holder is just what you need to drink your fellow einherjar under the table.
Price: $20.00
Gungnir Drinking Horn with Stand
When a Viking warrior dies, the god Odin welcomes them to Valhalla, where they may drink and make merry for the rest of eternity. The Gungnir Drinking Horn with Stand allows you to pay tribute to this deity at your next Viking feast.
Price: $16.00
Halfdan Norse Drinking Horn with Leather Holder
Mighty in size and easy to carry, the Halfdan Norse Drinking Horn with Leather Holder is just what you need when you are in the mood for feasting. This large Viking drinking horn is great for deep drinks at your next medieval dinner.
Price: $19.00
Hammer of Thor Drinking Horn with Stand
The drinking horn is sacred to Vikings, its presence turning any gathering into a jolly feast. Make sure you are prepared for your next Viking get-together by equipping yourself with the Hammer of Thor Drinking Horn with Stand.
Price: $16.00
Harald Drinking Horn with Holder
After a long day of looting and pillaging, it can be nice to sit around the fire, have a few drinks, and just unwind a bit. With the Harald Drinking Horn with Holder, you will be able to out-drink everyone in your raiding party!
Price: $23.00
Harvest Drinking Horn with Stand
Packing your weapons and shield before a raid is important, but you should also make sure you have the right equipment for leisure time. That is why you should leave a little room in your pack for the Harvest Drinking Horn with Stand.
Price: $16.00
Horn Beer Mug
In a world were smithed, worked metal was often worth its own weight in gold, other materials were often used to great effect to create other necessary items. The Horn Beer Mug is one such item that features a classic, natural look.
Price: $27.00
Ivar Norse Drinking Horn with Leather Holder
As you fight your way through the battlefield, your thirst for blood may be quenched, but your thirst for mead only grows. When the time comes to feast, be sure you are equipped with the Ivar Norse Drinking Horn with Leather Holder.
Price: $17.00
Large Helm of Awe Drinking Horn with Stand
The Helm of Awe, or Aegishjalmur, is the symbol of Aegir, the sea-dwelling jotunn who threw parties for the Norse gods. With the Large Helm of Awe Drinking Horn with Stand, you can bring the spirit of Aegir to your next Viking feast.
Price: $16.00
Leaf Pattern Drinking Horn with Stand
If there is one thing Vikings love more than pillaging, it is feasting and drinking the night away! Make sure that you are ready for your raiding partys next big get-together with the Leaf Pattern Drinking Horn with Stand.
Price: $16.00
Norman Drinking Horn
Between Viking raids, it is important to spend your downtime bonding with your fellow warriors, having drinks around the fire. Before you cross those cold northern waters, make sure you have packed your Norman Drinking Horn!
Price: $20.00
Norwegian Viking Drinking Horn
This Norwegian Viking Drinking Horn will transport you to a long-lost era of drinking and feasting. You can relive the past when you display this Viking drinking vessel, made from real natural horn, featuring a simple Viking design.
Price: $35.90
Odin's Viking Drinking Horn with Stand
Odin welcomes those who fell nobly in battle into the hall of Valhalla, where they may eat and drink until the end of days. Be sure that you show him the respect he deserves by lifting the Odins Viking Drinking Horn with Stand in his honor.
Price: $16.00
Replica Viking Drinking Horn with Stand
Vikings might not have begun to raid until after the fall of the Roman empire, but their customs were alive and well even during the Roman age. The Viking Drinking Horn With Stand is a Roman replica with distinctive Viking style.
Price: $39.00
Shield Knot Drinking Horn with Stand
Few things are as undeniably Viking as borre knotwork and drinking horns. The Shield Knot Drinking Horn with Stand perfectly combines both of these Norse aspects to bring you a Viking horn that would make even the All-Father proud.
Price: $16.00
Sigurd Viking Horn with Holder
A truly heroic Viking warrior fills their drinking vessel to the brim and drains it all in one gulp. When you quaff from the Sigurd Viking Horn with Holder, this accomplishment will become all the more legendary!
Price: $22.00
Simple Viking Drinking Horn
The Vikings were a rough and tumble group who loved mead and ale almost as much as they loved battle! Viking drinkware was ferocious, often made from horns, just like this Simple Viking Drinking Horn appears to be.
Price: $32.00
Small Helm of Awe Viking Drinking Horn with Stand
When the legendary hero Sigurd slayed the dragon Fafnir, he took from the dragons stash an item called the Helm of Awe. With the Small Helm of Awe Drinking Horn with Stand, you can honor the heroics of Sigurd at your next feast.
Price: $16.00
Small Norse Drinking Horn with Leather Holder
At the end of a battle, those warriors who made it out alive will drink to the souls of the fallen in Valhalla. That is why, before charging into the fight, you should equip yourself with the Small Norse Drinking Horn with Leather Holder.
Price: $15.00
Valhalla Valknut Drinking Horn with Stand
The Valknut is the symbol of Odin, the mighty god who treats those who died a noble death to an eternity of feasting in Valhalla. What better way to honor him than by drinking from the Valhalla Valknut Drinking Horn with Stand?
Price: $16.00
Valknut Drinking Horn with Stand
When you feast in the hallowed halls of Valhalla, it is important to make a toast to honor the god that put you there. Luckily, you have the Valknut Drinking Horn with Stand, its form displaying the symbol of Odin himself.
Price: $16.00
Vegvisir Viking Drinking Horn with Stand
The Vegvisir was an Icelandic symbol used as a rune of protection, guiding Vikings to safety as they sailed through turbulent seas and storms. With the Vegvisir Viking Drinking Horn with Stand, you can drink to those brave Norsemen.
Price: $16.00
Viking Drinking Horn with Stand
This is the ultimate in Norse feastware, a drinking horn made of a real antler! This impressive drinking tankard is made using fine, nickel free pewter and real horn, and can hold any of your favorite beverages.
Price: $95.00

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