Gothic Bracelets

A good gothic bracelet can say a hundred different things. The question is, what will these gothic bracelets say to you? Some might say nothing, but others located here at Dark Knight Armoury might speak to you on a personal level, appealing to your sense of style and a desire to have a stunning gothic accessory that you can wear any day of the week. As gothic as they might seem, these bracelets come a few distinctive styles, ranging from classic gothic pieces that echo the style of dark creatures of the night, like bats and vampires and other pieces, while others possess a more refined gothic style that is perfect for those who want something that speaks of class, taste, and refinement, while still featuring gothic shaping and dark style. There are even a few gothic Steampunk pieces floating around in here, echoing the shape of fantastic machinery the likes of which have only been glimpsed in the dreams of Steam-powered inventors born in another age and another world. Many are crafted from fine pewter metal, while some feature leather straps for a more simple style. Some also feature studded Swarovski crystal elements, which only enhance the stunning look of those pieces. If gothic style is your thing, then make sure that you adorn yourself fully with gothic gear. To ensure that you have a beautiful gothic bracelet on your wrist, make sure you visit Dark Knight Armoury, where we will be happy to provide the bracelet that fits all of your needs.
Ace of Dead Spades Leather Bracelet
It is time to play your hand, and if you have this card up your sleeve, it is sure to be a winning one. The Ace of Dead Spades Leather Bracelet allows you to keep an ace up your sleeve without breaking the rules of the game.
Price: $33.50
On Sale For: $30.15
Bacchanal Rose Bracelet
A sumptuous bracelet with a romantic motif, the Bacchanal Rose Bracelet reveals a secret libertine passion for wine and sensual pleasures. The three black acrylic roses and grape clusters represent a lavish dark love.
Price: $70.00
Bat Chain Bracelet
The Bat Chain Bracelet features a circle of linked gothic bats. The Bat Chain bracelet is hand cast in fine English pewter and made in Sheffield, England by master craftsmen. These craftsmen are members of The Worshipful Company of Pewterers.
Price: $29.84
Black Consort Wrist Strap
A loyal companion offering the protection and guidance of Odin, the majestic raven glides swiftly with its wings outstretched. The Black Consort Wrist Strap displays the sculpted black raven on an adjustable, genuine leather bracelet.
Price: $30.00
Black Interplate Chain Link Bracelet
For a fierce look that is worthy of the darkness that resides within your soul, include the Black Interplate Chain Link Bracelet. This piece adds a rebellious touch to any look, lending an edge to gothic, biker, and rocker ensembles.
Price: $48.00
Black Jewel Lace Ring Bracelet
Classy and eye-catching, the Black Jewel Lace Ring Bracelet combines an intricate black lace bracelet with a matching ring, connecting the two pieces by a delicate chain for a stunning look that suits vintage and gothic styles.
Price: $9.75
Black Slimline Chain Link Bracelet
Create a look that is tough and fierce, one worthy of your dark soul, with the Black Slimline Chain Link Bracelet. With no loss in style, this gothic jewelry is lighter and slimmer in design than the classic motorcycle chain bracelet.
Price: $39.00
Braided Cord Gothic Wrist Cuff
Many urban environments are associated with colors on the grayscale, which makes the gothic style go well with urban fashion. Fortunately, the Braided Cord Gothic Wrist Cuff, with its extra wide body, is ideal for both styles!
Price: $23.00
Braided Gothic Bracelet
The gothic and Viking styles align somewhat frequently, which is exactly what happened with the Braided Gothic Bracelet. This leather bracelet exhibits the dark color of the gothic style, but is also a bit Viking in its design.
Price: $15.00
Braided Leather Skull Bracelet
For a look full of raw power and dark edge, fasten the Braided Leather Skull Bracelet around your wrist. Grim and gritty in style, this bracelet adds an extra dose of fierceness and foreboding to gothic, biker, and punk rock outfits.
Price: $36.00
Braided Rubber and Wire Skull Bracelet
Nothing inspires foreboding like the sight of a mass of skulls. A fascinating contrast between rubber and metal, the Braided Rubber and Wire Skull Bracelet has them in ready supply, making it the perfect accessory to gothic looks.
Price: $36.00
Buckled Gothic Wrist Cuff
If you want to add a leather wristband or bracelet to your gothic wardrobe, but you want something that will not be obtrusive, the Buckled Gothic Wrist Cuff is the way to go! It is very conservative in its double-banded style.
Price: $15.96
Carpe Diem Leather Bracelet
Seize the day while you can, and do not put too much faith into an uncertain future. Freedom and living in the present are two key concepts that make this Carpe Diem Leather Bracelet more than a stylish personal accent.
Price: $49.50
On Sale For: $44.55
Claddagh By Night Bracelet
The claddagh ring has long been a symbol of love, friendship, and fidelity. The Claddagh By Night Bracelet adds an underworld twist, with skeletal hands grasping the crystal heart, and a skull peering from the crown atop the heart.
Price: $55.00
Classic Spiked Punk Rock Wristband
The classic image of punk rock fashion often involves a mohawk, black clothing, or a spiked, black leather wristband. The Classic Spiked Punk Rock Wristband is a stylish reincarnation of the classic punk rock spiked bracelet!
Price: $18.00
Cthulhu Rising Bracelet
Rising from slumber in his watery tomb, the Great Old One Cthulhu prepares to confront his eternal enemy, Hastur. Answer the call of the tentacular entity in Rlyeh by wearing the Cthulhu Rising Bracelet, inspired by HP Lovecraft.
Price: $45.00
Dagger Cross Wristband
Crosses and daggers are very large components to the gothic fashion, so a dagger cross is twice as Gothic as either of the other two, right? The Dagger Cross Wristband looks like the epitome of gothic apparel with all its crosses.
Price: $22.00
Desmodus Leather Wrist Strap
The iconic creature of darkness and mystery, the vampire bat captures the sense of danger that stalks the deepest hours of the night. The Desmodus Leather Wrist Strap displays a detailed replica of a bat in full flight.
Price: $30.00
Devil Heart Bangle
While you often follow the tenets of moral wisdom, every now and then, you let loose the inner demon. Surely, there is nothing wrong with a little mischief! Style it up with the Devil Heart Bangle, and allow a sinful nature full reign.
Price: $50.00
Double Skull Skeleton Bangle
For a gothic twist to a daily outfit, or a fun addition to a Halloween costume, add the Double Skull Skeleton Bangle. Nothing says spooky quite like a pile of human bones, a grim motif that inspired the design of this trendy bracelet.
Price: $36.00
Dragon Maelstrom Bracelet
The beating wings of beasts of fire can churn up a thunderstorm unlike any other. For everyones sake, it is best to keep creatures like this out of the sky by snugly securing them to your wrist, as in the Dragon Maelstrom Bracelet.
Price: $37.50
Dragons Lure Bangle
A ride on a dragon is quite a temptation, but all too often, such steeds eat their riders once they get them off the ground. That is why it is always better to make the dragon ride you, and with the Dragons Lure Bangle, you can do just that.
Price: $55.00
Elizabethan Bracelet
Romantic and gothic all at once, this Elizabethan Bracelet combines fine pewter and glimmering crystal into a cuff style bracelet. The trio of amethystine accents only helps to enhance its appealing and eye-catching design.
Price: $59.00
On Sale For: $53.10
Flaming Skull Cable Bangle
Dark and trendy in design, the Flaming Skull Cable Bangle is a fun, edgy addition to countless outfits. Create the right look, whether you are styling up for Halloween, gearing up for a biker convention, or rocking it out at a concert.
Price: $42.00
Flocking Ravens Bracelet
Is it a murder of crows or perhaps a conspiracy of ravens? Either way, this Flocking Ravens Bracelet is a dark accent that you can wear to enhance your gothic style, while also wearing an accent that speaks of dark power and mysticism.
Price: $75.00
On Sale For: $49.50
Galvanic Magneto Inducer Cuff-Bracelet
The primary power source behind the GMT system, providing tension to the receiving transposition chamber. The Galvanic Magneto Inducer Cuff-Bracelet is a one-size adjustable-setting hinged cuff fit for any steampunk setting.
Price: $166.75
On Sale For: $150.08
Gears of Aiwass Wrist Strap
In the early 1900s, occultist Aleister Crowley recorded the words of a voice he claimed to have heard, belonging to a being he called Aiwass. The Gears of Aiwass Wrist Strap depicts this being in a curling-horned, ram skull design.
Price: $47.50
Gothic Bullet Bracelet
Bullets such as the ones that adorn the Gothic Bullet Bracelet are a popular theme in gothic and punk rock apparel. Whether you are a rocker, a fan of gothic apparel, or you just like bullets on jewelry, you cannot go wrong here!
Price: $20.00
Gothic Chain Link Bracelet
If you enjoy the rough, tough, and dangerous aesthetic that comes with a lot of gothic apparel, then you will love the Gothic Chain Link Bracelet! The interlocking links may be shiny, but they work well with dark clothing!
Price: $30.00
Gothic Chain Link ID Plate Bracelet
Get ready to rock and roll with the Gothic Chain Link ID Plate Bracelet. Accessorize the darkness that resides within your soul by adding this trendy jewelry piece. Its polished, interlocked links mimic that of a motorcycle chain.
Price: $27.00
Gothic Cross-Hatched Leather Bracelet
Sometimes the best outfits rely on subtle accessories that build up the clothing, rather than flashy jewelry and expensive outfits. The Gothic Cross-Hatched Leather Bracelet does exactly this, with its lightly decorated style.
Price: $16.25
Gothic Leather Wrist Cuff
If you want something to go with anything, make it black. Black goes with everything, just like the Gothic Leather Wrist Cuff, which will go with any outfit you pair it with! It also makes a great starting point for a collection.
Price: $18.00
Gothic Linear Stitch Bracelet
Symmetry is extremely aesthetically pleasing, and nothing is more pleasing than having something in your style be aesthetically pleasing. If you like the gothic style, then you are going to love the Gothic Linear Stitch Bracelet!
Price: $17.50
Gothic Pirate Skull Chain
Whether you enjoy the gothic style or are a fan of pirates, the Gothic Pirate Skull Chain is an incredible piece of skull themed jewelry to own! This chain consists of five stainless-steel skulls that have been linked together.
Price: $15.40
Gothic Skull Braided Leather and Steel Bracelet
The Gothic Skull Braided Leather and Steel Bracelet is a fierce, edgy addition to your style. With its skull accents and interwoven band design, this trendy jewelry piece is the perfect accent to punk rock, biker, and goth looks.
Price: $50.00
Gothic Skull Link Bracelet with Toggle Lock
The Gothic Skull Link Bracelet with Toggle Lock adds a dark touch to everyday ensembles, or if you prefer, contributes to the spooky fun of a Halloween costume. The multiple links of this trendy bracelet take the shape of human skulls.
Price: $39.00
Gothic Skull Links Bracelet
A spooky accessory to a Halloween costume or a dark accent to your everyday style, the Gothic Skull Links Bracelet is a trendy addition to your jewelry collection. The multiple links of this bracelet take the shape of human skulls.
Price: $39.00
Grim Reaper Bracelet
The stylish Grim Reaper Bracelet is an attractive accessory that features the grim reaper itself. This cuff bracelet is a great accent that complements a variety of looks, ranging from fantasy to medieval to modern in style.
Price: $16.00
Grim Reaper Dragon Bracelet
Possessing a startling and detailed appearance, the Grim Reaper Dragon Bracelet is nothing less than a thoroughly impressive accessory. This attractive cuff bracelet features a stunning grim reaper as well as a fearsome dragon.
Price: $16.00
Grommeted Gothic Bracelet
Black leather and metal make a good combination in terms of punk rock, urban, and gothic apparel. The Grommeted Gothic Bracelet contains both of those, as it is made up of a black leather bracelet peppered with metal grommets.
Price: $18.00
Killing Fields Skull Bracelet
Welcome to the killing the field. Assembled from the detritus of all-out war, this Killing Field Skull Bracelet is a stark display of death that reaches out and captures the attention with its distinctive gothic and gruesome design.
Price: $45.00
On Sale For: $40.50
La Fleur De Baudelaire Bracelet
La Fleur De Baudelaire Bracelet is inspired by a celebrated 19th century gothic poet, visionary, and champion of the supernaturally creative powers of absinthe. Set with a Swarovski crystal, this bracelet evokes elegance and intrigue.
Price: $65.00
On Sale For: $58.50
Man in the Moon Wrist Strap
Sporting the logo of the Mera Luna music festival, the Man in the Moon Wrist Strap features the impressed name of the festival on either side of a Man in the Moon that was inspired by a silent film created by George Melies.
Price: $34.00
Mens Stainless Steel Skull Bracelet
Create a look that is dark and edgy with the Mens Stainless Steel Skull Bracelet. The grim motif of this trendy bracelet contributes to an air of raw power and foreboding, a fitting accessory to gothic, biker, and rocker styles.
Price: $36.00
Navy Blue Braided Leather Skull Bracelet
The Navy Blue Braided Leather Skull Bracelet is a unique and trendy addition to your gothic jewelry collection. The dark blue coloring of the band creates an attractive contrast with the gold plating that covers its skull accents.
Price: $39.00
No Mans Land Skull Bracelet
Emerging from the horrors found on the fields of Passchendaele, the design of this bracelet depicts the scattered remnants of WWI. The No Mans Land Skull Bracelet makes a striking accessory for gothic outfits.
Price: $55.00
Ouija Eye Bangle
The gift of foresight and clairvoyant abilities are not necessary to recognize the chic style of the Ouija Eye Bangle. A mystical aura surrounds this jewelry piece, making it the perfect accessory for the fashion savvy fortuneteller.
Price: $55.00
Passion Bracelet
A tangled cuff of bloody thorns, encrusted with Swarovski crystal drops. The Passion Bracelet brings gothic influence to a natural appeal, combining Mother Nature with a darker design that is nothing shy of beautiful.
Price: $59.00
On Sale For: $53.10
Pentagram Gaelic Plait Leather Bracelet
The Pentagram Gaelic Plait Leather Bracelet is a hand plaited, black leather wristband with pewter pentagram button fastening. The Pentagram Gaelic Plait Leather Bracelet makes a great gothic bracelet for everyday use.
Price: $25.00
On Sale For: $22.50
Pentagration Bracelet
You will never be without a mystical symbol of power on your person so long as you wear this Pentagration Bracelet. This bracelet has taken the classic pentagram and infused it with modern-day attitude, creating a symbol for a new age.
Price: $45.00
On Sale For: $40.50
Punk Rock Skull Cable Bangle
The Punk Rock Skull Cable Bangle is a trendy and edgy accent to Halloween costumes and everyday styles. It adds a fun, spooky twist for Hallows Eve while also contributing to the dark, rebellious aura of gothic and biker ensembles.
Price: $36.00
Rabeschadel Bracelet
German for Ravens Skull, this Rabeschadel Bracelet features a pewter raven skull ornament on its black leather wrist strap. Ravens are famous in myth for their prophetic powers, acting as the messengers of Odin.
Price: $50.00
Ringed Gothic Wrist Cuff
If you are looking for a gothic wrist cuff that will go with any style of gothic outfit, look no further than the Ringed Gothic Wrist Cuff! This handsome piece of gothic apparel has that look that goes with just about anything.
Price: $20.00
Rose Of Perfection Wristwrap
The Rose of Perfection Wristwrap is an esoteric symbol of the Opus Magnum, the Alchemists great work. Unattainable to anyone but the most devoted adept, it embodies purity and divine perfection and perhaps mystical enlightenment.
Price: $69.00
Rubber Detail Chain Link Bracelet
For those who prefer gothic jewelry with a modern edge, the Rubber Detail Chain Link Bracelet adds extra fierceness to any look. Reveal an unchained soul that none should trifle with when wearing this motorcycle chain bracelet.
Price: $36.00
Sailors Pledge Cord Bracelet
From one friend to another, nothing bonds quite like a friendship bracelet. This Sailors Pledge Cord Bracelet has a nautical look that has been infused with touches of gothic style, making it a unique accessory to wear.
Price: $45.00
Silver Bullet Leather Bracelet
More than one creature of the night can only be hurt with silver bullets and the sight of silver bullets is sometimes enough to keep those creatures away from you. Fool monsters into hiding with the Silver Bullet Leather Bracelet!
Price: $20.00
Silver Studded Punk Rock Bracelet
The dark color of the black leather that is often used in punk rock and gothic apparel contrasts quite nicely with shiny metallic studs. Just look at the Silver Studded Punk Rock Bracelet, the colors contrast perfectly together!
Price: $20.00
Skull and Briar Rose Bracelet
Beauty and bleakness combine in this bracelet to form the ideal image of gothic romance. The Skull and Briar Rose Bracelet wraps the wrist in thorny vines and black roses, while also showing off a central skull, symbolic of mortality.
Price: $49.00
On Sale For: $44.10
Skull and Crossbones Bracelet
The Skull and Crossbones Bracelet is an attractive cuff bracelet that is perfectly styled for any pirate. This accessory features several skull and crossbones as decoration, as well as several smaller skulls for accents.
Price: $15.70

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