Gothic Rings

Even your fingers deserve a good gothic decoration, and there is no better way to give them a gothic look then to slip one of our amazing gothic rings onto one of your digits. Some are simple, some are complex, but all of the gothic rings here at Dark Knight Armoury are truly works of art, possessing stunning style that will leave many speechless. Of course, gothic style pairs so nicely with such a wide variety of different things, so the number of gothic rings we offer is a bit staggering, so we have taken the liberty of dividing them up into sub-categories, which should make hunting down your ideal gothic ring a bit easier. Are you looking for a sinister skull or skeleton to sit on your finger? Try looking through our gothic skull rings. Want a bat, or something that will complement your vampiric style? It is definitely going to be a gothic bat ring for you. Do you seek mastery of the mystic forces and the dark powers in the universe? You will need a symbol of power, and none compare to those found on our gothic pentagram rings. And of course, we offer a broad selection of traditional gothic rings as well, which covers a broad range of designs and styles that do not quite fit into any other category. Each one is made from the highest quality materials, and will likely impress you time and time again with how great they look, both in light and in shadow. Wear them with your casual attire to infuse a bit of gothic style into your look, or pair them with something a bit more showy or formal to create a gothic look that will leave others envious of your dark style. They also make for fantastic gifts. If the setting is right, some could even be used to celebrate a special occasion. So if you are looking for a nice gothic accessory to include in your collection of jewelry, or if you are looking for that perfect gift for the gothic lady or lord in your life, then you have come to the right place, because Dark Knight Armoury has almost all the gothic rings you could ever want or need.
Gothic Pentagram Rings
The power of the pentagram cannot be denied, as it has long been a mystic symbol of the dark forces, used in rituals to channel and focus the powers from beyond the veil of a mundane existence. Each of these gothic pentagram rings, found here at Dark Knight Armoury, features a pentagram, allowing you to carry this mystic seal every day of your life.
Gothic Rings
Gothic style pairs so nicely with a wide range of other styles and symbols that it is a wonder that Dark Knight Armoury is not overflowing with gothic jewelry! Luckily, we have managed to contain a good deal of our gothic rings here in this section, where you will find dozens of differently styled rings, all of which feature an elegant and impressive gothic look.
Gothic Skull Rings
Few have the courage to wear a skull on their finger like a simple accessory, and yet some of those who love gothic fashion and hard rock will do so eagerly and with ease. Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we cater to all those who have the courage to wear a symbol of death on their hand, in the form of any one of our excellent looking gothic skull rings.

"Hello Dark Knight Armoury, The last time I placed an oder with you, I was delighted by the excellent service you provided (tunic top) after you found the item was not in stock. On my most recent order had not shipped. Today, I talked with Melissa in customer service, who expedited the order for me to be delivered by 8/28. Just want you to know how much I appreciate the attention to my concern. My son leaves for DragonCon 8/28, and would have been very disappointed if the item did not arrive on time. Not every company cares about these things, and you've shown that you do. Thank you for helping. "

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