Gothic Skull Pendants

Gothic style has always had a reputation of being dark, and perhaps that is why skeletons and skulls go along so well it. Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we just go along with the flow of gothic style, and so in addition to various other gothic styles, we also offer a wide range of gothic skull pendants, depicting the potential beauty beyond the grave. Each of these stunning necklaces remains fairly true to its category, possessing either a skull design or some sort of skeletal style that fits perfectly into the realm of gothic design. More than that, though, they are all also eerie yet elegant little accessories that are perfect to wear when you want to show off something like deathly beauty. Many of these skull pendants also have an interesting sort of symbolism behind them as well, being named after or modeled after various historical persons or events in a sort of gothic homage to what has come before. Others, however, are purely stylized accessories, depicting a variety of images, which gives a range of designs. This means that if you want to wear a fairy skeleton necklace, you certainly can. Or if, perhaps, you to wear the reaper skull, you can do that too. In fact, there is too many designs to sit and list, so perhaps it is best if you take it from here and start browsing through our selection of gothic skull necklaces, both to see what we have and to see what appeals to your gothic interests.
Absinthe Fairy Pendant
The Absinthe Fairy Pendant features the spirit of wormwood as it appears within the absinthe green enameled visage of mortality. A delicate fairy pauses for a moment on top of the skull, perched with her wings spread.
Price: $47.00
On Sale For: $42.30
Affaire du Coeur Pendant
Underneath a starry sky, a pair of lost souls continues a love affair that is stronger than death. Serving as a symbolic retelling of a tragic tale, the Affaire du Coeur Pendant adds a touch of dark romance and mystery to any outfit.
Price: $52.00
Alchemist Amulet Pendant
Amzer, the mysterious skeletal creature known as The Alchemist, represents the ultimate fusion of fortitude, resolve, and occult wisdom. The Alchemist Amulet Pendant is a neatly discreet version of the Alchemists skull talisman.
Price: $15.00
Alter Orbis Necklace
Depicting a pitifully brutal end to mortal existence, this necklace portrays a cruel entry in the Other World. The Alter Orbis Necklace displays a skeleton in the torturous position of being strung up by its wrists.
Price: $37.50
Ancient Skull Dagger Pendant
Mysterious and fierce, the Ancient Skull Dagger Pendant depicts a bladed weapon with a human skull hilt. This unique charm is made of 316L stainless steel with darkened sections, adding contrast and dimension to its features.
Price: $20.00
Ancient Skull Pendant
Wake your friends and family up at your next get together with the shocking Ancient Skull Pendant. This stylish accent piece can be the fresh addition that your wardrobe has been needing, so grab one while you can.
Price: $17.00
Articulated Big Cat Skull
Big cats are fearsome and dangerous apex predators. Their large fangs help them catch and hold their prey. You can make the Articulated Big Cat Skull catch its prey using its long fangs by opening and closing its movable jaw!
Price: $24.00
Articulated Skull Pendant
Nothing quite says gothic like a metallic skull on your necklace. When you add an articulated jaw to that skull, like what you find on the Articulated Skull Pendant, you get one super cool piece of steel gothic skull jewelry!
Price: $27.00
Bat Skull Necklace Pin
Whether you find bats cute or creepy, you have to admit they are pretty cool. Up your gothic style game with the Bat Skull Necklace Pin, an intriguing and versatile accessory that works well for both costumes and gothic fashion.
Price: $7.95
Bella Muerte Pendant
Bright red gems sit in the eye sockets and adorn the forehead of this beautiful skull. The Bella Muerte Pendant features elegant vine details that appear as though carved into the lead free pewter of this stunning gothic pendant.
Price: $9.00
Big Flaming Skull Pendant
An image sent straight from the underworld, the sight of the skull on the Big Flaming Skull Pendant is a scary sight to be seen by anyone! This ever burning skeletal pendant is a hardcore punk rock or gothic accessory for you!
Price: $24.00
Black Cherry Skull Pendant
Do not let the succulent design of this Black Cherry Skull Pendant fool you, as these dark fruits are anything but tasty! While not good eats, this pendant is certainly a good treat, though, as it can do wonders for your style.
Price: $35.00
On Sale For: $31.50
Black Cross Skull Pendant
From a sea of black, the face of a skull emerges. The Black Cross Skull Pendant features a square cross in black, at the center of which appears the face of a human skeleton. A tribal pattern decorates the pendants metallic border.
Price: $8.00
Black Cross Skull Phone Charm
Phone charms are versatile accessories that can be attached to a mobile phone or phone case as well as zippers, key rings, and more. The Black Cross Skull Phone Charm is ideal for subtly showing your unique taste in gothic style.
Price: $3.00
Black Heart Pendant
If you are seeking a gift for your cruel hearted darling, the Black Heart Pendant is a fine choice. In fact, this pendant is perfect for anyone with gothic taste. A malevolent skull grins at the center of the heart-shaped pendant.
Price: $17.00
Black Knight's Cross Necklace
If a good knight is awarded a medal for his valorous acts, then what is an evil knight given for his dastardly deeds? Perhaps it is something like the Black Knights Cross Necklace in support of his nefariousness.
Price: $30.00
On Sale For: $27.00
Black Skull Head Pendant
Skulls are generally seen as a staple in gothic fashion, along with the color black. The Black Skull Head Pendant takes gothic jewelry to the next level with its malevolent skeleton grin and its sleek, darkened metal look.
Price: $8.00
Blackened Skull Pendant
Nothing quite compares to a skull worn around the neck when you are looking for gothic style. Nothing, except perhaps a black skull! This Blackened Skull Pendant is a gothic accessory at its finest, possessing great style and color.
Price: $7.50
Bleeding Heart Pendant
A cascade of crystal blood droplets pours from the cruel wounds of this tortured love. The Bleeding Heart Pendant displays a battered and bloody heart set among several skulls and ornate scrollwork details.
Price: $89.00
On Sale For: $80.10
Bone Pendant
Outlasting the flesh, bones remain long after all else has departed. No wonder they feature so prominently in gothic style. The Bone Pendant is an elegant and subtle jewelry piece that looks great alone or amongst other charms.
Price: $7.00
Capitaneus Necklace
A sign of primitive power in the distant days before civilization, the Capitaneus Necklace displays a unique design based on artifacts of some mysterious tribe from those years of darkness that have been lost in the mists of time.
Price: $31.00
Clutching Life Pendant
Hopelessly grasping at anything seen to glow with the light of life, the deathly hand clings to eternal hope. The Clutching Life Pendant displays a skeletal hand, its bony fingers wrapped around a glass orb with a topaz purple hue.
Price: $20.00
Corvus Coeur Necklace
Ravens are one of the most intelligent creatures on the planet, capable of many of the same things that humans are, love being one of them. The Corvus Coeur Necklace pays homage to this seemingly universal emotion.
Price: $25.00
Crescens Tragicom Moon Pendant
A crescent moon reflects skeletal faces of emotional extremes in these Crescens Tragicom Moon Pendant. Similar to classical theater masks, one side of the pendant shows a smiling skull face, while the other displays a frowning face.
Price: $21.00
Crowned Royal Skull Pendant
There is something about the Crowned Royal Skull Pendant that makes one automatically think of feuding kingdoms and ancient political intrigue. No matter your social status, this gothic jewelry adds dark elegance to your style.
Price: $20.00
Crowned Skull Pendant
No one will dare threaten your royal status and impeccable taste with the Crowned Skull Pendant. This gothic pendant, made of lead free pewter, displays an ornate royal crown resting on top of a wickedly grinning skeleton head.
Price: $8.00
Dagger Skull Necklace
If you are looking for something edgy to add to your look, then look no further than this Dagger Skull Necklace! This accessory would make a sharp addition to any look, thanks to its weaponized design and gothic skull display.
Price: $11.00
Dagger Skull Pendant
An ominous skull sits at the hilt of the blade, with red jewels where its eyes once were. The Dagger Skull Pendant depicts this elegant and fearsome design in lead free pewter, ideal for wearing as a bold statement necklace.
Price: $16.00
Daggered Skull Dog Tag
The Dagger Skull Dog Tag is ideal for anyone who has spent time in the service or someone who admires those that do. This jewelry accessory is sure to be recognized by veterans whose names have been printed on their own set of tags.
Price: $8.00
Day of the Dead Skull Pendant
On the Dia de los Muertos, skulls are not supposed to be startling and scary, but rather, friendly and inviting. And that is exactly what this Day of the Dead Skull Pendant is, thanks to its stunning replication of the classic sugar skull design.
Price: $16.00
Dead Fairy Pendant
The Dead Fairy Pendant displays a classic, 1890s Art Nouveau-style fairy with a silver finish. This mortified fairy pendant appears in skeletal flight, her long hair and dragonfly wings giving her a ghostly aspect.
Price: $28.75
On Sale For: $17.00
Dead Sugar Skull Pendant
Not all skulls are grim and imposing. Take this Dead Sugar Skull Pendant, which with its impressive, happy details is anything but. In fact, you will be hard pressed to find a skull that is nearly as happy or upbeat as this one.
Price: $13.00
Deathlock Pendant
A reminder of mortality, the Deathlock Pendant depicts a gothic padlock for which the grim reaper holds the only key. This gothic lock pendant displays a skull and crossbones over its face as a marker of its role.
Price: $25.30
On Sale For: $17.00
Devious Skull Pendant
With its skeletal jaw in a wicked grin, the Devious Skull Pendant displays a classic skull and crossbones symbol with just a hint of malevolence. This versatile jewelry piece is ready to adorn necklaces, charm bracelets, and more.
Price: $13.00
Double Cross Skull Pendant
The Double Cross Skull Pendant features the classic pirate symbol coupled with a unique cross shaped cut-out on its connecting loop. Made of 316L stainless steel, this versatile jewelry piece will please pirates and goths alike.
Price: $15.00
Double Dagger Helmet Pendant
Displaying an indomitable symbol of strength and fury, the Double Dagger Helmet Pendant depicts two twin daggers crossed behind a military helmet. Decorating the helmet, a winged skull appears with its brow furrowed in ferocity.
Price: $11.00
Flaming Dagger and Skull Necklace
For a departure from subtly and simplicity, you might consider trying on the Flaming Dagger and Skull Necklace. This bold gothic pendant depicts a fearsome skull and dagger combination surrounded by a roaring aura of intense flames.
Price: $11.50
Flaming Death Scythe Pendant
Brimming with fantastic flame and skull details, the Flaming Death Scythe Pendant presents a hellish display of hardcore style with a scythe at its center. This high quality, lead free pewter pendant features a unique connecting loop.
Price: $10.00
Flaming Skull Heart Pendant
A popular design, the Flaming Skull Heart Pendant shows off a grinning skull above stylized Celtic flames surrounding a cutout heart. This gothic pendant offers an eye-catching element to any of your favorite gothic outfits.
Price: $35.00
Flaming Winged Skull Pendant
Gothic style often combines elegance with eeriness, but the Flaming Winged Skull Pendant reveals hardcore gothic style with a fun and extreme appearance, featuring a skull decorated with flames and wings at the side of its face.
Price: $9.00
Fleur Skull Pendant
Surrounding the human skull at the center of the Fleur Skull Pendant, darkened squares are decorated with fleur details. With its classic style, this pendant is fantastic for wearing both casually and with gothic themed outfits.
Price: $7.00
Geistalon Necklace
Offering an alternate interpretation of history, the Geistalon Necklace displays the thundering phantom of a cataphract unicorn inspired by the Battle of Carrhae, one of the most crushing defeats of the Roman Empire.
Price: $40.00
Geronimo Skull Necklace
Usually, when you are going to dive into the unknown, the appropriate word to call out is, Geronimo! With the Geronimo Skull Necklace, the spirit of this brave warrior appears as a skull to bring its wearer fearlessness.
Price: $30.00
On Sale For: $27.00
God's Acre Necklace
A tangle of undergrowth smothers what remains of the mortal life in this Gods Acre Necklace. Stunning English pewter mixes with beads and gleaming crystal to make a fanciful design that fuses natural beauty and mortality.
Price: $97.50
On Sale For: $87.75
Golden Evil Angel Knife Necklace
Trust the guardian of the Golden Evil Angel Knife Necklace to strengthen a fierce warrior image. While still displaying the glorious wings of a heavenly being, this fallen angel cloaks itself in darkness, forsaking all that is pure.
Price: $9.90
Gothic Rose Heart Pendant
Nestled in a heart shaped bouquet of roses, a human skull appears with a cross held in its jaw. The Gothic Rose Heart Pendant displays these traditional romantic goth elements in beautiful detail and made of lead free pewter.
Price: $11.00
Gothic Silver Skull Pendant
There is more to this skull than a first glance can reveal, as a pair of gleaming treasures stare out of the eyes. The Gothic Silver Skull Pendant is a stylish accessory that is rather simple from afar but quite nice up close.
Price: $7.50
Gothic Skull Cross Knife Necklace
Reveal a soul that is dark and impure with the Gothic Skull Cross Knife Necklace. This gothic jewelry piece includes an easily concealed four-point blade, perfect for practicing your aim on those unfortunate enough to cross your path.
Price: $7.90
Gothic Sparrow Skull Necklace
Anyone who has ever enjoyed watching sparrows hop around to eat seeds can appreciate the charm of these small birds. The Gothic Sparrow Skull Necklace draws upon their appearance in its pendant, offering a gothic twist on the creatures.
Price: $11.00
On Sale For: $9.00
Gothik Tree of Death Pendant
The sinister visage of the Gothik Tree of Death Pendant grins menacingly upon all. Its fruit offers only sadness and suffering, poisonous to all who would take a bite. As the third incarnation of the World Tree, it symbolizes mortality.
Price: $23.00
Grim Reaper Hidden Blade Necklace
All but the wearer of the Grim Reaper Hidden Blade Necklace should beware its evil gaze. With scythe between its skeletal fingers, this harbinger of death stands at the ready, revealing the deep darkness concealed within your soul.
Price: $8.50
Grim Reaper Necklace
The Grim Reaper Necklace allows you to wear the face of death any time you want, anywhere you go. Simple and subtle, this necklace has a gothic touch that nevertheless looks great with all styles of dress, gothic or not.
Price: $13.00
Grim Reaper Pendant
Death is often depicted as a skeletal figure in a hooded robe wielding a scythe. This grim reaper cuts down humans as if they were wheat in the harvest, and his visage is depicted in the Grim Reaper Pendant, scythe and all.
Price: $18.00
Hand Of Macbeth Pendant
Megalomania will bring about your own downfall. The Hand of Macbeth Pendant embodies the seduction of ultimate power. Engraved with 1606, the year Shakespeare wrote the Scottish play, the necklace whispers of murder and betrayal.
Price: $17.00
Helm of Awe Ravenskull Pendant
The raven was an animal sacred to Odin, and by carving this rune onto a skull, the sigil is empowered by Odins own magic. This Helm of Awe Ravenskull Pendant offers a twist on the traditional design of Viking jewelry.
Price: $35.00
On Sale For: $31.50
Incrowtation Necklace
In many pagan religions, crows and ravens are connected with gods and goddesses such as Morrigan and Odin and are revered for their intelligence. The Incrowtation Necklace depicts the feathers and skull of a crow in pewter.
Price: $35.00
Key to Hades Necklace
Will you be seduced by unfettered access to the gates of the Underworld, or can you manage to resist temptation? The Key to Hades Necklace displays a pendant that depicts an old-fashioned key formed out of a demonic skull and bones.
Price: $25.00
La Mort De Coeur Pendant
The La Mort De Coeur Pendant symbolizes the tragic death of the heart following betrayal by the object of its affections. This gothic heart pendant melds the profile of a detailed skull into the side of the heart shape.
Price: $35.00
On Sale For: $31.50
Le Royal Morte Pendant
Gothic, regal, and surreal all at once, Le Royal Morte Pendant is an impressive piece of jewelry that takes the regal look of royalty and nobility and combines it with the skull of death to create a pendant that stands on its own.
Price: $10.00
On Sale For: $8.50
Lisbeth's Kiss Pendant
As ornate a set of knuckle dusters as anyone will likely ever find, Lisbeths Kiss Pendant is a unique piece as eye-catching as it is lethal. This pendant is a series of four rings fused together, set on a solid base.
Price: $46.00
On Sale For: $41.40

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