Gothic Pendants

Entering the gothic pendants section of Dark Knight Armoury can be a little staggering, as we carry an exceptionally large number of impressively styled pendants. Each one is crafted from high quality materials, and more importantly, features a stunning style that will perfectly accent all manner of gothic looks, from subtle styles to all-out appearances. Of course, such a huge number of pendants can be quite staggering to see all at once, and so we have taken the liberty of dividing the pendants up into various sub-categories, so that you can browse through and find the pendant of your dreams with a bit more ease. Our traditional gothic pendants feature a variety of different styles, all of which are sure to appeal those who have a little and a lot of gothic taste, while are more specialized categories show off how well gothic imagery combines with various other designs. Our gothic spider, dragon, and bat pendants combine gothic style with various creatures and beasts to create stunning designs, while our gothic skull pendants show that gothic style and skeletal features go hand-in-hand. And our gothic cross pendants and gothic pentagram pendants are nothing less than striking, especially since these two symbols also have been long associated with typical gothic imagery. All in all, we offer a lot, but that is only because gothic pendants have a lot of potential. After all, gothic symbols and design pair so well with various other designs that we cannot help but offer as much as we can possibly find.
Gothic Bat Pendants
The bat has long been an animal associated with gothic culture, so it should come as no surprise that Dark Knight Armoury carries a whole line of gothic bat pendants, celebrating this creatures connection to the world of gothic style. Some of these pendants feature bats while others just feature bat wings but all are quite stunning to look at.
Gothic Cross Pendants
The cross has been around for well over two thousand years and has been used as a symbol, with various meanings, in countless cultures and sub-cultures. Combined with a gothic style, this ancient symbol is quite the impressive thing, and that is why Dark Knight Armoury carries an attractive assortment of different gothic cross pendants.
Gothic Dragon Pendants
Play your cards right and you could stand to gain a powerful ally in the form of one of these great gothic dragon pendants! The dragon has long been a creature of power and majesty, and when it is combined with typical gothic style, the result is one of these stunning pendants, which are eagerly offered here by Dark Knight Armoury.
Gothic Pendants
Sometimes, gothic pendants do not have a secondary style or a side influence. Sometimes, they are just purely gothic, in one way or another, and so they wind up here, gathered together at Dark Knight Armoury and waiting to be perused. Here, you will find black roses, eerie symbols, dark creatures, dangerous weapons, and more, all to be worn about your neck!
Gothic Pentagram Pendants
Long as the pentagram been a symbol of power and mystic might, and now, thanks to Dark Knight Armoury, you can wear this ages-old symbol around your neck, while also featuring an impressive level of gothic style. And the best part is that very few of these gothic pentagram pendants are simple, as each one instead features a unique look that is quite a sight to see.
Gothic Skull Pendants
Gothic style has always had a reputation of being dark, and perhaps that is why skeletons and skulls go along so well it. Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we just go along with the flow of gothic style, and so in addition to various other gothic styles, we also offer a wide range of gothic skull pendants, depicting the potential beauty beyond the grave.
Gothic Spider Pendants
Even without a gothic style, spiders and their webs can be quite beautiful. But such dangerous creatures fit so nicely into the overall theme of gothic style that they make a perfect pairing, and when paired together, look out. As deadly as the gothic spider pendants look here at Dark Knight Armoury, they are more likely to leave you smitten then poisoned.

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