Gothic Flags and Medieval Flags

Medieval banners and pennants are not the only wall decorations that Dark Knight Armoury carries. For a discerning decorator with gothic tastes, we also have a number of incredibly cool gothic flags available for purchase and all of them are offered at a fantastic and affordable price. These gothic flags are absolutely massive. Many of them measure approximately 29 inches wide and 42 inches long. Being made from lightweight polyester, they can be used indoors or outdoors. With the right set up, you can fly any one of these gothic flags just like you would a normal flag. In fact, the vivid colors and striking images on these flags ensure that when you see one flapping in the wind, it is both startling and eye catching. These beautiful full colored flags are also equally at home when hung from a wall like a poster. Many of the flags feature equal levels of medieval and gothic style, making them wonderful decorations for anyone who likes gothic and medieval styles especially when they are combined so well.
Angel's Cry Flag
As strange as it sounds, there is beauty that can be found in grief and despair, especially when those feelings come from something pure. This Angels Cry Flag is one example, depicting a scene of grief that remains quite touching.
Price: $15.00
Cat Eyes Flag
There is often a magical bond between a witch and her familiar, and never has that been more apparent than in this Cat Eyes Flag. Together, these two stare out at the world, their images frozen in a fine gothic design.
Price: $15.00
Death Prayer Flag
Who says that death is uncaring and cruel? This Death Prayer Flag is proof that death can be the opposite, and while it is unfortunate, it is also comforting to know that this reaper is willing to pray for the souls it takes.
Price: $15.00
Game Over Flag
You had best hope that you do not ever meet this reaper, as this death will let his fists do the talking, and that is one thing that you do not want. This Game Over Poster depicts a reimagined death that has a penchant for brawling.
Price: $15.00
Mists Of Vespertide Flag
The Mists of Vespertide Flag features Victorian beauty with a bit of gothic appeal. This lovely decoration displays the elegant image of the maiden in grand proportions, having an overall size of 29 inches by 42 inches.
Price: $18.00
On Sale For: $16.20
Rose des Folies Flag
How could something so beautiful be so deadly? Such is the nature of a rose, to combine beauty and danger into one startling design. This Rose des Folies Flag expands that concept, showing how even danger can be irresistibly gorgeous.
Price: $18.00
On Sale For: $16.20
Seduction Flag
When depravity meets innocence, which shall triumph? This Seduction Flag shows a meeting between the darkness and the light, and it looks as though, in this moment, the light is waning as dark corruption draws an angel to her demise.
Price: $15.00
Soul Reaper Flag
Not many think of the grim reaper as a physical entity, and this Soul Reaper Flag retains that commonality. This poster is anything but common, as it depicts a tyrannical creature whose form is made up of the souls that it has reaped.
Price: $15.00
On Sale For: $12.00
Wolf Dreams Flag
Unleash your tribal side with this Wolf Dreams Flag, and perhaps you will find your spirit beast when next you sleep! This decoration glorifies the wolf and wraps it in tribal talismans to create a design that is quite eye-catching.
Price: $15.00

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