Do you ever wonder how they ate during the medieval times? We did too, and our research led us to create this medieval feastware section, which is filled with items that would have been used during both medieval and Renaissance eras. Now, thanks to Dark Knight Armoury, you can create your own medieval feast, with authentic and great looking feastware! A lot of things can go into a feast, though, so you might be asking what exactly goes into our feastware section. Well, we have included basically everything that you can use to aid in your consumption of food and drink, both of a modern and medieval variety. In short, our feastware ranges from medieval tankards and goblets to wine glasses and chalices, as well as featuring table settings like plates and bowls. Of course, they were not savages that ate purely with their hands, and so we also offer medieval utensils that are perfect not only for reenactments but also for camping in general. We even carry shot glasses and drinking horns for those friendly Vikings who like to drink their mead in style, as well as portable glass potion bottles and medieval flasks, for taking your preferred beverage or rejuvenating potion with you on the go. Our medieval glassware and feastware is perfect for a variety of situations, ranging from themed weddings and parties to historic camping events, all the way down to classic medieval reenactments and Renaissance fairs. Heck, if you really love it, you can even put them to every-day use, to keep a little bit of medieval history alive in your life! Whether you are looking for simple, every-day pieces to decorative displays for your perfect party, you will find them here at Dark Knight Armoury. You will find that our feastware is quite nicely priced too, which helps it fit easily into even the most conservative of budgets.
Barware, Decanters, Cocktail Shakers, and Mixology Accessories
A visit to the Barware section at Dark Knight Armoury will allow you to inject some personality into your home bar. With amusing designs inspired by Steampunk and Medieval styles, these mixology tools will help you to become the perfect party host. Cocktail shakers, serving trays, and bar towels display unique and colorful designs. Many of the items in our Barware section are made here in the USA and we add new items as they become available.
Fine Dining Ware, Serving Ware, Bar Accents, Drinkware and Cutlery
Some feasts should not be served on common plates. After all, would you host the king with wood plates and plain trenchers? At Dark Knight Armoury, we should certainly hope not! That is why we have gathered together an array of fine dining ware, so that when the situation calls for it, you know where you can get exceedingly fine china that is great not only for serving and eating, but also for enjoying visually.
Glass Potion Bottles
Never underestimate the versatility and the usefulness of a little glass bottle, especially when it is one that can be easily concealed and easily carried. And that is exactly what these Glass Potion Bottles are. Dark Knight Armoury is happy to provide you with a selection of great glass bottles that possess a staggering number of different applications.
Medieval and German Beer Steins
The beer stein originated around the 14th century, hailing out of Germany when they sought to try and prevent the spread of the Bubonic Plague. Years later, medieval and German beer steins remain a popular collectible among the masses, providing not only a great and decorative display, but also allowing others to enjoy their beverages in style.
Medieval Chalices
If a goblet is a typical medieval drinking vessel, then a chalice is one that is typically reserved for special occasions. At Dark Knight Armoury, we carry a number of great medieval chalices that are perfect for those special occasions that call for a decorative drinking vessel, either for staged medieval ceremonies or for actual celebrations.
Medieval Flasks
Nothing beats a good flask, especially when it is filled with a favorite, thirst-quenching beverage. At Dark Knight Armoury, we carry a great variety of medieval flasks, both simple and decorative, that are perfect for carrying around your beverage of choice. And when you are not using them, our more decorative ones are great display pieces, too.
Medieval Glasses And Shot Glasses
The old and the new combine in this medieval glasses and shot glasses section at Dark Knight Armoury. Glass was not typically used for drinking in the Middle Ages, yet these pieces of medieval drinkware combine typical glasses with medieval and gothic themes, creating a distinctive style that is perfect for casual use or for special occasions.
Medieval Goblets
No matter what you are drinking, the final ingredient should always be a medieval goblet, because everything tastes better when it is sipped in style. And at Dark Knight Armoury, we have a fine selection of goblets in a wide range of styles, which helps to ensure that when you drink, you do so from a goblet that perfectly suits your personal style and taste.
Medieval Plates and Cutlery
While it was common to eat with hands in the Middle Ages, cutlery was not entirely unheard of, either. It was just typically used only for special occasions. At Dark Knight Armoury, though, we offer a selection of medieval plates and cutlery that allow you to break out the medieval flatware and utensils any time you want to have an authentic medieval meal.
Medieval Tankards
Along with the goblet, the tankard was one of the common drinking vessels of the Middle Ages. Medieval tankards were probably a more common choice, if only because the addition of a handle makes the drinking vessel easier to manage and hold. At Dark Knight Armoury, we carry a wide assortment of tankards that are perfect for show and for use.
Medieval Wine Glasses
The wine glass is typically held to be the proper way to taste and drink wine, although there is nothing stopping you from using any one of Dark Knight Armourys medieval wine glasses to imbibe any one of your favorite beverages, whether it is alcoholic or not. As functional as they are, many of these glasses also feature a stunning look, worthy of any decoration.
Oak Barrels
The best spirits are the ones that you flavored and aged yourself. And with any one of Dark Knight Armourys oak barrels, that is exactly what you can do! We offer everything you need to get started on your own spirit-aging adventure, from oak barrels to age your spirits and essences to flavor it, to kits for cleaning your barrel and canteens to enjoy your spirits!
Viking Drinking Horns
Vikings were a distinctive group, especially when it came to their drinkware. Typically, they used normal medieval drinkware, but on occasion, they would instead drink from great, decorative horns. In celebration of these glorious warriors and their unique artifacts, Dark Knight Armoury is proud to carry a series of incredible looking Viking Drinking Horns.
Skull and Bones Bowl
Dine on your favorite snack, set out candy, or catch all your knickknacks in the Skull and Bones Bowl. This multipurpose bowl has a highly detailed, cast resin outer that depicts a grinning human skull face and bony skeleton hands.
Price: $13.00

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