LARP Pole Weapons & Staffs

There is something to be said for a good pole weapon or staff. Not only can they be somewhat intimidating by virtue of their size, but their greater length also means you can dispatch enemies from further away! That alone is what makes each of the LARP Pole Weapons and Staffs you will find here at Dark Knight Armoury a winning choice when it comes to LARP weapons! After all, if your weapon reaches them before theirs reaches you, you win. And when your weapon is longer, that is a definite advantage. Our LARP pole weapons come in a variation of traditional shapes, allowing you to choose whether you march into battle armed with a LARP spear, a LARP halberd, or LARP glaive. Any of them, though, gives you the length required to reach out and dispatch foes with ease, while allowing you to penetrate defensive lines without having to put yourself in reach of your opponents weapons. We also offer a number of great LARP staffs, which act as both effective weapons and as attractive wizard staffs! In skilled hands, the staff is just as deadly as any other weapon, and that is a skill you can demonstrate when you take one of our LARP quarter staffs into battle. Or better yet, surprise your foe when you destroy them not with spells from afar, but by defeating them in close combat with a stylish LARP wizard staff! All of our LARP pole weapons and LARP staffs echo typical LARP weapon construction, featuring a flexible yet sturdy core that is wrapped in durable foam and sealed in latex, providing each weapon with the balance and power necessary to be a great LARP weapon that is both safe and effective. Are you looking for a foe that will let you take your opponent out before they can reach you? Then you will be glad you came to Dark Knight Armoury, because we have a selection of LARP Pole Weapons and Staffs that are perfect for putting your opponent down before they ever get close enough to swing a sword in your general direction.
Ancient LARP Spear
Age does not hold this spear back at all. The Ancient LARP Spear has the look of a spear from an ancient culture that has been buried by the sands of time. It is crafted from quality latex and durable foam.
Price: $168.00
Ancient Roman LARP Spear
The Ancient Roman LARP Spear, with its inner fiberglass core covered in thick foam, is made for taking charge of the battle from long range. Crafted with detail, this themed LARP weapon sports a latex coating with a gloss finish.
Price: $136.46
Battle-Worn Telescopic LARP Spear Head
The Battle-Worn Telescopic LARP Spear Head is a unique LARP weapon piece for aspiring spear-wielders. Made of ultra-durable, safe, and latex-free Calimacil foam, it has a spring mechanism at its core that helps it keep its shape.
Price: $84.00
Black Kali LARP Staff
Incredibly versatile as well as safe and durable, the Black Kali LARP Staff is the perfect choice for beginner and seasoned warriors alike. Styled to look like smooth, black wood, this foam LARP staff is incredibly durable and safe.
Price: $46.00
Braced LARP Staff
Never underestimate what a staff can do. In skilled hands, this Braced LARP Staff is a double-ended defeat-dealer, capable of whirling about, striking from a variety of different angles in a way that would make martial artists proud!
Price: $119.00
Chaos LARP Long Axe
If you love the look of battle-weathered fantasy axes but want the range of a longer weapon, look no further than the Chaos LARP Long Axe. This foam, latex coated axe features a single fearsome blade at the top of an extended haft.
Price: $165.70
Classic Mage LARP Staff
The staff is a powerful part of a mages equipment. Not only can a sorcerer channel magic through it, but it also serves as a matchless pole weapon in skilled hands. Ensure you are properly armed with the Classic Mage LARP Staff.
Price: $148.00
Dark Elven LARP Glaive
In battle, the drow choose armaments that give them the greatest chance of winning. When grasped in your hands, the Dark Elven LARP Glaive proves to be an excellent weapon that will help you achieve victory over your enemies.
Price: $158.00
Dark Elven LARP Staff
Drow sorcerers and priests are as feared as their warriors are. Given that they typically wield weapons like the Dark Elven LARP Staff, it is not hard to see why. This staff serves as both a symbol of power and deadly skill in battle.
Price: $172.00
On Sale For: $155.00
Dervish LARP Spear
For your clan, war is a constant. Just as you need meat to sustain you and leather armor to protect your green skin, war keeps your thirst for chaos and violence sated. This Dervish LARP Spear is inspired by a primitive glaive.
Price: $157.00
Double-Headed LARP Staff Mace
The Double-Headed LARP Staff Mace is quite the dire weapon indeed. Double-ended fury is yours to wield when arming yourself with this weapon, allowing you to lash out and strike your foes with impunity, with whatever end is closest!
Price: $153.00
Elven Naginata LARP Weapon
Inspired by the long-bladed pole arms of samurai, the Elven Naginata LARP Weapon blends the elegance and might of a traditional blade with subtle elvish styling, making it a sleek addition to the arsenal of any fantasy LARPer.
Price: $116.97
Falcon LARP Halberd
Inspired by the Swiss halberds of the Renaissance, the Falcon LARP Halberd is a LARP weapon with reach. Ideal for attacking foes before they get close enough to strike, this LARP polearm is ultra-durable and safe for LARP battle.
Price: $148.00
Falcon LARP Halberd Head
The Swiss people kept peace during the Renaissance with the use of long halberds that could keep the best knights at bay. The Falcon LARP Halberd Head can be mounted on multiple shafts like bamboo or PVC to suit different characters.
Price: $74.50
Gaelic LARP Lance
With over six feet of length, the Gaelic LARP Lance is a formidable pole weapon to wield in any live action roleplay battle. Made of high quality foam, this historic-inspired lance is a must-have when it comes to long range combat.
Price: $155.96
High Elven Black LARP Naginata
A long pole weapon used by samurai in feudal Japan is the inspiration for the High Elven Black LARP Naginata. This fantasy weapon beautifully blends the elegance and might of a traditional blade with subtle elvish styling.
Price: $136.46
High Elven Black LARP Staff
Fit for a wide variety of magic-wielding LARP characters, the High Elven Black LARP Staff features a magnificent, golden colored dragon wing symbol mounted to the top of its haft, adorned at its base with black gem-like details.
Price: $170.58
High Elven Blue LARP Lance
This High Elven Blue LARP Lance is a tremendously formidable pole weapon, which measures in at just over seven feet long. This fantasy-inspired lance is a must-have weapon when it comes to long range combat on the battlefield.
Price: $170.58
High Elven Blue LARP Naginata
The naginata is one of several varieties of traditionally made Japanese blades in the form of a pole weapon. With the High Elven Blue LARP Naginata, you can combine fantasy-inspired style with Japanese historical influence.
Price: $136.46
High Elven Blue LARP Staff
Displaying charming fantasy details, the High Elven Blue LARP Staff is a stunning weapon for any LARP character with a penchant for magic. Blue gem-like details are situated at its top, right below its golden colored wing symbol.
Price: $170.58
High Elven Green LARP Lance
The High Elven Green LARP Lance is fit for a wide variety of magic-wielding warriors. This extremely effective long range weapon measures in at just over seven feet long. It is a must-have for any long-distance combat situation.
Price: $170.58
High Elven Green LARP Naginata
Inspired by the pole weapons used by the samurai class of feudal Japan, the High Elven Green LARP Naginata is both beautiful and deadly. With this long-range weapon, you can reach out at your opponents from a safe distance.
Price: $136.46
High Elven Green LARP Staff
Perhaps the magical staff of a woodland king or the holy weapon of a forest priestess, the High Elven Green LARP Staff features a glorious, golden colored dragon wing symbol at its top, embellished by vibrant green gem-like details.
Price: $170.58
High Elven Red LARP Lance
Measuring in at just over seven feet long, the High Elven Red LARP Lance makes a very formidable long-range weapon. It will be easy to keep the enemy at more than a favorable distance with this enchanting polyethylene foam weapon.
Price: $170.58
High Elven Red LARP Naginata
Beautiful and deadly, the High Elven Red LARP Naginata provides a long-range weapon that allows you to keep enemies at bay. Inspired by traditional Japanese pole weapons, this blade makes a sleek addition to any elven arsenal.
Price: $136.46
High Elven Red LARP Staff
An elegantly crafted dragon wing symbol adorns the top of the High Elven Red LARP Staff, embellished with red gem-like details. Made of high quality materials, this regal fantasy staff is ready to enchant at your next LARP event.
Price: $170.58
Kingsguard LARP Halberd
Defend the kingdom and strike down your foes with the Kingsguard LARP Halberd. Combining the best bits of an axe and a spear, this unique medieval weapon is made safe for LARP through its high quality, closed cell foam construction.
Price: $177.00
Kiras Staff
The double-ended design of Kiras Staff makes it a truly deadly weapon, one that can transform a warrior into a whirling dervish that is capable of laying low enemies with frightening speed!
Price: $202.25
LARP Battle Scythe
Strike and slice at all who oppose you, while safely maintaining your distance, when you wield the LARP Battle Scythe. This medieval LARP weapon has a sturdy and flexible fiberglass core within its closed cell foam construction.
Price: $157.00
LARP Battle Staff
When battle comes, you take whatever weapon you can get, even if that means breaking off a sturdy branch. Have no fear, though, for that branch is actually this LARP Battle Staff, a stave that you can use to decimate your foes.
Price: $138.00
LARP Elder Spear
With details that call to mind arcane magic and forgotten eras of heroism, the LARP Elder Spear is a stunning weapon for your next live action roleplay adventure. This LARP spear is made of latex free foam around a fiberglass core.
Price: $170.00
LARP Guandoa
An exotic blade for a master of all weapons, the LARP Guandoa is an oriental style polearm that combines the elegance and cutting power of a Dao sword with the reach and leverage of a spear. Gain the advantage with this epic weapon!
Price: $158.00
LARP Halberd
A beautiful, yet deadly, combination of an axe and spear, the LARP Halberd will send your enemies running in terror. Whether you are an orc from a fantasy realm or Nordic warrior from the Viking Age, arm yourself with this weapon.
Price: $168.00
LARP Pike Pole
Like the pole weapons carried by Landsknecht, Swiss mercenaries, and medieval foot soldiers, the LARP Pike Pole has a spear blade at the top and a small, curved spike on one side. A durable foam construction makes it safe for LARP.
Price: $64.00
LARP Rune Spear
With a dark, almost mystical look to its make, the LARP Rune Spear is perfect for LARP fighters wanting a versatile pole weapon. The spear blade widens into a leaf shape with elegant runes appearing carved down its center surface.
Price: $157.00
LARP Sentinel Spear
The Sentinel Spear is made from durable foam that does not shred and is sealed with a strong coating of latex. This spear features a very long handle with a decent size spear head. The spear head has an appealing curved design.
Price: $148.00
LARP Spear of Light
Forged in the heart of a star, only the mightiest of paladins can wield the sacred weapon of the sun god. Prove once and for all that you are the fiercest warrior of holy justice by entering battle with the LARP Spear of Light!
Price: $192.00
LARP Viking Warrior Spear
Part wing spear and part boar spear, this LARP Viking Warrior Spear is a recreation from the Viking age, one that features a hewing spear head with crossbars at the base to prevent anything you gore from sliding up the shaft to you.
Price: $158.00
LARP Wood Staff
If you are a wizard or a wanderer you can appreciate the unassuming appeal of this LARP Wood Staff. Wood grain finish gives this staff a realistic look while the LARP safe materials make it perfect for your next battle or event.
Price: $89.00
Lorian LARP Glaive
Elves are known for their grace and skill, and it is that combination that makes this Lorian LARP Glaive so effective. It combines the length of a spear, the strength of a great sword, and the durability of a great LARP weapon.
Price: $157.00
Mercenary LARP Boar Spear
Once used to hunt wild boars in the early middle ages, the boar spear found its way onto the battlefield due to its unique and useful features. The Mercenary LARP Boar Spear is expertly detailed to resemble this historic pole weapon.
Price: $185.20
Mercenary LARP Halberd
The Mercenary LARP Halberd is a long range live action roleplay weapon to be reckoned with. Atop its long pole is a fearsome blade inspired by medieval weaponry that combines the wickedest elements of a spear and a battle axe.
Price: $194.95
Mercenary LARP Quarterstaff
Mastering any weapon takes discipline, and the Mercenary LARP Quarterstaff is no exception. Expertly crafted, this foam LARP weapon displays a dignified, dark wood appearance and metallic coloration surrounding a fiberglass core.
Price: $126.71
Mercenary Renaissance LARP Halberd
Combining an axe blade that curves like a crescent moon with the range of a long spear, the Mercenary Renaissance LARP Halberd is a wickedly stylish and versatile foam and fiberglass pole weapon to wield at your next LARP event.
Price: $194.95
Naginata LARP Spear
Our Naginata LARP Spear is made from durable foam that does not shred and is sealed with a strong coat of latex. Safety is an issue in LARP, and that is it has a round, flexible fiberglass core with strong Kevlar core tip protection.
Price: $124.00
Ox-Tongue LARP Partisan
A unique blade or weapon is part of what makes a warrior famous, alongside their fighting prowess and bravery. Take a step toward going down in history as a legendary LARP spear wielding warrior with the Ox-Tongue LARP Partisan!
Price: $158.00
Pilgrim LARP Staff
A favored weapon for those who prefer not to wield a blade, the Pilgrim LARP Staff is a sturdy and durable LARP weapon expertly crafted to resemble a dark wooden staff with two black leather-like wrapped grips and metallic details.
Price: $107.50
Ready For Battle LARP Staff - Steel Finish
An incredibly multi-functional pole weapon to bring to your next live action roleplay battle, the Ready For Battle LARP Staff - Steel Finish can be used to parry, strike, thrust, and deflect the blows of your opponents with ease.
Price: $89.00
Spartan LARP Spear
The warriors of ancient Sparta are famous for they prowess in battle, their unity as a fighting force, and their ruthless training methods. A Spartan LARP costume is a good choice, but using the Spartan LARP Spear is a better one.
Price: $28.50
Staff of the Arch Mage
Our Staff of the Arch Mage is made from durable foam that does not shred and is sealed with a strong latex. Safety is always an issue in LARP, which is why these have a flexible fiberglass core with strong Kevlar core tip protection.
Price: $188.00
Steampunk LARP Gear Axe
Not all weapons from a steampunk world are technologically advanced. Some are stylized in shape yet straightforward in design. This Steampunk LARP Gear Axe is a weapon that remains effective in an advanced tech setting.
Price: $118.00
Telescopic LARP Spear Head
Spears are a staple in historical and fantasy combat, especially when fighting an opponent from range. The Telescopic LARP Spear Head is a safe for LARP version of a flanged medieval spear, made of ultra-sturdy Calimacil foam.
Price: $72.00
The LARP Staff of Gandalf the Grey
Beautifully replicating the appearance of the staff which Gandalf wields in the Hobbit films, The LARP Staff of Gandalf the Grey is a magnificent weapon for those who enjoy the tales of Middle Earth and seek to assume a wizard persona.
Price: $109.99
Vibro Axe - Dark Moon Collection
When it comes to weapons of war, the battle axe brings serious power to the table. This is true in the past, present, and future. When you head off to a futuristic battle, do not forget your Vibro Axe from the Dark Moon Collection.
Price: $177.00
Vibro Hammer - Dark Moon Collection
Sometimes bigger is better. When you wield this Vibro Hammer from the Dark Moon Collection, it is easy to see why. Size makes this hammer a sight to behold, while its technological enhancements will leave your foes intimidated.
Price: $197.00
Wood Finish LARP Staff
The Wood Finish LARP Staff has the look of a wooden staff made safe for LARP by its ultra-sturdy foam construction and flexible fiberglass core. Versatile and lightweight, it is perfect for both beginners and experienced LARPers.
Price: $84.00
Wooden LARP Short Staff
Keep enemies at bay and more importantly at distance with the Wooden LARP Short Staff. This stunning LARP stave is a versatile travel companion for any adventure that crosses dangerous terrain or different opponents.
Price: $94.00
Yari LARP Spear
A traditionally Japanese blade crafted in the form of a straight-headed spear, the yari possesses a rich history and wide functionality. The Yari LARP Spear makes a great addition to your roleplaying pole weapons arsenal.
Price: $158.00

"I just got my bracers from these guys and let me tell you that they have the best customer service. I talked with a representative online on their website and they were very helpful on answering my questions and even went as far as to call me when my order was shipped which is something other companies don't do. I can proudly wear these high quality bracers to the renaissance fair this year and will order other products from this website in the future. "

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