Indian Style Longbows

The bow was not simple a weapon to an Indian. Without the bow, hunting would have been impossible since it was the primary Indian weapon in almost any given circumstance. The reliance on this simple weapon is what enabled the Indian style bow to become what it is today - powerful, reliable, and effective. Dark Knight Armoury has a small selection of Indian style bows available for an archer who wants that rustic, Native American feeling to his bow. It goes without saying that each of our Indian style bows is fully functional. They are designed with actual archery in mind and will reliably and consistently perform for years to come, so long as they are not mistreated or abused. Each of these Indian style bows are hand crafted from either hickory or red oak, ensuring a solid bow that performs well during target practice, hunting, and other archery involved activities. How to Tell your Draw Length and Draw Weight: Your Draw Length measurement is how far back you draw the bowstring before releasing it. To find your draw length, stand and extend both arms out in front of you. Measure from your chest to the end of your middle finger and subtract 2 inches. This will find your approximate draw length. The draw weight determines how much weight in pounds that you will be using to pull back your bow at the specified draw length. For instance, if you choose a draw weight of 30 and have a draw length of 28 inches, when you pull the bowstring back to 28 inches, you will be pulling 30. Draw Weight is hard to determine if you are a beginner so 30 is an excellent place to begin and is great for target practice. For hunting, a bow of 40 draw weight or higher is usually recommended.
Snakeskin Fantasy Longbow
One look at this bow is all you need to notice that it is distinctive. It is not the wood or the shape, though, but the backing! Like a serpent from the tall grass, this Snakeskin Fantasy Longbow has a bite that can be quite deadly.
Price: $159.00

"Just received my order in the mail! I couldn't be happier with my items that I bought. Everything is professionally created and has such a high quality of craftsmanship. Super fast shipping speed so I will be all set and ready for this Saturday!! What a tremendous A+++ finding out about your shop. Thanks so much!!! You have made my week."

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