Banners, Pennants & Gothic Flags

there is no better way to make your home feel like a castle then by decorating it like one, and there is no questioning that Dark Knight Armourys medieval pennants and medieval banners add just the right touch to give your personal space that dark age look and feel. Each of these decorations are styled after the great pennants and grand banners that were once used to decorate the great halls and rooms of castles during the Middle Ages. Every one of our banners and pennants are made to last. Many are made from durable cotton and feature attractive images. Other banners and pennants display incredible silk screened designs, depicting things like knights, heraldic crests, and fantastic mystical creatures. They are fantastic wall decorations that add character and medieval flair to almost any space, and, as an added benefit, they are actually rather easy to display. Any one of Dark Knight Armourys medieval banners or medieval pennants are a great way to make your personal space feel like a Dark Age castle.
Gothic Flags and Medieval Flags
For a discerning decorator, Dark Knight Armoury also has a number of great, full color gothic flags available for purchase. These gothic flags are made of polyester, look great inside and outside, and are available at fantastically affordable prices.
Medieval Banners
A medieval banner is a fantastic decoration that is sure to greatly enhance the appeal of any room it is placed in. Almost featuring a life of its own, each of these banners depicts a fantastic image that has been inspired from medieval times.
Medieval Pennants
The medieval pennants offered by Dark Knight Armoury are styled after the same pennants that knights used. These medieval pennants are tapered to a point, and make for great decorations, featuring various heraldic creatures, both real and mythical.
Pirate Flags, Jolly Roger Flags, and Buccaneer Flags
Bring back the Golden Age of Piracy in your home by displaying the fantastic pirate flags that we carry here at Dark Knight Armoury! These buccaneer flags feature a number of distinctive historical pirate ship flag designs, such as those of the infamous Calico Jack and Henry Avery. These Jolly Roger flags and pirate captain flags are sure to draw eyes wherever they are placed, showing that you will take no quarter when designing your home decor!

"A lady named Kayla helped me make my order.' She went above helpful when she made two trips into the warehouse.' Then the sword I wanted was out of stock and now discontinued.' She went and found another sword.' She took a lot of time with me.' That's why I order from you.' Nobody's going to beat your customer service.' I've never sent anything back yet, only my third order.' But I'm sure, with people like Kayla, it would not be a problem!'"

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