Miniature Cannons

Coming straight to you from the early days of artillery are a few of Dark Knight Armourys most fun little surprises, miniature cannons! that is right, we have got an assortment of impressive little artillery weapons, as well as a few pieces of siege weaponry to go along with it, all made from the finest materials and offered to you, right here in this section! Each and every one of our little cannons are modeled after historical design, having been inspired by a real cannon from one era or another. We have impressive little miniature cannons that date back to the 18th century and further. We have cannons based after American models, which were used in the Civil War, as well as cannons based on European models that would have been favored by warlords and rulers, like Napoleon, Louis XIV, and more! And of course, we also have Spanish cannons, English cannons, and pirate cannons to suit all your naval needs! We even carry a few post-cannon siege weapons, including miniature catapults and the like, because after all, they were cannons too, back in their day! Each and every cannon and catapult you will find here are finely crafted from quality materials, and most of our cannons are made from wood bases with cast metal barrels, for the utmost realism. Any of our cannons makes for a superb little accent and a fantastic collectible, so if you are looking to add a little heat to your decor, you can bet that Dark Knight Armoury has the artillery to spare that will suit your need perfectly.
1806 Mini Napoleonic Cannon
The Napoleonic Wars saw extensive use of field cannon, and this miniature replica is based on a French piece that possibly saw action at the Battle of Waterloo and was typified by the on-board powder chest and the bronze barrel.
Price: $33.00
1861 Miniature Civil War Gatling Gun
This miniature lets you celebrate the weapons of the Civil War era! Modeled after the artillery, this 1861 Miniature Civil War Gatling Gun embodies the old maxim of more being better - more bullets, more coverage, and more terror.
Price: $33.00
18th Century British Naval Cannon
Naval cannons were set up on gun decks on the typical Man of War and the broadsides resulting from all the guns on one side of a ship firing in unison were legendary. This miniature replica cannon is 10.75 inches long and well detailed.
Price: $96.00
18th Century French Cannon Louis XIV
This miniature replica of a Louis XIV field cannon is well constructed and sized for a shelf display. The wheels rotate and the barrel can be tipped and elevated. The details are excellent and offer this miniature incredible realism.
Price: $161.00
Brass Mini US Civil War Cannon 1861
This miniature U.S. Civil War cannon is typical of the field cannons used by both sides in the conflict. At 7.25 inches long, this piece is part of a series of famous cannon miniatures from Denix made in Spain.
Price: $33.00
Civil War Confederate Cannon Miniature Replica
When you face a fortified city or structure, it is time to roll about the big guns. In the American Civil War, cannons were the common artillery of the day, and this Civil War Confederate Cannon Miniature Replica recreates their look.
Price: $39.50
On Sale For: $35.55
Civil War Limber Miniature Replica
In the field, a limber would have been an addition to any cannon, serving to provide more ammo and the tools necessary to maintain the artillery. Thus, this Civil War Limber Miniature Replica is a great addition to any cannon miniature.
Price: $35.90
On Sale For: $32.31
Grey 1861 Civil War Cannon USA
This cannon reproduction is a smaller version of the famous 12 Pounder Cannon. This item measures 15 inches in overall length with a metal barrel that is 7.5 inches long. This cannon is just like the ones used in the Civil War.
Price: $134.00
Large 16th Century Cannon
Replicating the styling of 16th century naval artillery, the Large 16th Century Cannon is a stunning piece of historical decor. This cannon is crafted from cast metal and is exquisitely displayed upon a wheeled wooden carriage.
Price: $2,487.00
Large 18th Century Metal Cannon
An exceptional piece of historical decor, the Large 18th Century Metal Cannon is a fantastic way to display your fascination with historical weaponry. This replica is made from cast metal and features a beautiful antique brass finish.
Price: $39.00
Large Cannon Pencil Sharpener
This Large Cannon Pencil Sharpener measures 3.9 inches and is made from metal with plastic wheels. There is a pencil sharpener under the barrel. English cannon were first used during the Hundred Years War, at the Battle of Crecy.
Price: $9.75
Medieval Catapult
This Medieval Catapult is made from metal, with plastic wheels and has an exciting working firing mechanism. The catapult also incorporates a pencil sharpener. A catapult is a device used to throw or hurl a projectile a great distance.
Price: $9.75
Medium 16th Century Cannon
Emulating the appearance of naval cannons built during the 16th century, the Medium 16th Century Cannon is a beautiful way to accent your decor. This cannon is crafted from cast metal and displayed on a wooden carriage.
Price: $140.00
Medium 18th Century Metal Cannon
A spectacular decoration for the home or office, the Medium 18th Century Metal Cannon is a cast metal model of an 18th century field gun and the perfect means to express your fascination with early modern warfare.
Price: $26.50
Medium Cannon
This medium cannon measures 2.6 inches and is made from metal. There is a trigger mechanism underneath. English cannon were first used, to great effect, during the Hundred Years War at the Battle of Crecy, in 1346.
Price: $6.00
Miniature Cannon
This cannon is an accurate model of a cannon mounted on a wheeled chassis. The Miniature Cannon measures 1.6 inches and is made from metal. English cannon were first used during the Hundred Years War, at the Battle of Crecy, in 1346.
Price: $5.25
Miniature Catapult
An exquisite representation of a medieval siege weapon, the Miniature Catapult is superbly crafted from wood and employs a bow powered mechanism. This is a magnificent accent for the home or office to express your historical interests.
Price: $91.00
Miniature Civil War Cannon
In a battle, heavy artillery can make all the difference for the outcome, even when they were fighting in the Civil War. This Miniature Civil War Cannon is an accurate reproduction from the days of early artillery.
Price: $50.00
Miniature Civil War Limber
Maintaining a cannon in the field takes a lot of work, which is why most artillery pieces did not travel unless accompanied by a limber. The Miniature Civil War Limber is designed to go with our Miniature Civil War Cannon.
Price: $50.00
Miniature Medieval Catapult
Medieval catapults were capable of throwing large objects and have existed since Roman times. This miniature catapult from Denix replicates an 11th century piece, the design had changed little over the intervening period.
Price: $42.00
Miniature Rolling Battering Ram
An extraordinary representation of a medieval battering ram, the Miniature Rolling Battering Ram displays the most effective style of this siege weapon. It is a beautiful accent to display your love of medieval warfare.
Price: $132.00
Miniature Stationary Battering Ram
A spectacular replication of medieval era battering rams, the Miniature Stationary Battering Ram is a wonderful tribute to the warfare methods of this period and a marvelous decoration to express your historical interests.
Price: $117.00
Model 12-Pounder Cannon
Despite their ideological differences, the Union and the Confederacy could both agree that the 12-pounder cannon was the most reliable piece of artillery. Commemorate this bloody era with your own Model 12-Pounder Cannon.
Price: $99.00
Model 12-Pounder Cannon with Base
These days, the only place one can find a 12-pounder cannon like those used in the American Civil War is in a museum. With the Model 12-Pounder Cannon with Base, you can view one such museum exhibit, miniaturized, right at your desk.
Price: $160.00
Model Gold 12-Pounder Cannon
The carnage of the American Civil War was so complete in part due to the widespread use of the artillery industrys golden child, the 12-pounder cannon. Now, you can honor this impressive weapon with the Model Gold 12-Pounder Cannon.
Price: $99.00
Naval Cannon
This naval cannon is made from metal and has a pencil sharpener in the base. It measures 3 inches long. The cannon that saw use in the Tudor navy had a relatively long barrel and light construction for ship-based use.
Price: $9.75
On Sale For: $5.53
Small 18th Century Metal Cannon
Employing the styling of 18th century artillery, the Small 18th Century Metal Cannon is a stunning decorative model of a field gun, which features a lustrous brass finish to enhance its spectacular eye-catching design.
Price: $15.00

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