Skeleton Incense Burners

Even the dead sometimes like to back and enjoy the finer things in life! And that has never been truer than with these skeleton incense burners! Ironically enough, incense is sometimes used to pay homage to the dead, and that makes these intriguing accents from Dark Knight Armoury a clever little combination for any bone enthusiast to enjoy! These interesting accents come in a variety of shapes and forms, ranging from more unique styled incense burners to the classic boat style incense burner that is infused with skeletal style. Our boat style incense burners all share a similar form - long, with an ash catcher as most of their length - but also feature a variety of appearances, ranging from lazy grim reapers to relaxed skeletons out of their grave, to extended skeleton hands, to piles of skulls and more. We also have a few more unique incense burner styles, including cone and pillar style incense burners that depict skulls, which when used, will cause smoke to pour from its cracks and crevices to create a truly eerie yet appealing accent for any display! We do not include incense with any of our burners, but that is actually a good thing, because it means you can pick your favorite scent and not be bothered with one you do not like, essentially giving you the freedom of choice and personalization! So if you have got a gothic decor and you are looking to kick back with some aromatic incense after a long day, then you have come to the right place, because Dark Knight Armoury has all the styles of skeleton incense burners that you could ever want.
Black Skull Incense Burner
Create an atmospheric effect by lighting your favorite incense using this Black Skull Incense Burner. The decorative incense holder features a wicked looking skull at one end of a long tray, its jaws open to hold the smoky stick.
Price: $14.00
Blue Skull Ferryboat Incense Burner
Honor the journey from life to death in ancestral tribute. Add a gothic flair to your home decor collection. The Blue Skull Ferryboat Incense Burner beautifully honors the realm of the underworld with a decorative Gothic touch.
Price: $15.50
Catacombs Incense Burner
Be silent as the grave when you use this incense burner, and you may actually feel as though you are beneath the earth with the remains of the dead. The Catacombs Incense Burner features a decorated skull at one end.
Price: $13.00
Copper Skull Steampunk Incense Burner
The clockwork realms have their darker sides too. Embrace the macabre when you enjoy your favorite stick incense from the Copper Skull Steampunk Incense Burner. A mechanical-seeming human skull grins from one end of its boat.
Price: $13.00
Dragon Skull Incense Burner
What better way to enjoy burning your favorite scent than from the jaw of a skeleton dragon? The Dragon Skull Incense Burner lets you do just that, with a slot at the top end of its maw for holding a single stick of incense.
Price: $13.75
Evil Dragon Skull Incense Burner
Having been attacked in his own lair, the dragon in this Evil Dragon Skull Incense Burner died with a sinister expression on his face. Lucky for you, being able to burn your favorite incense stick is just what he needs to cheer up!
Price: $30.00
Golden Skull Boat Dragon Incense Holder
A mischievous grin on its face, this dragon is ready to help you enjoy your favorite incense scents. The Golden Skull Boat Dragon Incense Holder presents this dragon statue accent perched on a gold tray that is decorated with skulls.
Price: $12.00
Gothic Skull Backflow Incense Burner
Add a lot of personality and frightening flair to your home decor with this Gothic Skull Backflow Incense Burner. Acting as a statue when it is not in use, once you light an incense cone this burner depicts smoke-breathing skulls!
Price: $24.00
Grim Reaper Incense Burner
The Grim Reaper Incense Burner is a great piece to add to your gothic themed home. This great incense burner features a skeletal grim reaper in a black robe. His arms are outstretched in front of him holding a ball of flames.
Price: $9.50
Grim Reaper Incense Stick Tray
Dressed in his long purple robe, this depiction of the Angel of Death shows him cackling as he gathers up the souls of the departed. The Grim Reaper Incense Stick Tray supports an incense stick at one end of the long vessel.
Price: $13.00
Happy Dragon Skull Incense Burner
Though it will not be able to tell you because it is dead, do not worry. By the look on its face, you can surely tell that this Happy Dragon Skull Incense Burner would be more than pleased to hold your favorite stick of incense!
Price: $30.00
Raven on Skulls Incense Burner
Not all that is dead and gone smells of rot and decay. Sometimes, the odor can be quite pleasant, assuming of course that you are smelling the scent of incense, which is easily enjoyed with this Raven on Skulls Incense Burner.
Price: $20.00
On Sale For: $18.00
Raven Skull Incense Burner
Create an eerie atmosphere with the help of this gothic incense holder. The Raven Skull Incense Burner displays three human skulls with red roses set into the top of the box with a raven perched on top of the central skull.
Price: $27.00
Reaper on Skulls Incense Burner
No need to fear this reaper! The Reaper on Skulls Incense Burner is simply here to help you enjoy your favorite cone incense scents. The dark cloak of the deathly omen makes up the top, while a mass of human skulls creates the base.
Price: $18.00
Relaxed Skeleton Incense Holder
The Relaxed Skeleton Incense Holder is a gothic home accent that is utterly chilling in all the right ways. Unwind with your favorite stick incense scent when you burn it from the open jaw of this peaceful skeleton friend.
Price: $10.00
RIP Skeleton Incense Burner
When you are setting the stage for a spooky Halloween party or simply feel like sending a shiver down your own spine, the RIP Skeleton Incense Burner displays a skeleton lifting itself out of its grave in front of its tombstone.
Price: $13.00
Rock Sign Skeletal Arm Incense Burner
Now you can praise the gothic lords of heavy metal and scent the air with incense all at the same time! This Rock Sign Skeletal Arm Incense Burner is a great accent for any gothic decor, as well as a fine personal piece, too.
Price: $17.50
Skeletal Hand Incense Burner
This Skeletal Hand Incense Burner is happy to lend a helping hand, so long as all you expect it to do is hold your incense. This bony arm pinches two fingers together to hold a stick of incense, while recreating a recognizable gesture.
Price: $17.50
Skeleton Coffin Incense Box
This type of incense burner is called a coffin box, and it is name matches our Skeleton Coffin Incense Box. Our box has skulls around the outside and a simple latch design which makes it easy to open and shut.
Price: $26.00
Skeleton Grave Incense Burner
After you rise for the day, the Skeleton Grave Incense Burner will help you produce an aromatic environment as the skeleton it depicts rises from its earthy grave! Just put in your favorite incense and strike a match for pleasant smells!
Price: $12.00
Skeleton Incense Burner
Look at the Skeletal Incense Burner. Wish you could just kick back and relax like that? Grab a stick of incense, bring along this Skeletal Incense Burner, and cast your worries to the wind while you enjoy some peaceful moments.
Price: $12.00
Skeleton Incense Burner
The Skeleton Incense Burner is a great piece to add to your gothic or medieval themed home. This great incense burner features a skull on the front, and smaller skulls around the sides and base. The ashtray is made up of bones.
Price: $8.00
Skeleton Tree Backflow Incense Holder
The Skeleton Tree Backflow Incense Holder has the look of troubled skull faces emerging from the bark of a gnarled tree trunk. This cold cast resin incense holder is highly detailed and hand painted to create a realistic wood look.
Price: $24.00
Skull and Bones Incense Burner
Add a wicked looking accent to your home with the Skull and Bones Incense Burner. This gothic incense stand holds a stick of your favorite incense between the teeth of a grinning human skull, making an eye-catching decoration.
Price: $9.00
Skull Fishing Incense Holder
Being dead is not without its stresses. Consider, for example, the Skull Fishing Incense Burner, as this dead man takes part in a relaxing activity it enjoyed in life. While it relaxes, you can too, by burning your favorite incense.
Price: $14.00
Skull Head Incense Holder
Nothing adds an eerie touch to your gothic abode quite like a skull. More than just a spooky display piece, the Skull Head Incense Holder will do that and more. This gothic incense burner is made to hold your favorite cone incense.
Price: $19.00
Skull Incense Burner
The Skull Incense Burner would make a great gift for anyone who loves skulls or incense! This incense burner features a skull at the base, with a hole in his head to hold the incense. The bottom looks like bone and is equally detailed.
Price: $9.00
On Sale For: $7.50
Skull Incense Burner
Update the style of your homes motif with the Skull Incense Burner which is as stylish as it is functional. This bone chilling stick burner can provide you with a unique and daring new accessory that will complement any room.
Price: $14.00
Skull Sword Incense Burner
When you want to create an eerie atmosphere of trailing smoke and gothic decor, the Skull Sword Incense Burner works as a great starting piece for your home. This long incense stick tray is formed into the shape of a sword.
Price: $12.00
Skull Tomb Incense Burner
This Skull Tomb Incense Burner not only fills your house with the aroma of your favorite incense stick, but it also creates the look of an eerie graveyard as the burning smoke wafts around the tombs of these bone-chilling skeletons.
Price: $13.00
Skull Tombstone Backflow Incense Burner
No graveyard is truly complete without a pile of bones and a cloud of fog billowing through the air. Create the appeal of a Gothic graveyard while also enjoying your favorite scent with the Skull Tombstone Backflow Incense Burner.
Price: $24.00
Skulls LED Incense Burner
If you love gothic style, you simply cannot have too many skulls in your decor. Displaying skulls on skulls on skulls, the cast resin Skulls LED Incense Burner appears as though it is made entirely out of minute human skulls.
Price: $14.00
Spidery Skull Incense Burner
Arachnophobes beware! This incense tray might creep out anyone who does not particularly care for our eight-legged friends. The Spidery Skull Incense Burner depicts a skull at one end, its jaw forming the long bed of the design.
Price: $12.00
Stacked Skull Dragon Incense Burner
Trying to steal from a dragon may be the last thing you do, as seen in the design of the Stacked Skull Dragon Incense Burner. Three aged skulls are stacked on each other with a small black dragon perched on top.
Price: $30.00
Stacked Skulls Incense Burner
These piled skulls offer a macabre warning to passersby with their leering grins and vibrant red eyes. The Stacked Skull Incense Burner displays a trio of eerie skulls wearing leafy crowns on top of a leaf pattern base.
Price: $30.00
Steampunk Skeleton Incense Burner
Steampunk is more than just Victorian style clothing. The genre can also have post-apocalyptic elements, some of which are deadly! Keep your home smelling great and looking fantastic with this Steampunk Skeleton Incense Burner.
Price: $14.00
Steampunk Skull Incense Burner
The steampunk genre stretches into post-apocalyptic in some versions, creating a retro-futuristic aesthetic for the survivors. The Steampunk Skull Incense Burner mixes science fiction with horror in this striking piece of decor.
Price: $14.00

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