Gargoyle Jewelry Boxes

Gargoyles are natural guardians, and so that makes them the perfect choice when it comes to securing away all of your little trinkets. That is why the gargoyle jewelry boxes here at Dark Knight Armoury are so effective. It also does not hurt that each one is also an impressive looking display item that is likely to wow your guests and visitors. Impressively detailed and amazingly styled, some of these little boxes look like miniature castles or fortifications, defended by gargoyles just like ancient structures used to be, while others depict gargoyles in a wide variety of other situations, ranging from gargoyles on tombs to gargoyles reading books. These gargoyle chests, gargoyle tombs, and gargoyle coffins are great for storing away your gothic jewelry, adding a nice touch of symmetry, as your stunning gothic pieces will be hidden securely in an equally impressive gothic box. You can also use a good gargoyle box to store away other small items too, including things like loose change, small trinkets, money, and small possessions. Plus, they will also act as a great display item, so much so that most will not even recognize them as storage boxes and will instead admire them as decorative pieces that are quite appealing to see. These gargoyle jewelry boxes are great to have on hand, whether you are using them to store away your trinkets or not, especially when you are a lover of dark, gothic, medieval style, just like we are here at Dark Knight Armoury.
Gargoyle Coffin Box
If you are looking to protect your trinkets and valuables, then take a cue from ancient cultures and store them away in a box for the dead. After all, only grave robbers will go through this Gargoyle Coffin Box looking for treasures.
Price: $15.00
Gargoyle Sarcophagus Jewelry Box
Not only is a gargoyle good for scaring malicious spirits away, but they make fantastic guardians for all sorts of trinkets. That is why the Gargoyle Sarcophagus Jewelry Box is a great place to store all of your smaller items.
Price: $15.00
Gargoyle Tomb Box
What better place is there to keep your valuables than to lock them away in a tomb, where they will sit, untouched and safe for centuries? Or, why not lock them up in this fantastic Gargoyle Tomb Box, instead?
Price: $24.00
Gargoyle Trinket Box
A classic element of Gothic culture, gargoyles are known to protect valuable items and places from unwanted visitors. That being said, the Gargoyle Trinket Box is the perfect way to store your tiny treasures for safekeeping.
Price: $20.00
Gothic Gargoyle Trinket Box
This gothic gargoyle trinket box is made of cold cast resin and measures 6.25 inches high and 6 inches wide. This box is beautifully detailed to represent gothic style building with four gargoyles perched on each of the four corners.
Price: $36.00
On Sale For: $27.00
Howling Gargoyle Box
Many see the gargoyle as a sort of guardian, and in this Howling Gargoyle Box, it acts as that and more, sitting over the top of a trinket box that is perfect for organizing and storing away a variety of your important little items.
Price: $30.50
Inquisitive Gargoyle Box
You watch him, and he watches you right back. This Inquisitive Gargoyle Box features a curious and watchful gargoyle whose greatest pleasure in life is to sit back and enjoy the sights, and in this box, that is exactly what he does.
Price: $30.50
Perched Gargoyle Box
Gargoyles have long been thought of as defenders, so why not let one defend your belongings? This Perched Gargoyle Box not only comes complete with a jovial gargoyle but also acts as a display piece while secretly hiding its contents!
Price: $17.00

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