Gargoyle Home Decor

Perhaps you are looking to decorate your home with gargoyles and you do not know where to start? If that is the case, then you have come to the right place, because here at Dark Knight Armoury, we have much in the way of gargoyle home decor, which ensures that you can get that gothic, medieval look and feel you want by having a gargoyle hidden in every room. Gargoyle home decor is a rather wide definition, though, so it is best to break it down and tell you what exactly falls into this section. Here, you will find all manner of distinctive items that are typical of home decoration, all imbued with a decidedly gargoyle-ish style. Here, instead of the common items, like statues and boxes and candleholders and lamps and such, you will the more eccentric items. Here, you will find gargoyle thermometers, which are perfect for hanging on a wall near a vent, so that it can always tell you how hot or cold the room is. Here, you will find gargoyle picture frames, which will safe-guard the image of anyone you wish to protect. Here, you will find doorway plaques, shelves, book ends, fountains, and so much more, which allows you to easily decorate with gargoyles without having to fill room after room with gargoyle statue after gargoyle statue. And every single piece is so incredibly detailed that you would think each and every one was a real gargoyle, stolen from its perch on some medieval castle or gothic cathedral! So if you are looking to decorate with gargoyles, then have no fear, because Dark Knight Armoury will allow you to do so with class and style. And if you happen to be looking for gift for that special someone who does not mind a touch of darkly decadent and distinctive class, you might find something for them here in the gargoyle home decor section, too.
Cat Gargoyle PC Topper
The Cat Gargoyle PC Topper depicts a gargoyle with the body of a cat, wings extended from its back, and small fangs in its mouth. It is a great decoration to place on your monitor or computer tower in your home or office.
Price: $13.00
Chimera Door Knocker
Your house will be the favorite on the block during Halloween night with this creative door knocker announcing trick-or-treaters. The Chimera Door Knocker features the fanged head of an animalistic chimera with a ring in its mouth.
Price: $20.00
Disgruntled Gargoyle Pen Holder
Do you often find yourself losing your favorite pen or pencil? Do you also have a strong love of Gothic beasts? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then the Disgruntled Gargoyle Pen Holder is the perfect item for you!
Price: $15.00
Fanged Gargoyle Thermometer
A good thermometer is a home accent that you may not realize you need, but it is a must-have for planning out your day. Make sure your thermostat fits into the classical Gothic motif of your home with the Fanged Gargoyle Thermometer.
Price: $15.00
Gargoyle Bookend Set
The Gargoyle Bookend Set would look great on any bookshelf in your home or office. These bookends feature a dragon on each end piece. One has his head down, the other has his head up and mouth open. These are made of cold cast resin.
Price: $36.00
Gargoyle Bookend Set
The Gargoyle Bookend Set is definitely a great way to keep your books in line. This set features two gargoyles with lion bodies and serpent tails. Their wings are open behind them and their mouths are open in a growl.
Price: $56.00
Gargoyle Bottle Holder
Used as guardians against evil spirits, gargoyles often take the form of some grotesque creature or animal. The Gargoyle Bottle Holder appears as a chimera with bat-like wings, a lionesque head, and the tail of a dragon.
Price: $48.00
On Sale For: $41.00
Gargoyle Door Knocker
Pretend that your front door is the entrance to a large, spooky mansion when you make this door knocker a part of your decor. The Gargoyle Door Knocker features the wrinkled face of a chimera with a ring hanging from its mouth.
Price: $20.00
Gargoyle Pen Set
Gargoyles like to sit on things, it happens to be what their best at. They are made for decoration, so why should they not decorate everything they can fit on? The Gargoyle Pen Set features little gargoyles sitting on the ends.
Price: $36.00
Gargoyle Pencil Holder
Keep your desk utilities safe with the Gargoyle Pencil Holder. Perfect for holding both pencils and pens in timeless gothic style, the stone beasts on each side are sure to scare off anyone looking to pilfer your writing utensils.
Price: $20.00
Gargoyle Picture Frame
The gargoyle frame displays four gargoyles, one on each corner of the frame, and is surrounded by highly detailed medieval styled designs. The bottom gargoyles are muscular and their wings are spread open.
Price: $20.00
Gargoyle Wall Pediment
This gargoyle wall pediment would look stunning hanging over any door frame in your home. This gargoyle statue features a more gothic styled gargoyle exposing his sharp fangs. This wall pediment is made of cold cast resin.
Price: $30.00
Gargoyle Wine Holder
When you want to draw attention to your favorite vintage, nothing works better than the Gargoyle Wine Holder! This fierce bottle holder depicts the head of a lionesque beast, supporting the bottle within its mouth.
Price: $28.00
Guardian Gargoyle Mug
Gargoyles frequently feature in Gothic architecture as guardians against evil spirits. You can bring this style to your dinner table with the Guardian Gargoyle Mug, which displays a winged lion on the cup.
Price: $20.00
Lion Gargoyle Stapler
Lions make impressive statuary, as seen around Trafalgar Square in London and many other places. The Lion Gargoyle Stapler mimics these statues with a lion resting on its belly and the gray color associated with gargoyles.
Price: $17.50
Pensive Gargoyle Bookends
It is hard not to think deeply when surrounded by all these books. Even if you are a growling, vicious beast by nature. The Pensive Gargoyle Bookends place enlightened stone monsters at each end of your shelf to keep your books in place.
Price: $36.00
Protected By Gargoyles Plaque
Folklore sets gargoyles not as scary monsters that terrorize humans, but instead as protectors that wear frightening faces to ward off evil. The Protected By Gargoyles Plaque pays homage to the legend, depicting a gargoyle protector.
Price: $36.00
Rooftop Gargoyle Pen Holder
Gargoyles are some of the best guardians that you can ask for. After all, they were made for the job! This Rooftop Gargoyle Pen Holder allows you to have a gargoyle on your desk, to guard you, your work, and your pens, too.
Price: $20.00
Two-Headed Gargoyle Wall Plaque
This Two-Headed Gargoyle Wall Plaque is a sinister and fearsome beast that proves the old phrase two heads are better than one. This creature is a monster worthy of the greatest of gothic buildings and home decors!
Price: $40.00
Watching, Waiting Vintage Gothic Sign
Perched high atop the spires of a cathedral are vigilant sentinels who await the chance to swoop into battle. The Watching, Waiting Vintage Gothic Sign depicts a gargoyle as it howls, ready to leave its perch and defend its charge.
Price: $25.00
Werewolf Bookends
Taken straight out of folklore and horror, the Werewolf Bookends are a set of terrifying bookends that depict a pair of raging, bloodthirsty werewolves surrounded by the skulls of their victims as they hunt for more prey.
Price: $48.00
Wolf Gargoyle Door Knocker
The first impression a guest receives of your home arrives with the front of your house, and this door knocker is a great way to make a statement! The Wolf Gargoyle Door Knocker depicts the head of a wolf with a ring to knock.
Price: $20.00

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