Gargoyle Ashtrays

Not all gargoyles guard ancient cathedrals and medieval castles. Some, like these gargoyle ashtrays, are more suited for guarding smaller things, like cigarettes or other tiny trinkets. Of course, the gargoyle ashtrays at Dark Knight Armoury do more than just guard things, though, as they also are fantastic decorations to have sitting around your home. Like the classic gargoyles of gothic design, these creatures are strange amalgams of various shapes, many of which are quite intriguing to the eye. Each one is also accompanied by a bowl or container of some sort, which makes them perfect for containing a wide assortment of things, ranging from cigarettes and ash to small trinkets and things like coins, paper clips, loose change, keys, and more! They come in a wide variety of shapes, ranging from sinister looking gargoyles that look as evil as the sinister spirits that they are supposed to ward off to more mundane and neutral gargoyle ashtrays that depict stunningly fantastical creatures that will surely wow and awe all those who see it. And the best part is that our gargoyle ashtrays are all also very affordable, ensuring that no matter your budget, there is definitely going to be a gargoyle ashtray that you can purchase and enjoy in the comforts of your own home. So if you are looking for a new ashtray and want something with gothic style, or if you want to give a gift that will always be remembered, then you will want to look right here at the gargoyle ashtrays here at Dark Knight Armoury.
Gargoyle Ashtray
Need a good looking gargoyle ashtray for that medieval table? This gargoyle ashtray has a gargoyle perched on top a mound and stones circling the outer edge of the ashtray. The gargoyle ashtray measures 6.5 inches tall.
Price: $21.00
Gargoyle Ashtray
The Gargoyle Ashtray would make a great conversation piece in your home or office. This ashtray features a gargoyle with his hands on his face screaming. His wings wrap around to create the bowl, which is decorated with Celtic designs.
Price: $11.50
Gargoyle Ashtray Box
Sitting on top of the Gargoyle Ashtray Box is a small, demonic figure. He clutches his knees as he leans forward, staring in anticipation. Horns jut from his head, bat-like wings from his back, and hideous claws from his feet.
Price: $16.00
Gargoyle Mouth Ashtray
Perched on the outside of a cathedral, gargoyles have been believed to ward off evil and harmful spirits. Sitting on your desk or table, this Gargoyle Mouth Ashtray is a great way to keep your cigarettes or tiny items safe from harm.
Price: $20.00
Guardian Gargoyles Ashtray
Even the little accents can be unforgettable ones, especially when they have as much character and appeal as this Guardian Gargoyles Ashtray. This ashtray is a versatile container and dish, as well as a decoration, all rolled into one.
Price: $11.50

"Hello Dark Knight Armoury, The last time I placed an oder with you, I was delighted by the excellent service you provided (tunic top) after you found the item was not in stock. On my most recent order had not shipped. Today, I talked with Melissa in customer service, who expedited the order for me to be delivered by 8/28. Just want you to know how much I appreciate the attention to my concern. My son leaves for DragonCon 8/28, and would have been very disappointed if the item did not arrive on time. Not every company cares about these things, and you've shown that you do. Thank you for helping. "

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