Traditional Archery Arm Guards

A Traditional Archer does not need archery arm guards to fire a bow, but they do make things a lot less unpleasant. Dark Knight Armoury carries a tasteful assortment of Traditional Archery Arm Guards, all of which are made from quality leather with the intent of keeping you, the archer, safe from harm. Bows are not exactly known to misfire at random and injure the archer, but the bowstring does snap back into place with a significant level of force which can and will hurt if it manages to graze your arm in the process. Our Traditional Archery Arm Guards are all made from quality leather. They can handle the use you put them through while firing your bow, ensuring that not only are your arms and hands safe and pain free, but you also look like an authentic archer while firing your bow.
Archers Hand Protection
This Archers Hand Protection is meant to protect the hand that holds the bow. Keep your bow-hand properly shielded from passing arrows and recoiling strings. This leather glove is a must-have for both traditional and LARP archers.
Price: $17.00
Boar's Head Archers Arm Guard
Our Boars Head Archers Arm Guard is perfect for traditional archers looking to stay period dressed, especially if you like wild boars! Our arm guards are hand made from quality 7/8 ounce leather and provide just the protection you need.
Price: $16.00
Clawed Up Archers Arm Guard
This Clawed Up Archers Arm Guard will definitely set you apart from the other archers. Not only does it provide protection, but it also features an impressive design that looks like a wild beast, clawing its way through leather.
Price: $16.00
Death Hart Archers Arm Guard
Once upon a time, the hart (or stag) was considered to be one of the most sought-after prey animals that could be hunted. In homage to that notion, this Death Hart Archers Arm Guard features the vengeful skull of a hart that fell.
Price: $16.00
Dragonscale Archers Arm Guard
When it comes to keeping your arm safe, dragon scale is often considered to be some of the best protection. This Dragonscale Archers Arm Guard echoes the look of scale armor, in comfortable leather that is light enough for any archer.
Price: $18.00
Essential Archers Arm Guard
Every archer needs an arm guard to protect their arm from the snap of their bow string. Made of supple 5/6 ounce leather, the Essential Archers Arm Guard has an additional layer of leather stitched to the front for heightened safety.
Price: $22.00
Filigree Elven Archers Arm Guard
If you are looking to accessorize with elegance, this Filigree Elven Archers Arm Guard is a perfect choice. Excellent for LARP campaigns, Renaissance fairs, or modern archery events, this arm guard offers exquisite protection.
Price: $18.00
Grinning Skull Archers Arm Guard
An archer who wears this will certainly give this skull something to grin about. The Grinning Skull Archers Arm Guard combines the wicked look of a skull with a hardy leather arm guard that works wonders in keeping your arm safe.
Price: $18.00
Plain Archers Arm Guard
Our Plain Archers Arm Guard is perfect for traditional archers looking to stay period dressed. Our arm guards are hand made from quality 7/8 ounce leather and provide just the protection you need when shooting your longbow or recurve.
Price: $14.00
Regal Stag Archers Arm Guard
As king of the forest, the stag bears a crown of forked antlers. Perfect for LARP campaigns, SCA events, or modern archery competitions, this Regal Stag Archers Arm Guard display a classic heraldic design on a durable leather guard.
Price: $18.00
Roaring Bear Archers Arm Guard
Not only does the Roaring Bear Archers Arm Guard provide you with protection when you are shooting your preferred bow, but it also has an ferocious design that will make you look like one intimidating warrior or bowman!
Price: $16.00
Robin Archers Glove
Maintain a firm grip on your bow as you let loose an arrow, striking your target between the eyes. The Robin Archers Glove protects your drawing hand from the inconvenient injury and pain caused by recoiled strings and passing arrows.
Price: $12.00
Tree of Gondor Archers Arm Guard
As skilled as their archers were, those from Middle Earth still sought to protect their arm from the snap of a bowstring. When you put on one of these White Tree Archers Arm Guards, you will feel just like a bowman from Gondor.
Price: $18.00
Woodland Archers Arm Guard
As the orc army trudged down the Kings road, the elf stood guard. One brute turned to follow a deer. The ranger drew her bow, the Woodland Archers Arm Guard blending in with the dappled oaks. The arrow whispered death to the orc.
Price: $18.00

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