Gargoyle Candleholders

In spite of the myth about gargoyles turning to stone during the day, not all gargoyles fear the light. Some, in fact, favor it, and those are the gargoyles we like here at Dark Knight Armoury. Our gargoyle candleholders all feature a number of different styles of gargoyles, although almost have a common interest in both light and fire. Our gargoyle candle holders come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Some hardly even look like gargoyles at all, possessing the distinctive features of typical animals, like wolves and lions, although their somewhat monstrous features are what make them more gargoyle then mundane beast. Others, however, are classic gargoyles at their finest, depicting strange amalgams of animals in a monstrous yet mythic form that is both eye-catching and eerie, especially when the light of a small flame glints off of the features. Our gargoyle candleholders come in various sizes, too, with some being more suited for small tea light candles, while others accommodate larger candles, like tapered candles or scented votive candles. They are perfect not only for adding that extra touch of real gothic style to your home, but also for adding an extra touch of light to your home as well. After all, what hallway, sitting room, or bedroom could not use that extra touch of ambient lighting that only a candle can provide? A gargoyle candleholder from Dark Knight Armoury makes for a fantastic home decoration that will certainly awe its onlookers, as well as a great gift to give to anyone who is fascinated with such works of surreal gothic art.
Crouching Gargoyle Candleholder
The Crouching Gargoyle Candleholder would make a great addition to any room of your medieval themed home or office. This candleholder features a sad gargoyle crouched down on a stone base that has been detailed with Celtic designs.
Price: $28.00
Daydreaming Gargoyle Tea Light Holder
A flickering flame can be mesmerizing. Once the eyes become fixed on the heat rising from the wick, it is easy to get lost in thought. The Daydreaming Gargoyle Tea Light Holder could relate, if gargoyles werent made entirely of stone.
Price: $10.75
Demon Claw Wall Sconce
Proper lighting is essential for any gothic abode. When the fires of hell just are not available, the Demon Claw Wall Sconce makes a fine accent to your grim decor. A glass candle holder is struck through the palm of the devil claw.
Price: $28.25
Demon Flame Wall Sconce
What better way to light your home than with the fires of hell? The Demon Flame Wall Sconce will give the walls of your hall a certain devilish flair. A bowl set within the decorative plaque is designed to hold a single small candle.
Price: $18.75
Demon Hands Sconce Set
Need a hand transforming your home into a gothic mansion fit for a lord of demons? Then the Demon Hands Sconce Set is just what you need! Bring austere style and a touch of illumination when you set candles in these wall mounts.
Price: $19.25
Ferocious Feline Gargoyle Candleholder
Felines are known to be fickle creatures until you have earned their affection. When that happens, they can become as fiercely protective as any canine. This is depicted magnificently in the Ferocious Feline Gargoyle Candleholder!
Price: $17.00
Gargoyle Arch Candleholder
This gargoyle candleholder is made of resin and holds up to five tapered candles at one time. The sides of the arch are the wings of the gargoyle supported by the front feet. The center the candle holder is the face of the gargoyle.
Price: $24.00
On Sale For: $20.00
Gargoyle Candleholder
The Gargoyle Candleholder provides a great option for adding atmosphere to your home decor. This gothic candlestick holder displays a winged chimera peering around the side of the detailed sword that it grips.
Price: $12.00
On Sale For: $6.50
Gargoyle Candleholder
The Gargoyle Candleholder features a gargoyle crouched down on a ledge holding a stone bowl. His wings are closed in around him and his bowl holds a tealight candle. This statue is made of cold cast resin and measures 8.5 inches tall.
Price: $28.00
Gargoyle Cat Candle Holder
Some legends say gargoyles ward off evil. Equal parts eerie and adorable, the Gargoyle Cat Candle Holder is a cute way to welcome gargoyle style into your home decor. This gargoyle decoration is hand painted a dark stone grey.
Price: $30.00
Gargoyle Lion Candleholder
A prestigious lion gargoyle boldly sits upon this platform trimmed in medieval symbols. With his wings back, eyes peering at you, and mouth open he proudly displays an hourglass under his right paw.
Price: $25.00
On Sale For: $21.25
Gargoyle Wall Candleholder
This grotesque creature accents the steeples of great cathedrals and guards the towers of ancient castles. The Gargoyle Wall Candleholder will illuminate the dark halls of your abode, creating the gothic atmosphere that you seek.
Price: $60.00
Howling Wolf Tea Light Holder
Lit by the soft, eerie light of a flame, this wolf bares its fangs in preparation for the hunt. The Wolf Tea Light Holder is an attractive figurine that accents the power and allure of a wolf by adding the light of a small candle.
Price: $10.00
Hugo The Light Keeper Candleholder
The Hugo The Light Keeper Candleholder has a hole on the top to hold a tapered candle. The gargoyle sits on the ledge of the pillar with a big smile on its face. The Hugo Candleholder measures 7.5 inches tall and is made of resin.
Price: $22.00
Left-Facing Angel Cat Candle Holder
Hand painted to look like ancient stone, the Left-Facing Angel Cat Candle Holder will perch proudly on your mantel, desk or table. This cold cast resin gargoyle cat has a small recess on its back for holding a single, thin candle.
Price: $20.00
Lifting Gargoyle Tea Light Holder
When your body is made of stone, heavy lifting is a breeze. Of course, when you have a torch in your hand, a breeze is the last thing you want. The Lifting Gargoyle Tea Light Holder is here to keep your tables or shelves lit up.
Price: $12.00
Lion Gargoyle Candle Holder
This gargoyle candle holder features a winged lion standing on his back paws. His wings are spread and his front paws are outstretched to hold two pillar candles. A pair of these Candleholders would be perfect for any table or mantle.
Price: $40.00
On Sale For: $34.00
Lion Gargoyle Candle Stand
Frozen in stone, the foul beast faces the passage of time with cold malevolence on its visage. Make this austere creature the grim guardian of your gothic domain when you set your favorite candle in the Lion Gargoyle Candle Stand.
Price: $27.00
No Evils Gargoyle Candle Holder
The proverb of See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil promotes the wisdom of remaining virtuous despite the nearby vices. The No Evils Gargoyle Candle Holder depicts this idea in three gargoyles sitting on each others shoulders.
Price: $27.50
Right-Facing Angel Cat Candle Holder
Proudly perched on your mantel, shelf, desk, or other flat surface, the Right-Facing Angel Cat Candle Holder has a unique vibe that is both adorable and austere. This gargoyle cat statue is hand painted to look like weathered stone.
Price: $20.00
Squatting Gargoyle Tea Light Holder
Historically, gargoyles have been used to divert rainwater from roofs. In modern times, their use has shifted to handle quite the opposite element. The Squatting Gargoyle Tea Light Holder has its arms out and ready to cradle fire.
Price: $12.00
Vampire Cat Gargoyle Candle Holder
Most cats simply scamper off into the night, but this winged feline has other plans! The perfect addition to your Halloween or Gothic decor, this Vampire Cat Gargoyle Candle Holder will add a dark glow over any room in your home.
Price: $18.00
Werewolf Candleholder
The Werewolf Candleholder is a cold cast resin candleholder that measures 8 inches tall. This candleholder features a growling werewolf on his back paws in a fighting stance. He is standing on a ledge. This candleholder is a great gift.
Price: $17.50
Winged Gargoyle Candle Holder
With a facial expression somewhere between mischievous and malevolent, the Winged Gargoyle Candle Holder is perfect for adding gargoyle style into your home. This gargoyle candle stand is hand painted to look like dark grey stone.
Price: $30.00
Winged Wolf Gargoyle Candleholder
As a fierce protector of the forest, the wolf has always been a symbol of power and loyalty. With the Winged Wolf Gargoyle Candleholder, now you can embrace the spirit of the wolf anywhere in your home with impressive gothic style!
Price: $17.00

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