Dragon Home Decor

For an enthusiast of dragons, a few statues and collectibles just is not enough. We understand, and that is why at Dark Knight Armoury, we endeavor to provide a selection of dragon home decor items that allow a dragon enthusiast to really surround and immerse themselves in a world filled with dragons, ranging from decorations to furniture and more! Here in our dragon home decor section, you will find all manner of items that are perfect for use around the house, providing both a function and a stunning look that allow you to infuse your love of dragons into every room of your home! Do not believe it? Take a closer look. There are dragon wall displays for decorating your rooms and halls with dragons of all shapes and sizes. There are dragon picture frames for showing off your photographs with that added touch of true dragon style. There are little dragon CD holders and dragon cellphone holders for your desk, should you need a dragon to safeguard your technologies and your data. We offer dragon notebooks for those who like to personalize their writing a bit more with a stylized notebook, as well as dragon pen stands and staplers for those who want to dragonize their office. Dragon vases are great for storing flowers, while dragon chairs are the absolute pinnacle of dragon decoration, ensuring that even when you sit, you show off your love of dragons. If you are looking for the next great little dragon decoration that shows off your love for all of dragon-kind, then perhaps you have long over-due for a trip to the dragon home decor section at Dark Knight Armoury, where you will find all manner of items, both big and small, to use whenever you are decorating your home with nothing but dragons.
Anne Stokes Celtic Dragon Paperweight
Few defenses can trump the fiery breath of a dragon, seen here as a red dragon sends out a plume of flame. The Anne Stokes Celtic Dragon Paperweight shows off one of the gorgeous pieces created by the celebrated fantasy artist.
Price: $7.00
Anne Stokes Copperwing Fleece Blanket
When the days and nights grow chilly, make sure that you have something cozy to wrap up in and feel comforted. This Anne Stokes Copperwing Fleece Blanket will keep you warm with insulating fleece and entranced by its gorgeous design.
Price: $32.00
Anne Stokes Copperwing Woven Blanket
Just as this dragon wraps its mighty wings around the beautiful fairy to protect her, curl yourself up in this Anne Stokes Copperwing Woven Blanket and protect yourself from the cold days and nights that the winter season brings.
Price: $52.00
Anne Stokes Dragon Dancer Fleece Blanket
They say that it takes two to tango, but this pair is inviting you to join their dance! Snuggle up in this Anne Stokes Dragon Dancer Fleece Blanket and enjoy the scene of these happy friends swirling and twirling with one another.
Price: $32.00
Anne Stokes Dragon Dancer Woven Blanket
A blanket is not just something that keeps you warm. Like this Anne Stokes Dragon Dancer Woven Blanket displays, a blanket can make sure you are warm and cozy while also adding a fantastic decorative touch to the decor of your home.
Price: $52.00
Anne Stokes Dragon Fury Paperweight
Inciting the fury of a dragon might just be the last thing you do. The Anne Stokes Dragon Fury Paperweight displays the powerful rage of this magical beast, showing a furious red dragon looming overtop an ornate gothic church.
Price: $7.00
Anne Stokes Dragons Fury Fleece Blanket
If you do not happen to have an extra fire-breathing dragon hanging about to keep you warm when winter time rolls around, do not fret! The insulating fleece on this Anne Stokes Dragons Fury Fleece Blanket will surely do the trick.
Price: $32.00
Anne Stokes Dragons Fury Woven Blanket
You will never have to choose between an elegant throw blanket and your unique fantasy decor again thanks to this Anne Stokes Dragons Fury Woven Blanket! Stay warm and stylish with this blanket that features the art of Anne Stokes.
Price: $52.00
Anne Stokes Dragons Lair Fleece Blanket
Dragons are well-known as protective beings in the fantasy realm, normally keeping homes safe from evil. During the cold seasons, this Anne Stokes Dragons Lair Fleece Blanket will keep you safe from that biting chill in the air!
Price: $32.00
Anne Stokes Dragons Lair Woven Blanket
The fantasy art of Anne Stokes is so stunning and exciting to behold, and it is not just for hanging on your wall anymore! The Anne Stokes Dragons Lair Woven Blanket puts the work of this renowned artist onto a quality throw blanket.
Price: $52.00
Anne Stokes Lunar Magic Paperweight
Anne Stokes is well-known for her gorgeous gothic and fantasy artwork. You can show off your appreciation of her iconic style by adding the Anne Stokes Lunar Magic Paperweight to your desk as a charming decoration and tool.
Price: $7.00
Battle Dragon Plaque
The grim, stone colored dragon depicted in the Battle Dragon Plaque guards a multitude of decorative and ornate medieval weapons. This intense and striking plaque is ideal for transforming your home into an austere fantasy castle.
Price: $110.00
Beginning Ceramic Art Tile by Anne Stokes
Whoever secures a dragon egg will raise the beast from birth, taming the ferocious creature so that it may do their bidding. In the Beginning Ceramic Art Tile by Anne Stokes, one fantasy queen has harnessed such life-changing power.
Price: $10.00
Black Dragon Scale Tankard
The Black Dragon Scale Tankard is a wickedly fun way to enjoy your favorite drink. Made of cast resin, this fantasy cup is highly detailed to look like dragon scales and features a dragon head on its front and wings on each side.
Price: $30.00
Black Dragon With Sword Wall Plaque
The Black Dragon With Sword Wall Plaque is made of poly-resin that is finished in brushed silver. The dragon is gripping the medieval sword and will not let go. The wings of the dragon are spread wide open.
Price: $17.00
Blue Dragon Face Goblet
Add dragon style to your drinkware collection when you sip from the Blue Dragon Face Goblet. This hand painted, cold cast resin goblet is styled to look like ancient dark grey metal embellished with the head of a dragon on its side.
Price: $29.00
Blue Dragon Pen Holder
Your writing utensils are sure to stay safe when guarded by these fearsome dragon faces. The Blue Dragon Pen Holder features fantastic draconian details throughout its hand painted, high quality cold cast resin construction.
Price: $12.00
Blue Dragon Table
Nothing shows a ferocious beast that it has been tamed more than having it carry your belongings. Or, in this case, your dinners and drinks. The Blue Dragon Table places a fearsome firebreather in exactly this position.
Price: $400.00
Blue Dragon Wine Holder
It should come as no surprise that, as intelligent as they are, dragons sometimes develop a taste for the finer things in life. This Blue Dragon Wine Holder has developed a something of an affection for fine bottled spirits.
Price: $33.00
On Sale For: $27.00
Blue Dragon with Hatchling Table
Many people fantasize about slaying a dragon, but what about training a dragon to hold your beverages and books? With the Blue Dragon with Hatchling Table, you can effortlessly tame the wild nature of the most fearsome fantasy beast.
Price: $440.00
Blue Dragon with Sword Goblet
Feast with a dragon when you add the Blue Dragon with Sword Goblet to your fantasy drinkware collection. This hand painted fantasy goblet features a blue dragon statue accent forming its stem, its wings and head framing the cup.
Price: $20.00
Blue Serpent Dragon Wine Rack
Dragons can become fully engrossed by what they are doing. Take, for instance, this Blue Serpent Dragon Wine Rack, which puts all its attention into its crystal ball so much so that its body serves as a perfect rack for bottles.
Price: $47.00
Bone Dragon Staple Remover
As awesome as dragons may be, sometimes they just are not hardcore enough! That is easily fixed by using the dragon skeleton instead. With the Bone Dragon Staple Remover, now you can have a unique tool that is as cutthroat as you are!
Price: $9.00
Bone Dragon Stapler
Now you can secure all your important documents together with the powerful jaws of a dragon! The Bone Dragon Stapler, featuring the frightful skull of a fearsome dragon, is a fully functioning stapler with cold cast resin details.
Price: $17.00
Bronze Double Dragon Alchemy Plaque
The concept of yin-yang appears throughout Chinese alchemy, as does the image of the dragon. The Bronze Double Dragon Alchemy Plaque creates a twist on the usual symbols in a unique design by artist Maxine Miller.
Price: $48.00
Castle Dragon Storm Ball Statue
Perched upon its mysterious treasure, the dragon opens its jaw in a snarl towards all who gaze on it. The Castle Dragon Storm Ball Statue depicts this scene in high quality polyresin with stunning, hand painted detail.
Price: $50.00
Celtic Dragon Cross Magnet Set
The Celtic Dragon Cross Magnet Set is a wonderful item for anyone who loves medieval fantasy themed decor. You can easily place any part from this set to any metal surface and decorate with a touch of make believe.
Price: $30.00
Celtic Dragon Goblet
Ideal for Celtic or gothic table styles, this striking dragon glass will set any dinner display apart from the rest. The Celtic Dragon Goblet displays dragons and various endless knot patterns along the bowl of the piece.
Price: $18.00
Celtic Dragon Throne
They say that your home is your castle and fortress, but no castle is complete without a throne. This Celtic Dragon Throne is made from cold cast resin and allows you the opportunity to seat yourself like a true dragon warrior would.
Price: $1,200.00
Celtic Dragon Wine Goblet
Dragons are one of the most powerful images of Celtic mythology, often being used as a heraldic symbol for the great and powerful. The Celtic Dragon Wine Goblet features a Celtic-style dragon with outspread wings and a barbed tail.
Price: $17.00
Celtic Dragons Mug
Dragons remain notable for their size and reptilian appearance, often appearing with fierce majesty. The Celtic Dragons Mug displays two dragons clutching an orb among a Celtic knotwork pattern.
Price: $20.00
Checkmate Dragon Ornament
The grand tree displayed within your castle hall deserves something a little more interesting than the average ball ornament. The Checkmate Dragon Ornament will add a touch of medieval magic and lore to your holiday season.
Price: $10.00
Checkmate Gray Dragon Ornament
The enchanting beast of the Checkmate Gray Dragon Ornament is sure to charm your guests this holiday season. This fantasy-inspired Christmas decoration is perfect for those inspired by the beauty and power of the medieval dragon.
Price: $10.00
Chinese Dragon Dish
The Chinese Dragon often symbolizes auspicious power, strength and good luck. Our Chinese Dragon Dish depicts one of these creatures in mid flight through both etching and sculpture for a stunning look.
Price: $58.00
Colorful Fairy with Dragon Table
Fairies are such a part of nature that butterflies often land on them, mistaking them for trees and flowers, as evidenced by the Colorful Fairy with Dragon Table. Just as these insects use her as a perch, you can use her as furniture.
Price: $440.00
Crouching Dragon Cross Thermometer
In many cultures, dragons are believed to ward off evil spirits and malevolent beings from homes. With the Crouching Dragon Cross Thermometer, you can hope to ward off inclement weather every day with the help of this medieval beast.
Price: $15.00
Crystal Cave Dragon Paperweight
Dragons inhabit a variety of spaces, though they prefer caves due to their typically massive size and reclusive natures. The Crystal Cave Dragon Paperweight displays a stunning fantasy artwork showing a dragon in its chosen cave.
Price: $7.00
Curious Dragon Utility Holder
What is the best way to make your desk your own? Decorate it with all the things you love! Dragon lovers will be enthused and stunned when they witness this Curious Dragon Utility Holder inquisitively inspecting all that it contains.
Price: $15.00
Demon Dragon Sword Plaque
A lot can be said about a ruler by the sword they carry. Make sure you keep your subjects cowering every time you brandish yours. The Demon Dragon Sword Plaque will strike fear in them all, securing your reign of terror.
Price: $140.00
Double Dragon Alchemy Plaque
The concept of yin-yang appears throughout Chinese alchemy, as does the image of the dragon. The Double Dragon Alchemy Plaque creates a twist on the usual symbols in a unique design by artist Maxine Miller.
Price: $37.00
Double Dragon Chalice
Hand painted to look like an ancient golden cup, the Double Dragon Chalice is a magnificent medieval drinkware choice. The cast resin stemmed drinking cup features two highly detailed dragons on each side in dark metallic silver.
Price: $35.00
Double Dragon Heart Goblet
Textured and delicately hand painted to mimic the looks of stone and dragon scale, the Double Dragon Heart Goblet depicts intricately detailed dragons posed with their heads together and wings outspread, creating the shape of a heart.
Price: $17.50
Double Dragon Journal
The Double Dragon Journal is sure to keep intruders and interlopers out of your most private of thoughts. Who would really be foolish enough to cross one dragon just to read a diary, much less two dragons?
Price: $17.00
Double Dragon Leather Journal
The Double Dragon Leather Journal is a leather-bound book that is perfectly suited for a variety of uses. The cover of this attractive book features a pair of intertwined dragons, which has been embossed into the leather cover.
Price: $26.00
Double Dragon Skull Goblet
The Double Dragon Skull Goblet features not one, but two dragons with their claws clutched around a frightful human skull. Its intricate textures and hand-painted details evoke the look of red dragon scale and ancient dark stone.
Price: $17.50
Double Dragon Table
Welsh mythology tells the story of two dragons locked in a deadly battle beneath the earth. These days, dragons just give each other the silent treatment. The Double Dragon Table puts a pane of glass over this passive-aggressive feud.
Price: $360.00
Double Dragon With Sword Wall Plaque
The Double Dragon with Sword Wall Plaque is made of poly-resin that is finished in brushed silver. These two dragons are gripping a medieval sword. The Double Dragon with Sword Wall Plaque measures 14.5 inches.
Price: $21.00
Double Dragons Wine Goblet
Dragons are one of the most powerful images of Celtic mythology, often being used as a heraldic symbol for the great and powerful. The Double Dragons Wine Goblet features two Celtic-style dragons facing each other.
Price: $17.00
Draconis Moon Dragon Wall Plaque
You have stepped into the wrong territory! Designed by fantasy artist Ruth Thompson, the Draconis Moon Dragon Wall Plaque adds an element of fantasy to your decor. Made of cold cast resin, this plaque is expertly painted by hand.
Price: $120.00
Dragon and Castle with Sword Wall Plaque
The Dragon and Castle with Sword Wall Plaque is made of cold cast resin. It features a dragon climbing an old castle tower. His wings are curled around the castle wall, and his tail is wrapped around the bottom of the blade.
Price: $30.00
Dragon and Helmet Pen Holder
This mighty dragon must have defeated a noble knight, or at least claimed his helmet as its own. The Dragon and Helmet Pen Holder turns this medieval fantasy image into a fun and useful desk accent for holding pens, pencils, and more.
Price: $30.00
Dragon and Skull Miniature Set
Now you can enhance any surface with a Dragon and Skull Miniature Set. Easily introduce some medieval fantasy with these unique accent pieces, which will have everyone wanting their own fantasy inspired minis for themselves.
Price: $21.00
Dragon Base Shot Glass Set
Nothing evokes grandeur quite like dragons. The Dragon Base Shot Glass Set is an impressive accent for entertaining guests as well as a statement piece for collecting and display. It is hand painted to look like ancient stone.
Price: $22.00
Dragon Beauty Mirror
Purple is often associated with magic, power, and grandeur. With the Dragon Beauty Mirror, inspired by the artwork of renowned fantasy artist Anne Stokes, you can have the most stunning wall mirror, perfect for any dragon lover.
Price: $56.00
Dragon Blood Potion Bottle
With a fire lit beneath your cauldron, you can conjure up elixirs using the magical components you store in these bottles. The Dragon Blood Potion Bottle offers you a creative option for holding all of your favorite ingredients.
Price: $30.00
Dragon Bookend Set
Drawing inspiration from the grand gothic cathedrals of the Renaissance, the Dragon Bookend Set are a pair of magnificent decorations that feature detailed dragon heads rendered in a stone gray form that is fit for architecture.
Price: $36.00
Dragon Bottle Holder
Dragons are known for their temperamental natures, as seen in the design of this unique fantasy accent. The Dragon Bottle Holder displays a dark dragon letting out a mighty roar while it rests on the floor of its cave.
Price: $48.00
On Sale For: $41.00
Dragon Cell Phone Holder
Dragon enthusiasts will find no better way to celebrate their obsession than with this clever prop! The Dragon Cell Phone Holder lets you rest your smartphone or other device in the claws of a wicked-looking black dragon.
Price: $24.00
Dragon Chalice
The Dragon Chalice is a great way to drink in style. This chalice would look great if used as an attractive decoration around any or room. Even better, the addition of an inset makes this a great drinking vessel, too.
Price: $24.00
Dragon Claw Glass Chalice
Serve up your favorite drinks the dragon way when you add the Dragon Claw Glass Chalice to your drinkware collection. This dragon glass has a cast resin stem and base shaped like a scaly dragon claw emerging from short waves.
Price: $18.00

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