Leather Arrow Quivers

No archer worth their arrows would ever conceive to leave home without their quiver. Arrows just do not fit into many pockets if any at all and there are not many archers that are competent and confident enough to depend on just a single arrow. Thus, the quiver becomes a necessity. If you find yourself in need of a new quiver replacement or otherwise then you could not find yourself in a better place than here, at Dark Knight Armourys Leather Arrow Quivers section. Here, you will find all of our quivers, from our simple medieval styled quivers to our elaborate fantasy themed quivers. The only things they have in common are leather construction and that they all hold arrows equally well. We have quivers to be worn on the back, quivers to be worn on the side, and even quiver kits, so that you can put together the quiver together yourself. These quivers do exactly what you need them to do. They will hold arrows whether you are actually using those arrows by hunting or shooting or just walking the fair like a stylish archer.
Archers Leather Quiver
Whether you need to carry traditional style arrows while hunting your favorite game, or LARP weaponry for an exciting adventure to a distant kingdom, the Archers Leather Quiver is the perfect assist for whichever role you choose.
Price: $55.00
Crossbow Bolt Quiver
One responsibility of a medieval soldier was to always keep his ammunition protected because, without his bolts, his crossbow was useless. Make sure your crossbow bolts are kept safe in style with the Crossbow Bolt Quiver.
Price: $36.00
Crossbow Quiver with 3 Bolts
Whether you are looking for a functional quiver to store your crossbow bolts while shooting or you are merely looking to accent your decor with historical appeal, the Crossbow Quiver with 3 Bolts is perfect for accomplishing your task.
Price: $44.00
Customizable Belt Harness
Do you ever wish that you could change your sword frog into a quiver, or your quiver into a sword frog? This Customizable Belt Harness allows you to do just that, possessing an effective and easy-to-use modular design.
Price: $22.00
On Sale For: $18.00
Dragonscale Quiver
Nothing screams bold and fearless adventurer like an accessory crafted from rare materials. As its name suggests, the Dragonscale Quiver looks like it was pieced together from dragon scales, one of the rarest of fantasy items.
Price: $75.00
Elven Hunter Leather Quiver
Our leather Elven Hunter Quiver is made from quality 7/8 oz. leather and can hold up to 2 dozen traditional arrows. The Elven Hunter Quiver comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and is available in many colors.
Price: $40.00
Elven Leaf Leather Quiver
Embrace the beauty of nature on the battlefield, while enjoying reliably quick access to your arrows with the finely crafted Elven Leaf Leather Quiver. Emulating leaves on a log, it is designed to perfectly complete your woodland look.
Price: $85.00
Elven Leather Belt Quiver
Our leather Elven Belt Quiver is made from 7/8 oz. leather and can hold at least 2 dozen arrows. The Elven Belt Quiver hangs on either side and will fit up to a 3 inch wide belt. Our leather quiver is great for traditional archery.
Price: $60.00
Elven Style Leather Quiver
This Elven Style Quiver is great for LARP or for you archers at the faire. It is available in brown, black, blue, red and green. Our Elven quiver has a diameter of 3.5 inches and is approx. 19 inches deep!
Price: $40.00
Filigree Elven Quiver
For an archer looking to elevate their kit to a more elegant design, this Filigree Elven Quiver makes a perfect choice. This archery accessory is great for LARP campaigns as well as Medieval reenactments or modern archery events.
Price: $89.00
Hawthorn Quiver
As wild and wonderful as the woods, the Hawthorn Quiver is perfect for keeping your arrows close at hand. This high quality leather quiver is accented with green leather leaves that cascade down its length in a slight spiral.
Price: $120.00
Hunters Leather Quiver
Made from chromed tanned leather, this stylish quiver is perfect for traditional archery or medieval re-enactments. You can use this quiver to hold either LARP arrows or classic arrows, the depth works well for both.
Price: $35.00
Imperial Quiver
Unmatchable skills have earned you renown. The king entrusts you with the task of capturing the great stag that roams the forest. The beast is clever, but with the Imperial Quiver over your shoulder, you are successful in the endeavor.
Price: $118.00
Hunters Quiver
Every archer needs a strong bow, arrows that fly straight and true, and a trusty Large Hunters Quiver. Keep your arrows within reach with this modern interpretation of a traditional accessory that can complete any outfit or look.
Price: $40.00
Leather Laced Shoulder Quiver
A quiver is something that every archer simply has to have. Belts, swords, axes, and other accessories are all somewhat optional, but a quiver, like this Leather Laced Shoulder Quiver, holds arrows, which are his primary defense.
Price: $163.35
Rangers Leather Quiver
This Hunters Leather Quiver is made of suede and features a contrasting color with a cutout sewn on top of the body. This back quiver has a harness system to keep it secure, which includes a strap to go around your upper chest and waist.
Price: $94.00
Simple Archer's Quiver
An archers bow might be his bread and butter, but that does not make their quiver any less important. After all, if an archer did not have their Simple Archers Quiver slung over their shoulder, where would they hold their arrows?
Price: $45.00
Simple Belt Quiver
Not all archers abide by the same quivers. Some prefer to draw over the shoulder, while others might prefer to draw arrows from their waist. For those who prefer the latter, this Simple Belt Quiver is the perfect accessory for them.
Price: $74.25
Tree of Gondor Quiver
If anyone ever asks which nation holds your allegiance and you find yourself wearing this quiver, you need only turn around and show them. This Tree of Gondor Quiver is an accessory that no man of Gondor should ever be without.
Price: $75.00
Wildling Quiver
Consider all the roles available to the adventurer that includes the Wildling Quiver in their LARP arsenal. This archery accessory proves useful whether you unleash your skills within a high fantasy realm or a more traditional setting.
Price: $108.00
Woodland Archers Quiver
A stylish and practical means to store your arrows for easy access, be it in battle or practice, the Woodland Archers Quiver features an intricate engraved wood grain pattern for the perfect blend of beauty and functionality.
Price: $75.00

"I want to take this moment to say that I am impressed at the service from your business.' First of all, some of the wooden swords I wanted were not in stock and someone called to ask if I'd like a different item. I did of course so that made me happy. Then I received them the day after they were shipped. Just in time for our re-enactors to use them at that nights practice. I was so relieved. I am the Educational Entertainment Director for the Celtic Society of West TN and our annual festival is Nov. 1st. We are doing a battle scene from the first century AD where Boudicca, the Iceni Warrior Queen from Britain, tries to defend against the invading Romans. Thank you so much for being courteous and prompt!"

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