Dragon Ashtrays

A nice little dragon ashtray from Dark Knight Armoury is a great way to add a touch of dragon style to your decor, while also expanding on your collection of great dragon gear, too. And do not forget that when your guests catch sight of one of these great little ashtrays, they will not be able to help but comment on your great little dragon item. Our dragon ashtrays come in a wide variety of different styles, ranging in shape and form. Many of them are impressive little displays that are worth being called collectibles, as well as little dragon statues in their own right, ensuring that even if you do not smoke, these ashtrays are great little items to include in your decor, either as decorations or as trays for holding all manner of other little items. Of course, being ashtrays, they are also perfect for supporting cigarettes and holding ash, and your guests will not be able to help but show some awe when they set their cigarette down on one of these ashtrays. Some take the shape of a dragons tail, while others hold the ashes within the folds of a dragons wings. Others feature the typical shape of a traditional ashtray that is been infused with touches of true medieval and draconic style. And best of all, our the dragon ashtrays here at Dark Knight Armoury are extremely affordable, which means that no matter your budget, you are bound to find an ashtray here that you can use, whether you are looking for a place to set your cigarette down or just looking for a little thing to put on your coffee table.
Celtic Dragon Ashtray
A dragon slayer from the silver screen once claimed that dragons fed on death and ash. If this is true, than the dragon on this Celtic Dragon Ashtray must be a happy one, because it is a good position to get a steady supply of ash!
Price: $12.00
Celtic Dragon Ashtray
Acting as the perfect fusion of fantasy and function, the Celtic Dragon Ashtray is a great decor item or collectible that features a realistic and life-like dragon integrated seamlessly into the appearance of the fantasy ashtray.
Price: $18.00
Celtic Dragon Tray
Capable of being used in a variety of ways, the Celtic Dragon Tray displays a fierce dragon overlooking a round bowl with Celtic patterning. Wings spread to each side of the dragon, and its tail curls around the edge of the tray.
Price: $15.00
Dragon Pentagram Ashtray
Every aspect of your home decor should reflect your unique tastes and personal style. With both Wiccan and fantasy elements, the Dragon Pentagram Ashtray can be easily implemented into any design for its function and decoration.
Price: $8.00
Fiery Dragon Ashtray
Fire-breathing creatures themselves, dragons are the perfect animal to keep around smoke because, well, it just makes sense! This Fiery Dragon Ashtray is a unique way to implement your love of dragons into every part of your home.
Price: $8.00
Furled Dragon Wing Ashtray
As creatures of fire and brimstone, most dragons are not afraid to be around a bit of smoke. That makes them a perfect smoking companion, especially when they plan to be as helpful and useful as this Furled Wing Dragon Ashtray.
Price: $19.50

"To start off I would just like to say... I am VERY satisfied with my purchase. I am Very Impressed with the quality of the metal when it arrived. For the price I doubt I could find better. As for the shipping and arrival.. Very timely, took a week to the day with just standard shipping and in my opinion is a very solid process. I have waited up to 2 months for swords in the past with other websites. The Chainmail shirt I ordered was heavy and well fitted, Which for not crafting to measurements I would say was very lucky or excellent craftsmanship to make the chain mail as well fitting as it is. All around I would give you 10 out of 10. I will definitely be using your site from now on for all my medieval needs. "

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