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The full suit of armor is not only iconic of the knight, but also a classic decoration that was found in many a castle or fortress during medieval times. Now, Dark Knight Armoury is happy to provide a selection of full sized knight statues, so that you can include such a formidable, impressive, and traditional display in the comforts of your own humble abode. The simplest part about these statues is that they depict a fully armored knight, yet even that is not very simple at all, when you consider how visually complex and appealing a full suit of armor truly is. Stunning in appearance, each of these full-sized knight statues are quite the sight to see, possessing all of the intricate flutes and ridges that were used in plate armor, particularly in gothic plate armor, to provide both decoration and added defense. Many also feature decorative edging and embossing, which only makes the knight statue look that much more decorative in appearance. Of course, a knight is nothing without his weapon and so many also come complete with a weapon that is held in-hand, although the weapon varies from knight to knight. Please note that these are full statues, and the armor cannot be removed and used separately, nor can the weapons typically be taken from the knights grasp. They make for great centerpieces in virtually any style of historic or medieval theme or display, and are even noticeable when placed in corners, if only because their impressive look is unmistakable in appearance. Set one or two in your entry-way, where they will gladly greet all who enter your domicile, or add one to your office your hall to make the room a bit more appealing and a bit more suited to your personal tastes. Or you can, of course, pick up one of these full size knight statues from Dark Knight Armoury to give as gift to any medieval fantastic that you might know and care for in your life.
Ornate Medieval Knight Statue
Nothing adds medieval style to a home quite like a life sized statue of an armour-wearing knight. The Ornate Medieval Knight Statue is just that, depicting a knight standing in a full suit of intricately detailed medieval armour.
Price: $1,500.00

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