Skeletons and Skulls

There is beauty in the bones, and Dark Knight Armoury has just the section to help you see it! Our Skeletons and Skulls section is rife with all sorts of intriguing objects, all designed to resemble its namesake, allowing you to bring a touch of deathly gothic style to your decor by adding some human, and non-human, skulls to your decorating scheme. And better yet, the skulls come in a variety of different forms and functions, making them a great choice for a variety of uses. We offer skull banks, for those who need to store money and change safely and securely, as well as skull lamps and skull candle holders, for those who need to bring some light to their area. And for the purist, nothing beats our selection of skull heads, which depict skulls of every shape and style - plain skulls, tattooed skulls, monster skulls, fanged skulls, colored skulls and more are all what you will find in this section! And bound in with our skulls are skeletal accents as well, which depict more bones than just the head, and often recreate the whole skeletal frame in shocking and intriguing ways, which usually always makes for an interesting accent, whether it is one of our skeletal incense burners or another piece of our great skeletal home decor. And of course, for those looking to wear their bony style, we also have skull and skeleton t-shirts. There is a little bit of everything here in this skeletons and skulls category, and as you take the time to browse it, do not be surprised if you find yourself opening up to the idea of showing off some skulls or bones in your decor, because a lot of these pieces are so appealing that you will soon forget their mortal look and only see their fantastic style!
Skeleton and Skull Ashtrays
An ashtray is more than just a place to tap your cigarette or toss loose change or spare refuse that collects in your pocket throughout the day. One look at the skeleton and skull ashtrays found here at Dark Knight Armoury and you will see that ashtrays can also be fine little decorations, as well as vivid and impressive collectibles to own and enjoy, too!
Skeleton Candleholders, Skeleton Votive Holders, and Skull Candle Holders
The eerie flickering of candle light over bone is an iconic scene right out of horror, as well as an intriguing touch of style to add to any decor. Real bone is hard to come by, though, and it also raises a lot of difficult-to-answer questions. So it is far better to avoid the hassle, visit us here at Dark Knight Armoury, and get one of our skeleton candleholders instead. They look just as good as the real deal.
Skeleton Home Decor, Skeleton Furniture, Skeleton Boxes, and Skull Wall Art
Only the truly brave can venture into a tomb that is filled with skeletons and skulls, which really makes it hard to get good, gothic home decor pieces, let us tell you. But thanks to our efforts here at Dark Knight Armoury, we have gathered together an array of cool and creepy skeleton home decor items so that you can bring some bony style to your decor with ease.
Skeleton Incense Burners, Skeleton Incense Stick Trays, and Skull Incense Burners
Even the dead sometimes like to back and enjoy the finer things in life! And that has never been truer than with these skeleton incense burners! Ironically enough, incense is sometimes used to pay homage to the dead, and that makes these intriguing accents from Dark Knight Armoury a clever little combination for any bone enthusiast to enjoy!
Skeleton Oil Burners and Aroma Burners, Skull Oil Burners, and Skull Aroma Burners
You know, skulls can be somewhat relaxing at times. What times, you ask? Well, when they provide a bit of warmth, as well as the fine scent of some heated oils! At Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a number of skeleton oil burners and aroma burners that are perfect for casual use, and will prove to you just how relaxing and appealing a skeleton or skull can actually be.
Skull Heads, Decorative Skulls, Gothic Skull Heads, and Demon Skull Heads
Nothing embodies iconic gothic style quite like the classic skull. The face of the skull is the iconic face of death itself, and even unadorned, it is nothing short of classic in its appeal. At Dark Knight Armoury, we show that there is a lot you can do with the skull, and we do so through our skull heads category, where you will find dozens of iterations of this classic symbol.
Skull Money Banks, Skull Coin Banks, and Skull Piggy Banks
Loose change can be a hassle to deal with sometimes. It clutters your pockets or your purse, and if you do not have a place to keep it, it can be easy to lose track of, too. Well, no more of that. At Dark Knight Armoury, we have a number of skull money banks that can be trusted to keep track of your change and your cash, while also bringing some great gothic style to your decor, too!
Skull T-Shirts, Skeleton T-Shirts, and Gothic Skull Shirts
Skulls have always been something of a popular decoration, having been used since medieval times and before as sacred items. Dark Knight Armoury is just continuing that trend of using skulls as personal adornment, in the form of any one of our ultra-cool Skull T-Shirts. Not only do they depict skulls, though, but also skulls in the most wild and impressive of situations.

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