Dragons have long been a common symbol of the middle ages, and here at Dark Knight Armoury, we pride ourselves on offering an absolutely staggering selection of dragon products, featuring traditional and non-traditional dragons inspired by myth, legend and fantasy from across the globe, in all manner of different forms suited for home decor and collection. The most common type of dragon pictured is based on the typical European dragon, which is descended from myths and images found in Greek mythology. This creature is a grand, pseudo-reptilian beast that features a fearsome countenance and has gradually evolved to possess long wings for flight, an elongated jaw for biting, and a serpentine tail for smashing. The other style of dragon is the oriental dragon, which is more serpentine, and usually is depicted as wingless and benevolent. Much of our own dragon merchandise, whether it is a dragon statue, a dragon figurine, a dragon box, a dragon book, a dragon lamp, or a dragon clock, is crafted from cold cast resin and features an impressive level of detail, although this is the general rule and is not always true for all items. If you are a collector, our selection of statues and figurines is nothing short of staggering, as is our selection of other dragon items, like dragon wind chimes, dragon mirrors, dragon lamps, and other dragon home decor items. Even also have dragon shirts, so that the collector and enthusiast can wear their favorite creature wherever they go, whenever they want. The long and the short of it is that here, you will find all of our dragon merchandise and gear, which ensures that when you are looking for something that is got that medieval dragon look and feel, you had best be looking here in the dragon section of Dark Knight Armoury.
Dragon Ashtrays
A nice little dragon ashtray from Dark Knight Armoury is a great way to add a touch of dragon style to your decor, while also expanding on your collection of great dragon gear, too. And do not forget that when your guests catch sight of one of these great little ashtrays, they will not be able to help but comment on your great little dragon item.
Dragon Candleholders
If you are looking for something a little more distinctive and unique, then why not try illuminating your abode with a bit of candlelight? And for a truly medieval style, do so with one of Dark Knight Armourys fantastic dragon candleholders, all of which feature impressively styled and detailed dragons for you to collect, display, and admire.
Dragon Clocks
If the rumors and myths are true, the one thing that dragons have plenty of is time, and that is why they make excellent time-keepers. So why not let a dragon keep time for you, by adding one of Dark Knight Armourys great dragon clocks to your decor? Not only are they great little display pieces, but they also happen to be quite budget-friendly, too!
Dragon Globes
Have you ever shaken a dragon? It sounds like it would be quite the mistake to make. Yet, when it comes to these Dragon Globes from Dark Knight Armoury, it is not. In fact, these fantasy styled dragon water globes are meant to be shaken, and the dragons involved are typically too busy enjoying their position to do more then enjoy a good shake.
Dragon Home Decor, Dragon Accessories, and Dragon Gifts
For an enthusiast of dragons, a few statues and collectibles just is not enough. We understand, and that is why at Dark Knight Armoury, we endeavor to provide a selection of dragon home decor items that allow a dragon enthusiast to really surround and immerse themselves in a world filled with dragons, ranging from decorations to furniture and more!
Dragon Incense Burners
One would almost expect a dragon to smell of smoke and brimstone, but that is just not the case. At least, not with these dragon incense burners, which are available in Dark Knight Armoury! Instead, these dragons tend to smell of sandal wood, dragon blood, and other succulent incense scents that, when burned, enhance the smell of your environs.
Dragon Jewelry Boxes
Dragons love treasure, and that makes them the perfect guardians, as they are loathe to let anything valuable slip out of their claws. And luckily, these dragon jewelry boxes will find your trinkets to be quite valuable, which means that these boxes come with the added benefit of featuring a guardian dragon, built right into the box!
Dragon Lamps
Not only is a dragon lamp a great and functional light piece to include in your home decor, it is also a potential dragon trophy to show off to all those who enter into your domicile. Our dragon lamps come in a variety of shapes to fill a variety of positions and needs, ranging from hanging lamps to wall lamps to table lamps and more.
Dragon Letter Openers
At Dark Knight Armoury, we pride ourselves on offering some of the most helpful dragons on the market. Here in our letter openers section, you will find a number of helpful little dragons, all of which ready to offer up their sword for your personal use, either as a letter opener, a pick, or even as a little decoration to admire on your desk.
Dragon Mirrors
Mirror, mirror, on the wall, you are totally the coolest of them all! At least, that is what you will think every time you catch a glimpse of yourself in one of these wicked looking dragon mirrors from Dark Knight Armoury. Combining form and function into one great package, these mirrors will show your reflection, as well as their own great style.
Dragon Sandtimers
Sometimes, an archaic item just needs a touch of added style to reinvent itself. Given that it is widely considered to have been invented in medieval Europe, there is no better creature to add to an hourglass then the medieval dragon, which has led to the creation of several stunning items located here in Dragon Sandtimer section of Dark Knight Armoury!
Dragon Statues and Dragon Figurines
Dragons are a classic medieval beast, and as a provider of great medieval merchandise, Dark Knight Armoury has a reason to continue in our endeavor to offer you the widest selection of dragon statues possible. Here in our dragon statues section, you will find an huge assortment of dragons, so much so that virtually anyone could find the dragon of their dreams here.
Dragon T-Shirts
There probably is not an animal on the face of the planet that can compete, blow for blow, with a dragon. With great wings for flight, fearsome claws and teeth for battle, and fiery breath that incinerates its enemies, there is just not much chance for competition. And that is why Dark Knight Armoury features this amazing beast on so many awe-inspiring dragon t-shirts.
Dragon Wind Chimes
what is the most peaceful sound you have ever heard a dragon make? Whatever it is, it likely does not quite compare to the soothing, dulcet, and oftentimes hauntingly inharmonic chimes that can be heard anytime the wind gently billows through any one of the dragon wind chimes that can be found here within the confines of Dark Knight Armoury.

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