Civil War Rifles

While the pistol was the preferred side arm of a soldier in the American Civil War, the rifle remained their preferred primary weapon, and for good reason. At Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a number of incredible, authentic looking civil war rifles and civil war muskets, all directly patterned off of the weapons most used by both Confederate and Union troops. Some of the most popular weapons of Civil War soldiers are recreated here as stunning replicas that have the exact look and feel of working weapons. These weapons have a striking look to them, resembling real rifles. They even feature functional lock mechanisms and some possess moving triggers, although it should be noted that despite a realistic look and any amount of moving, working parts, these rifles are made as replicas and cannot be converted into working firearms that fire live bullets. Being completely safe, they are great for the collector who has young children around, as well as being a great choice for the collector who wants a stunning display without any of the hassle or cost that comes from tracking down an authentic Civil War Era rifle. Set on a stand on the mantle, any one of these Civil War rifles would make a great display item and conversation piece. With their realistic look, they would also be a great prop to carry along the next time you put on the grey uniform of the Confederate Forces or the Navy Blue uniform of the Union. If you have got a love of American history or if you have always wanted a Civil War rifle, then Dark Knight Armoury is the place to look.
Black 1853 Civil War Enfield Rifle Musket
The British pattern 1853 rifle musket was the second most widely used infantry weapon of the Civil War. Both Federal and Confederate troops used the rifle throughout and almost one million were shipped from British manufacturers.
Price: $225.00
Black 1860 P-60 Enfield Rifle
The Enfield Short Rifle was a percussion-lock rifle used extensively by both the North and South in the Civil War. It was generally well regarded for its accuracy and reliability. It was also used by British infantry of the period.
Price: $189.00
Civil War Black Sharps Carbine Rifle
The sharps carbine rifle is a shorter version of the traditional sharps rifle from the Civil War. The Civil War Black Sharps Carbine Rifle is an unmistakable replica of this gun, used by both sides in the war and into the late 1800s.
Price: $192.00
Civil War Gray Sharps Carbine Rifle
A favorite of Union and Confederacy cavalrymen, the sharps carbine rifle featured a small size and an advanced breech loading mechanism. The Civil War Gray Sharps Carbine Rifle is an authentic model of this historically revered firearm.
Price: $192.00
Civil War Sharps Rifle
Any American history buff or collector of military memorabilia has likely heard of the Civil War Sharps Rifle. Introduced in 1859, this classic firearm was used by several marksmen of the Union during the American Civil War.
Price: $216.00

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