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The lands of Middle Earth were home to many powerful warriors, who wore impressive suits of armor and donned stunning helmets to protect themselves from harm, while also creating a distinctive and unique look that suited their character. And that is why Dark Knight Armoury is happy to provide a number of authentic Lord of the Rings Armours and Helmets. Hundreds of warriors fought throughout the course of the epic saga, and many different styles of armor were seen over the course of the three films. Some of the most popular and lasting helmets were, of course, the Helmet of the Witch-King and the Helmet of Sauron, although these are by no means the only ones that are offered here. Helmets fit for the Riders of Rohan are available, as are helmets that are perfect for Gondors guards. We even offer elven helmets that perfectly suit the immortal elves that inhabit Middle Earth. And the best part is that none of the Lord of the Rings helms offered here are cheap imitations, no. They are high quality pieces that are crafted from quality leather and steel plates, which makes them just as effective in a LARP fight or a brief reenactment skirmish as they are as stunning collectibles that are displayed on your mantel! So if you want a Lord of the Rings Helmet or some Lord of the Rings armor that does not just look good, but also works well too, then you check us out here at Dark Knight Armoury, where we are happy to provide just that.
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"Let me begin my saying that you have demonstrated the utmost in costumer satisfaction in hanging the challenges with my order!! My compliments to you. I truly appreciate you understanding of my situation and the kindness extended to help resolve the presenting dilemma. Having my 1st and only child's birthday is a high priority which ordering this costume will only make it complete!! "

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