The Tudors

Named after the Tudor dynasty of English kings, the Showtime original series, The Tudors, centers around the life of King Henry VIII, who ruled England for just shy of forty years, from 1509 to 1547. At Dark Knight Armoury, we carry a number of licensed products that are derived from the clothing and arms of this series, allowing fans to garb themselves in the true fashions of an English king. The series, which consisted of four seasons, which follow the life of King Henry VIII in his various endeavors, ranging from the conflicts with France to his numerous wives, down even to the English reformation, caused when England split with the Catholic Church. The series shows Henry VIII progressing from a young king in Season 1 to an aged and dying monarch by the end of Season 4, and it addresses, with added drama, much of the intrigue that Henry faced in his court life. In this section, you will find the raiment and garb befitting a young king, including trousers, shirts, pants, and more, all in various styles to better create an image of a truly regal and powerful king. Also included are various other little accents from the series, including a ceremonial sword that was designed for use specifically during the series. Even though the series is now ended and complete, the appeal of it is far from dulled, and the kingly style of the garments and pieces featured in The Tudors section of Dark Knight Armoury makes it a fantastic place to look when you want kingly garments, either for your own Henry VIII costume, or for any look that deserves all the kingly glory that is due a ruling monarch.
King Henry Brocade Pants
A perfect complement to our Black Velvet Doublet, these black-on-black brocade paned pants have open slashes and a button-up front. They create a very noble look. They are offered in small/medium or large/x-large.
Price: $99.00
King Henry Courtly Pants
These are period black knee britches with a royal satin like finish. They sport a button-up front and lace-up back with laced calves. Made from rayon, they were inspired by the Showtime Original Series - The Tudors.
Price: $79.00
King Henry Royal Doublet
From the award winning Showtime series The Tudors, we bring you the King Henry Royal Doublet. This King Henry Royal Doublet is made of faux leather and cotton velvet that come together to make this rich doublet truly fit for a king.
Price: $119.00

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