Medieval Books and DVDs

As a learning resource, the books and videos from Dark Knight Armoury almost cannot be beat. We have a great variety of books and videos on different subjects, ranging from fact books to encyclopedic compendiums filled to the brim with all sorts of intriguing and useful little facts. It really does not matter what you wish to learn about, so long as it comes from the medieval eras. If you wish to study and learn about historical swords, you will find those books here. If it is medieval warfare that interests you, and the groups that fought there in, you will find those books here. We have books on castles, and the siege weapons used to breach them. From books containing general and fun information about dozens of different subjects to amazing resources that give in depth details about things like medieval armor and the techniques used in its construction. We even have a number of books that detail fighting techniques with several different styles of weapons, including swords, axes, and other such medieval weapons of war. And if, perhaps, you are more of a visual learner, we also have several videos available that can be used either as a visual supplement to your reading, or as a stand-alone resource to learn new and valuable skills. If medieval era history and combat techniques are among your interests and hobbies, then look to Dark Knight Armoury to provide you with any number of awesome books and videos. Each and every one is filled to the brim with great facts that would interest almost any medieval era enthusiast.
Medieval Arms Books and Armor Books
If you find yourself curious about medieval arms and armour, then consider picking up one of Dark Knight Armourys medieval arms and armour books. Every one of these arms and armour books is an amazing resource on the equipment of the medieval era.
Medieval Castle Books
Dark Knight Armoury offers a host of different books about medieval castles. Each medieval castle book contains detailed historical accounts about castles, ranging from why the castle was built to the defenses used to protect it, and much more.
Medieval History Books
Dark Knight Armourys medieval history books are focused on, of course, medieval history particularly on military history. Many of our medieval history books are all about the fighting forces that made up armies of men during the medieval ages.
Medieval Sword Books and Knife Books
For any of Dark Knight Armourys books on swords or knives, look no further than our medieval sword and knife books collection. Any one of our medieval sword and knife books would make for a fantastic gift for anyone who loves both swords and history.
Medieval Combat DVDs
Dark Knight Armoury offers a number of great sword and combat DVDs that are fantastic for instructing and entertaining anyone who has the desire to learn! Our DVDs are fantastic for visual learners and are actually quite entertaining to watch, as well.
Sword Fighting Books and Combat Books
Reading a sword fighting or combat book is a fantastic way to expose oneself to the rigors and techniques that a swordsmen or warrior uses during combat. Combine that with practice and effort, and anyone can become a student of medieval martial arts.
Fantasy Novels
Do you long for an escape from reality? Does the everyday grind of day to day tedium wear down your mind? Perhaps an escape is just what you need. And there is no better way to escape from reality then by curling up with a great fantasy novel. And luckily, you can find several intriguing and entertaining novels here at Dark Knight Armoury.

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