Pirate Jewelry

Pirates always have distinctive jewelry, and if you are shopping at Dark Knight Armoury, you can bet that your pirate jewelry will be quite the sight, indeed. We have classic pirate medallions, pendants, and necklaces, as well as other eccentric pieces like pirate rings and pirate bracelets that are perfect for any swashbuckling sailor on the high seas. Sometimes, pirate jewelry is simple. Sometimes, it takes the classic shape of a typical pirate coin, or it features traditional pirate symbols like the Jolly Roger or the skull and crossbones. Other times, it is less-so, possessing a more complex design that features classic pirate symbolism and lore woven into its very design, while featuring a myriad of other designs that render each piece a stunning example of true pirate style, at its finest. And with so many different pieces to choose from, you will virtually always be guaranteed a variety of pirate pieces, which means that your ideal pirate costume can look subtly different every time you wear it, just be mixing and matching various pieces of pirate jewelry! Wear a pirate coin necklace when you want to show off your wealth as a pirate lord, or wrap a few evil Jolly Roger rings around your fingers that even when you are swinging a sword, your enemies can see how well-adorned and how successful you are as a pirate. And because pirates are always looking for a good, quick way to get something shiny and valuable for a bargain, Dark Knight Armoury is bound to be their best friend, because most of our pirate jewelry is offered at quite the bargain, ensuring that you can get exactly what you want without having to spend too much of your hard-earned doubloons!
Pirate Bracelets
It should come as no surprise that pirates love jewelry, as much because it is valuable as because of an interest in style and fashion, and that means that any good pirate is bound to love a good bracelet, which is why we carry a selection of pirate bracelets here at Dark Knight Armoury, so that any pirate can have a good piece of pirate wrist-wear.
Pirate Earrings, Piece of Eight Earrings, Jolly Roger Earrings and Pirate Pistol Ear Hangers
Among pirates, earrings were kind of a big deal. Among the most important reasons to wear them was status. Pirates often wore their wealth, and fine earrings indicated a successful pirate. Dark Knight Armoury offers a number of pirate earrings that will not only show your success and style as a pirate, but also help bring some of that old fashioned scallywag style into your more modern day looks, too.
Pirate Necklaces
Now, pirates were not exactly picky about jewelry, as they tended to like anything that was shiny and valuable, so pirate necklaces could actually be quite the varied category. But here at Dark Knight Armoury, we narrowed it down, instead focusing on all the pieces of neck-wear that feature a distinctive look and feel that echoes a pirate style.
Pirate Pendants
Pendants and necklaces have a remarkable similarity, but to a pirate, neck-wear is neck-wear, and as long as it is valuable and great looking, they are not likely to care. But that is ok, because at Dark Knight Armoury, we take all of the fuss out of finding pirate pendants, which makes it easy for a pirate to pick out just the accent that he or she needs.
Pirate Rings
Pirates were not a picky lot, and thus, did not usually care what form of jewelry they wore, so long as it as valuable. That would mean that any section dedicated to pirate rings could contain any form of jewelry from the times, although here at Dark Knight Armoury, our pirate rings section contains only rings that have a direct association with pirate style.

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