Military Sword Frogs

If you are planning to create your ideal military look, then you might as well go all-out and use all the right accessories. That means that Dark Knight Armoury is a great place to start putting together your look, because not only do we offer great military swords and sword belts, but also accurate and great looking military sword frogs for carrying your swords along! Virtually all of our military belts are crafted from high quality, top grain leather, ensuring that each one is a handsome accessory that will perfectly accent almost any military look. Some match up nicely with the issue dress belts and traditional military frogs of today, serving to keep a dress sword securely within reach, while others are patterned after the military sword frogs from other eras, including the Civil War and beyond, which means you can also find Confederate and Union sword frogs here too. These sword frogs are perfect for reenactments of all sorts, thanks to their authentic style and look, while also making for a great spare or replacement for any military officer who might wear a sword for dress occasions. Pair one of these military sword frogs with a good, matching military sword belt and you will have a winning combination, especially if you also happen to have a nice saber or military sword to add in to the equation. And luckily, you can pretty much find all three of those items, and so much more, right here at Dark Knight Armoury.
Belt Clip Hangers
Our Belt Clip Hangers are used for suspending scabbards that have rings on them to a belt. The Belt Clip Hanger is perfect for use with sabers and military swords. The difference in strap length will allow your sword to hang at an angle.
Price: $10.00
Black Military Dress Frog
Crafted from top grain leather, this military issue frog matches the military dress belt and securely holds your sword at a comfortable reach. It is a must-have for military looks that include a sword, either for use or decoration.
Price: $15.00
Confederate Sword Hanger
The Confederate Sword Hanger is made to clip onto an existing belt. Brass belt clip is 3 inches long. The Leather straps thread through the metal rings on your scabbard and then are secured with brass buttons to suspend the scabbard.
Price: $15.00
White Military Dress Frog
Crafted from top grain leather, this White Military Dress Frog matches issue dress belts and securely holds a sword at a comfortable reach. It is a must-have for any military look that makes use of a sword, for use or for decoration.
Price: $15.00

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