Leather Helmets

If you are looking for an alternative to a metal helmet, then look no further, because Dark Knight Armoury has a wide selection of leather helmets that are sure to fit the bill. Leather is many things, but among the more important qualities it confers to these helmets is a lightness and comfort not typically found in metal helmets. Of course, lightness typically means less protection, although the benefits of comfort and ease of movement ensure that leather remains a viable option, especially when you consider that even metal-helmet-wearing warriors will endeavor to avoid getting hit in the head. Leather just makes it easier to see the blow coming and avoid it altogether! Many of our leather helmets echo the look and style of classic medieval helmets in a lighter package, although they still offer a good level of protection that ensures when they take a hit, you are more likely to shrug it off and keep going. Others are designs that are purely out of fantasy, yet still have the effectiveness that any warrior would want in a good, solid piece of head protection. Our leather helmets are made from high quality leather, which makes it great for use as a costume piece as well as for use in LARP battles, reenactments, and sometimes, even SCA events, though you should check with your local chapter to determine rules and regulations first, as these can vary. Also note that when applicable, our leather helmets list the weight of the leather used, which determines its thickness. Some of our leather helmets even feature metal plating, which only enhances their level of defense. Do you want to keep your head protected but want something that is light, something that will not slow you down, especially when it comes to moving your head around? Pass on the all-steel helmet, because you want one of the leather helmets found right here at Dark Knight Armoury.
Assassins Leather Helmet
Join your fellow elves in an exciting journey to the human realm. Be prepared for a grand adventure and the wealth of unforgettable tales found only on the LARP battlefield with the Assassins Leather Helmet shielding your brow.
Price: $69.00
Barbarian Helm
Your enemies will tremble in fear before you when you wear this horned helm. The Barbarian Helm wraps around your head, leaving only your eyes, nose, and mouth exposed. Tall horns curve out from the sides of the helm.
Price: $371.25
Beaufort Helmet
Modeled on the Greek Corinthian helmet, this Beaufort Helmet features a classic style that is protective and recognizable, although it also features a few extra touches that help set it apart as a distinctive and unique helmet.
Price: $212.85
Conqueror's Helmet
The limbs and chest are important places to protect on the body when you enter into combat, but it is best to not forget that the head! Do not go into battle without protecting it properly in a Conquerors Helmet.
Price: $321.75
Dark Lord's Helm
There is no denying that this Dark Lords Helm is quite the intimidating sight. Studded with rows of spikes and set with fearsome horns, this is one helmet that is bound to transform any warrior into a fearsome figure.
Price: $321.75
Elven Head Band
Any true guardian of the woodland realm would be proud to own the Elven Head Band. A subtle and stylish item like this can complete any fantasy costume and will have everyone admiring the sheer elegance of this accessory.
Price: $24.00
Executioner Leather Helmet
Our Executioner Leather Helmet is made from hardened 13/15 oz. leather and is perfect for any type of re-enacting or costuming. Leather helmets are perfect for re-enactors, SCA, LARP, and even faire goers as they are lighter.
Price: $199.00
Killer's Mask
Sometimes, things look inherently evil. That does not make them bad, though. Quite the opposite, because this Killers Mask has a look that screams sinister intent and still manages to be nothing less than extraordinary.
Price: $158.40
Leather Black Knights Great Helm
Does the lack of good ventilation and general weight of a Crusaders great helm bother you? For a lighter alternative, turn instead to this Leather Black Knights Great Helm, which offers the same shape but in leather instead of steel!
Price: $98.00
Leather Greek Helmet
Our Leather Greek Helmet is made from hardened 13/15 oz. leather and is perfect for any type of re-enacting or costuming. Leather helmets are perfect for re-enactors, SCA, LARP, and even faire goers, as they are more comfortable.
Price: $185.00
Leather Helm with Nasal Guard
Our Leather Helm with Nasal Guard is made from hardened 13/15 oz. leather and is perfect for any type of re-enacting. Leather helmets are perfect for re-enactors, SCA, LARP, and even faire goers, as they are lighter and more comfortable.
Price: $150.00
Leather Japanese Mempo
A mempo, or menpo, was a piece of Japanese armor that was designed to cover and protect the face. The Leather Japanese Mempo recreates its design in quality leather so that you can armor yourself as the legendary Samurai once did.
Price: $27.00
Leather Samurai Helm
Brilliantly reproducing the ornate helmets worn by the elite Japanese warriors known as samurai, the Leather Samurai Helm is an exceptionally eye-catching helmet perfect for LARPers who desire an out of the ordinary persona.
Price: $371.25
Leather Viking Helmet
Pillaging 101 - Leave no building unburnt, keep your axe where you can reach it, and do not forget to wear a helmet! If you are a warrior looking to keep your head covered, look no further than the Leather Viking Helmet.
Price: $92.00
Odomar Viking Leather Helmet
Sharp war cries offer a terrifying warning, as the seafaring raiders reach the shore. Behind the ocular mask of the Viking Leather Helmet, fierce eyes reveal the determination of the Norse warrior boldly leading the way to battle.
Price: $232.65
Paladin's Helm
An experienced warrior and a noble, the paladin was no stranger to battle, and he or she understood that protecting oneself in battle was an important task. That is why no paladin would ride into battle without a Paladins Helm.
Price: $222.75
Praetorian Leather Crest Helm
The Praetorian Leather Crest Helm revives the Corinthian helmet that was popular during the Greek days and updates it with Roman styling and modern construction. The result is a helm befitting any Roman warrior or commander!
Price: $247.50
Valkyrie's Tiara
Divinity has its advantages, and as such, Valkyries were not typically worried about suffering any harm by mortal hands. Instead of helmets, Valkyries typically preferred ornate protectors like this elegant leather Valkyries Tiara.
Price: $123.75
War Kettle Helmet
Protecting your head is one of the most critical tasks of your armor, no matter what level of skill you possess. The War Kettle Helmet features a round steel bowl over the top of the head with a leather brim and insides.
Price: $262.35
Warriors Leather Helmet
Leather helmets are ideal for re-enactors, LARPers, and fair goers. They are lighter and more comfortable than steel, while still providing an authentic look and protection. This Warriors Leather Helmet is made from quality leather.
Price: $55.00
Woodland Leather Helmet
A ruthless battlemage with undead horde seeks to ensnare the kingdoms of this land. Warriors from every race must band together. The Woodland Leather Helmet belongs to the skilled Elven guardian whose loyalty lies with the forest.
Price: $420.75

"We love Medieval/Magical/Mythical themed stuff so so much, so we LOVE Dark Knight Armoury. In fact, we are such big fans of this theme that we named our dogs Phoenix and Gryphon, since they go with that theme. We love collecting items that relate to this theme. Of course we want absolutely everything that has a phoenix or gryphon on it, to match our dogs' names, and Dark Knight Armoury has plenty. We also love collecting dragons, unicorns, fairies, and more. In fact, we recently had a Medieval themed birthday party for our golden retriever Gryphon, and Dark Knight Armoury was perfect for prizes, goody bag items, and decorative accents for the party. Here is a collage with photos from the Medieval party, which Dark Knight Armoury was a big part of. Everyone dressed as knights at the party, with helmets and armor vests. We decorated the room with all sorts of medieval scenes, like knights jousting, a maiden in a tower, a medieval banquet, and more. We also made snacks to match, like cookie targets with pretzel arrows, torches out of ice cream cones and orangey snack flames, and crests made from cheese and crackers. We had all medieval themed games, and the guests especially loved the prizes, which included dragon and unicorn boxes and necklaces, which we got from your site. As you can see, we are definitely Dark Knight Armoury Superfans and would recommend your site to everyone!"

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