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Where there are locks, there are keys, and in dungeons, there are plenty of locks. Of course, that is not all the dungeon keys are good for. Why, at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer plenty of different sets of keys that are perfect for any medieval environment that might have need of that extra touch of security that a set of keys insinuates. After all, keys imply that there are locks, and locks mean that doors, chests, or something nearby likely has to be locked up, safe and secure. As was stated before, our keys are not just great for the dungeon, as they come in a variety of materials that make them great for virtually any location. A set of shining brass keys is perfect for new dungeon, as well as a great set of keys for a king to carry. Clean grey iron keys, conversely, are typical dungeon fare, as well as a great set for a monk to carry to secure the monastery doors. And antique, rusted metal is a great choice for pirates or true dungeon masters who want to inspire the most fear possible. There is also a set of thieves tools floating around here, which is sort of a catch-all skeleton key, assuming you are good enough to pick the lock. The jangle of keys is one of many sounds that can be heard in a dungeon, and it makes the experience seem all the more real, especially when you see and hear a set of realistic and authentic looking dungeon keys, like the ones you can get here at Dark Knight Armoury.
Antiqued Brass Jailers Keys
A good set of keys can have so many uses, as well as unlocking new doors, both metaphorically and literally! These Antiqued Brass Jailor Keys accurately recreate five traditional medieval keys that are perfect for a number of uses.
Price: $13.25
Antiqued Jailer Keys
A handful of authentic keys are just what any prison keeper or jailer needs to make the image complete, and the Antiqued Jailer Keys are just that. With their worn, cast iron finish, the keys have a historical look and appeal.
Price: $16.00
Brass Prison Keys
Looking as though they belong attached a Roman legionnaires belt, these Brass Prison Keys are a classic example of historical keys that would have been used to lock virtually anything, ranging from doors to chests and boxes.
Price: $65.00
Brass Wild West Jailer Keys
While jailors in the old west might have been tempted to lock up an outlaw and throw away the key, seldom did it happen. These Wild West Jailor Keys are the sort that a sheriff might have for locking and unlocking the cells in his jail.
Price: $30.00
Giant Fortress Keys
The Giant Fortress Keys is a set of 4 giant keys on a ring. Each key is 10 inches long and very authentic looking. Whether you need a stage prop or to give your dungeon an added look these giant fortress keys will help.
Price: $28.50
Heavy Mission Keys
If you wanted something secure in the old days you kept it under lock and key. This set of Heavy Mission Keys echoes the look of larger more secure locks by virtue of the considerable size of each and every key kept on its ring!
Price: $17.00
Iron Jailer Key Set
The craftiest, most dangerous outlaws always have loyal gangs and elaborate escape plans for whenever they are brought before the law. Make sure that your prisoners stay put by equipping yourself with the Iron Jailer Key Set.
Price: $13.75
Pirate Push Keys Set
When you are faced with an unusual lock, bring forth this equally distinct set of iron keys. Inspired by ancient designs, this Pirate Push Keys Set is fantastic for display or costume accessory. Five diverse keys hang from a sturdy ring.
Price: $14.10
Ring of Cast Dungeon Keys
A handful of authentic keys are just what any prison keeper or jailer needs to make the image of a dungeon complete. This Ring of Cast Dungeon Keys is just that, possessing unique bits based on the medieval warded lock design.
Price: $25.00
Thieves Tools
For the ultimate LARPer who has their character completely planned out, you must add this set of Thieves Tools to your costume. Place your tools in the case, roll it up, and wear it on your belt with the convenient attached belt loop.
Price: $55.00
Worn Ring of Prison Keys
This is one set of keys that would look right at home, jangling on the belt of a dungeon master or prison keeper. This Worn Ring of Prison Keys has an old cast-iron look that makes them look as if they truly belong in the medieval era.
Price: $34.00

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