Medieval Pipe Accessories

A good pipe does not stand on its own. That is why Dark Knight Armoury offers a wide selection of medieval pipe accessories that are designed to go perfectly with virtually any of our medieval pipes or our Lord of the Rings pipes. Here, you will find various pipe stands, pipe sheathes, and even tobacco pouches that make using your pipe quite easy. Among our pipe accessories, we offer three distinctive types. Pipe sheathes and pipe stands are mad directly for your pipe, while tobacco pouches are a secondary accessory that is perfect for storing away tobacco so that you can smoke your pipe whenever you please. A pipe sheath is a novel way to keep your pipe safe and secure when you are carrying it, ensuring that the wood remains scuff free and that the pipe remains dry and protected, making it an absolute must-have when it comes to taking your pipe along on journeys and trips. Pipe stands, on the other hand, are a perfect addition that will turn your pipe into a stunning display piece when it is not in use, ensuring that even when you are not smoking your pipe, you can set it up so that others can stop for a moment and appreciate the beauty of a well-crafted wood pipe. If you are planning to pick up any of our medieval pipes here at Dark Knight Armoury, make sure you visit our medieval pipe accessories, too, just to make sure that you have all the accessories you need to display, carry, and use your pipe, no matter where you take it.
Churchwarden Pipe Stand with Tamper
This high quality hardwood Pipe Stand with Tamper fits all of our churchwarden pipes excluding the Russet Pipe and Strider Pipe. It also comes with a beautiful tamper.
Price: $19.99
On Sale For: $17.00
Leather Tobacco Pouch
This Leather Tobacco Pouch is made from high quality leather. Our leather tobacco pouch will keep your tobacco nice and fresh, making it a great accessory for anyone who enjoys smoking.
Price: $34.99
On Sale For: $31.00
Ranger Pipe Rock Stand
This realistic stone sculpture is made of clay and is finished to look a rock. The Ranger Pipe Rock Stand comes complete with realistic moss and a felt base to protect the finest surfaces.
Price: $19.99
On Sale For: $17.00
Ranger Pipe Sheath
Protect your Ranger pipe when you are not using it with our faux leather Ranger Pipe Sheath. This protective sheath keeps your pipe safe and dry when it is not in use.
Price: $19.99
On Sale For: $17.00
White Wizard Pipe Stand with Tamper
This White Wizard Pipe Stand with Tamper is made entirely of wood. The White Wizard stand comes with a felted base to protect surfaces and includes a Cherry wood Tamper.
Price: $19.99
On Sale For: $17.00

"I just bought a pair of swords to go with a costume event that would go with boots I ordered from you guys. Again the package was on my doorstep within 24 hours, which is mind blowing. I ordered the "dragon evolution" and "black flame combat " swords for price considerations and was stunned at what came out of the box. If these are examples of your cheap stuff, I know I positively would be close to drooling over the high end models. Thanks again and you are now my official "go to" shop for any kind of gear. "

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