Medieval Pipes and LOTR Pipes

For some, nothing quite beats relaxing with a nice pipe at the end of a long, hard day. And if you are looking for a pipe that is better than nice, then you have come to the right place, because Dark Knight Armoury offers a selection of stunningly handcrafted medieval pipes, as well as all the accessories that you will need to go with them. All of our pipes are made from top quality wood and are fully functional, while still possessing detail enough to render them as attractive props and display pieces, too. That means that when you are not enjoying a nice puff from your pipe, you can set it up on one of the great stands we offer here and make it into a beautiful display item, too! Virtually all of our pipes are done in the churchwarden style, which means that most feature a long stem. Many are actually based on designs that were used throughout the Lord of the Rings, making them great collectibles as well. Of course, we also offer an array of pipe accessories, including tobacco pouches and pipe sheathes that make storing, carrying and using your medieval pipe that much easier. If you are looking for a nice old pipe that gives you an authentic and historic look, then you need look no further, because Dark Knight Armoury has all you need to fill that desire. And since you can carry our medieval pipes for effect, smoke them for pleasure, and display them for appeal, you can also say that these pipes are, without a doubt, one of the most versatile medieval accessories you own.
Gentleman's Pipes, Smoking Pipes, and Tobacco Pipes
Relax with your favorite tobacco blend while using one of our sophisticated wood pipes. We are sure to carry the design of your choice with our wide array of tobacco pipe styles. Our smoking pipes range from bent Dublin pipes to egg churchwarden pipes to straight stem billiard pipes and more. Our gentlemans pipes look fantastic with designs like our red finished pipes, sandblasted pipes, and dark grain pipes.
Medieval Pipe Accessories
A good pipe does not stand on its own. That is why Dark Knight Armoury offers a wide selection of medieval pipe accessories that are designed to go perfectly with virtually any of our medieval pipes or our Lord of the Rings pipes. Here, you will find various pipe stands, pipe sheathes, and even tobacco pouches that make using your pipe quite easy.
Medieval Pipe Sets
Our medieval pipe sets make acquiring your own authentic wooden medieval pipe easy, because many include a number of accessories that go a long way towards making your pipe easy to carry, easy to use, and even easy to display. Each of the pipes featured here in this section of Dark Knight Armoury all include one or more accessories, which make them a complete set.
Medieval Pipes and Lord of the Rings Pipes
With their distinctive old world look and feel, many of the medieval pipes featured here at Dark Knight Armoury look like they would make a great collectible and a great display piece. And you would not be wrong for thinking that way, but you will also be happy to know that all of the pipes we offer are also fully functional and smokable, too!

"I put in my order Wednesday, came yesterday. Very nice quality products, and the smell of leather was amazing. I spoke with Megan in customer services, and she was very helpful and very friendly. A good review from a satisfied customer."

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