Boys Medieval and Renaissance Clothing

Kids deserve to have just as many options for period dress as their adult counterparts, which is what you will find here in the Boys Medieval and Renaissance Clothing category at Dark Knight Armoury. Outfit your young squire with historical flair with pieces that you will find in this section, such as our boys medieval tunics and Renaissance shirts, kids cloaks and capes, boys monk robes, childrens sailor vests, and so much more! We provide high quality kids apparel that will endure long days at the Ren Faire and hours of playtime, making it a great choice for any event when your young prince wants to dress up. Our childrens historical clothing is perfect for theatrical performances and period re-enactments, too. Take a moment to browse this category to find the pieces you need to create the ideal boys period ensemble for your child!
Boys Classic Medieval Shirt
Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to this Boys Classic Medieval Shirt. The traditional style gives it unlimited potential, allowing it to be worn with many different ensembles where it will always look good.
Price: $24.81
Boys Lace-Up Medieval Shirt
A little lord deserves the finest of garments to wear. This Boys Lace-Up Medieval Shirt suits that need perfectly, allowing them to look like the most hard-working of serfs, the most noble of knights, and the most high of kings.
Price: $32.97
Boys Medieval Serf Shirt
Nobles were not the only ones who could have nice things in the medieval days. Peasants had nice shirts as well, and the Boys Medieval Serf Shirt is of such quality that it would make even a noble lad or royal boy turn green with envy!
Price: $32.97
Boys Renaissance Frock
Dressed in high quality velvet and brocade fabrics, your child will look positively regal in the Boys Renaissance Frock. This stylish Baroque-inspired jacket features fantastic ornate details fit for a young Renaissance lordling.
Price: $145.00
Boys Renaissance Hat
Even children can get in on the fun of historic reenactment. The Boys Renaissance Hat, made of high quality antique velvet and beautifully patterned brocade, is ideal for helping your child get the look of a regal young lord.
Price: $33.00
Boys Ruffled Renaissance Shirt
If you want to spot a noble, then you need only look for the ruffles on a shirt! The Boys Ruffled Renaissance Shirt allows young boys to transform into stylish dandies who will be all the envy of those who surround them.
Price: $24.81
Captain Enrique Brower Childrens Shirt
What youth has not dreamed of sailing the seas as a pirate captain, seeking fame, glory, and treasure? This Captain Enrique Brower Childrens Shirt is a medieval styled garment that is perfect for creating such a look for a young one.
Price: $34.00
Captain Enrique Brower Half-Sleeve Shirt
What youth has not dreamed of sailing the seas as a pirate captain, seeking fame, glory, and treasure? This Captain Enrique Brower Half-Sleeve Shirt is a medieval styled garment that is perfect for creating such a look for a young one.
Price: $31.00
Captain George Booth Kids Pants
Good trousers are a must-have for practically any look you might build, whether it is for a noble knight, a squire, or a pirate. These Captain George Booth Kids Pants serve as great slacks for use in equally great looks.
Price: $24.00
Childrens Sir Lancelot Tunic
Designed for youth, the Childrens Sir Lancelot Tunic is a dashing and comfortable outfit for your little knights. The chain mail is rugged cloth material that really looks the part of a powerful medieval knight.
Price: $79.00
Childs Celtic Robe
The Childs Celtic Robe is made of 100 percent cotton and comes in a variety of colors. The Childs Celtic Robe is machine washable. The youth wearing the robe has most likely earned it through religious, magical, or other secretive means.
Price: $49.00
Childs Crusader Cape And Tunic
Are you looking for your child to be part of your Crusade? This Childs Crusader Cape And Tunic is the perfect medieval outfit for a child. It includes both the tunic and the cape that is made of 100 percent cotton.
Price: $138.00
Childs Elven Tunic
Our Childs Elven Tunic is suitable attire for archers and swordfighters who make their home in an enchanted woodland. This long-sleeve tunic goes with a variety of looks, perfect for the roleplay wardrobe of a young adventurer.
Price: $49.00
Child's Harem Pants
Whether you are a man or a child, a good pair of pants is a definite must when it comes to medieval and Renaissance era clothing. The Childs Harem Pants are a classic example of legwear that can be used in a variety of looks with ease.
Price: $25.00
Childs Hooded Medieval Robe
The Childs Hooded Medieval Robe is a great robe that comes in a variety of colors. The Childs Hooded Medieval Robe is a two piece ensemble that consists of the robe and hood. The Childs Hooded Medieval Robe is made of cotton.
Price: $70.00
Childs Knight Shirt
The Childs Knight Shirt is great for finishing off your childs medieval outfit. The Childs Knight Shirt is available in black with red strips or white strips. The knight shirt is made of 100 percent cotton and is machine washable.
Price: $44.00
Childs Medieval Pants
The Childs Medieval Pants is great for finishing off your childs medieval outfit. The Childs Medieval Pants is available in black with red strips or white strips. The knightly pants are made of cotton and are machine washable.
Price: $39.00
Childs Monk Robe
Be you be a man of the cloth or rogue in hiding, this is a perfect outfit for traveling the roads of any renaissance festival. A full, generous hood and belt complete the ensemble while offering plenty of style.
Price: $69.00
Childs Musketeer Tabbard
Constructed from a rich blue cotton velvet and lined with matching satin, the front and sleeves of this tunic are embroidered with the musketeer silver cross and fleur-de-lis. This kings guard tabard is perfect for young musketeers.
Price: $79.00
Childs Pirate Pants
These Childs Pirate Pants are great for finishing off your childs pirate outfit. The Childs Pirate Pants make a great outfit with a pirate shirt, scarf, and hat. This Childs Pirate Pants are made of a black velvet fabric.
Price: $60.00
Childs Pirate Shirt
This Childs Pirate Shirt is great for finishing off your childs pirate outfit. The Childs Pirate Shirt makes a great outfit with a pirate pants, scarf, and hat. This Childs Pirate Shirt is made of 100 percent cotton and machine washable.
Price: $38.00
Childs Proudfoot Pants
The Renaissance fair is a fun opportunity for all age groups to dress up in period clothing. The Childs Proudfoot Pants make a fantastic part of any young nobles outfit with a trio of buttons that appear on each side of the waist.
Price: $33.00
Childs Renaissance Breeches
The Childs Renaissance Breeches is great for finishing off your childs renaissance outfit. The Childs Renaissance Breeches is available in a variety of colors. The Childs Renaissance Breeches is made of shiny denim satin for a noble look.
Price: $60.00
Childs Renaissance Shirt
The Childs Renaissance Shirt features full sleeves and made of 100 percent cotton. This Childs Renaissance Shirt is very comfortable and breathable and makes this a great shirt to wear alone or under a doublet.
Price: $49.00
Child's Renaissance Shirt
Your kids will look like they belong in the medieval and Renaissance eras when you dress them in the Childs Renaissance Shirt. Made from cotton, this shirt is comfortable and stylish, making it great to wear alone or with a nice top.
Price: $34.00
Child's Sailor Pants
If your child wants to look like a real sailor or pirate, they will need a few things. Among those things is a good pair of pants, like the Childs Sailor Pants. Not only are they comfortable, but they also feature a great, pirate style!
Price: $20.00
Child's Sailor Vest
Yo, ho, ho! In the Childs Sailor Vest, your little one will be well on their way to looking the part of a fearsome pirate, who sails the seven seas in search of fame, fortune, adventure - and, of course, lots of treasure!
Price: $45.00
Childs Scottish Kilt
The Childs Scottish Kilt is a 3 piece ensemble that includes the shirt, skirt, and the scarf. The shirt is made of 100 percent cotton. The skirt and scarf are made of a tartan fabric that is 65 percent cotton and 35 percent polyester.
Price: $60.00
Childs Swordsman Shirt
Either worn with the musketeer tabard or on its own, this wonderful Childrens period shirt is a great addition to any period ensemble. Made of 100% white cotton, the shirt sports both lace-up front and sleeves.
Price: $36.00
Childs Velvet Long Cape
The generous hood and arm slits allow for easy maneuverability in this Childs Velvet Long Cape, while the stunning purple rayon lining makes this a perfect Renaissance accessory piece for any prince or princess.
Price: $79.00
Childs Wiccan Robe
The Childs Wiccan Robe is made of 100 percent cotton and comes in a variety of colors. The Childs Wiccan Robe is machine washable and is fastened by laces. This Childs Wiccan Robe is available in sizes Small through X-Large.
Price: $72.00
Childs Wizard Cloak
Your young wizard apprentice will look properly imposing wearing this magnificent hooded robe! This heavy black cotton velvet garment is richly accented with a decorative gold trim and has a metal clasp for a secure closure.
Price: $79.00
David Marteen Kids Pirate Pants
Comfortable and effortless in their look, these David Marteen Kids Pirate Pants have an easy-going style that is quite useful. Long and black, they are a full length trouser that pulls together any number of different styles.
Price: $24.00
Eriksson Childrens Viking Tunic
Even fearsome Viking warrior-chieftains like Leif Eriksson were just children once. Start your little Vikings path to glory right with the Eriksson Childrens Viking Tunic, a garment that replicates authentic Viking clothing.
Price: $35.98
Felix Childrens Gugel
Put a little fun in the wardrobe of young medieval enthusiasts with the Felix Childrens Gugel. Made of cotton canvas, this headdress features a long tapering tail on the back of the hood, giving it a charming and youthful appeal.
Price: $16.00
Felix Childrens Tabbard
The Felix Childrens Tabbard is a colorful way for children to get in on the fun of historical reenactment. This medieval style garment is easy to wear and comes in an assortment of bright and contrasting color combinations.
Price: $16.00
Kids Captain Jack Pirate Coat
This classic take on a pirate coat is shrunk down from the typical size to make it appropriate for a youth to wear. This way, even a child can become a pirate captain, so long as they wear this Kids Captain Jack Pirate Coat.
Price: $79.00
Kids Captain Jack Pirate Vest
This vest looks like it was taken from the wardrobe of a pirate captain! Smaller in size than typical pirate garb, this Kids Captain Jack Pirate Vest is perfect for a youth, ensuring that the young can look like a captain of the sea.
Price: $48.00
Kids Captain Kennit Ruffled Shirt
A flourish is sometimes just what is needed to enhance the appeal of a noble or a pirate. This Kids Captain Kennit Ruffled Shirt has that flair, making it an ideal garment for crafting any youth swashbuckler, captain, or prince garb.
Price: $28.00
Kids Chris Trousers
Your young adventurer will be suitably dressed for whatever their quest entails when wearing the Kids Chris Trousers. These childrens medieval pants are made of sturdy cotton and have an elastic waistband with adjustable drawstring.
Price: $20.00
Kids Edison Knickers
Our period Kids Edison Knickers are designed to fit youths, crafted in chocolate brown corduroy. These boys knee pants have a back button for a good waistline fit and elastic at the bottom of the legs to keep the pants looking sharp.
Price: $49.00
Kids Edison Shirt
Designed for youth, our Kids Edison Shirt is crafted from soft, natural tan cotton fabric that helps to create a great steampunk or Victorian era look. This kids period shirt makes a fantastic base piece for a variety of outfits.
Price: $39.00
Kids Edison Vest
Designed for youth, this unique double-breasted vest is a real show-stopping addition to any outfit. The front of our Kids Edison Vest is made of gorgeous twill material, while the sides and back are of a matching brown wool.
Price: $69.00
Kids Heraldic Lions Tunic
Modeled after the tunics and surcoats of knights and kings, this Kids Heraldic Lion Tunic allows young ones to assume the mantle of a knight. At the very least, it allows them to don the garb of a knight to look more like a warrior.
Price: $44.00
Kids Hyde Street Knickers
Designed for youth, these soft black Kids Hyde Street Knickers have an elastic fitting detail at the back of the waist, along with the bottom of the legs. These youth knee pants make a super piece for any Victorian era outfits.
Price: $49.00
Kids Hyde Street Shirt
Designed for youth, our crisp white Hyde Street Shirt is great for creating that Turn-of-the-Century look and even steampunk ensembles! The stand-up collar and black and silver enameled buttons make this an all-around spiffy shirt.
Price: $45.00
Kids Hyde Street Vest
Any young man will look dapper wearing our Kids Hyde Street Vest. Designed for youth, this fine boys period waistcoat displays an intricate foliate pattern over the front that will go well with steampunk or vintage attire.
Price: $64.00
Kids Knights Templar Tabard
Whether your child is hunting for the Holy Grail in the backyard or dressing as a Crusader at the Renaissance fair, be sure your little one looks the part in the Kids Knights Templar Tabard. This medieval tabard features a red cross.
Price: $18.00
Kids Medieval Tunic
This Kids Medieval Tunic is a must-have for any child re-enactor wardrobe. This versatile piece can be worn by boys and girls with just about anything. The neckline, sleeves, and bottom of the garment are trimmed with contrasting colors.
Price: $33.00
Kids Musketeer Shirt
This soft white Kids Musketeer Shirt looks great underneath tabards and vests. This kids period shirt is crafted from 100 percent cotton and shows off an attached pageboy collar and ruffled cuffs at the end of the long sleeves.
Price: $36.00
Kids Paul Shirt
You cannot go wrong with the classic look of the Kids Paul Shirt. This stylish medieval top is an essential addition to the wardrobes of young reenactors, and it is made of a sturdy yet light cotton fabric in a versatile cream color.
Price: $20.00
Kids Satin Sash
Even young pirates should have a sash. Wrapped around the head or the waist, about the arm or the leg, this Kids Satin Sash is a must-have accessory that can go a long way towards completing a pirate look and a number of others, too!
Price: $14.00
Kids Snorre Tunic
Tunics are staple pieces in reenactment and fantasy wardrobes. Let your little adventurer wear this historical essential their own way with the Kids Snorre Tunic. Made of sturdy but light cotton, this cream tunic has a classic shape.
Price: $20.00
Kids Wicky Trousers
Inspired by the pants worn by ancient Eastern Vikings, the Kids Wicky Trousers are perfect for young adventurers seeking a stylish essential for their wardrobes. These cotton pants have loose-fit thighs but are fitted after the knee.
Price: $20.00
Leifsson Childrens Viking Undertunic
Leif Erikson would not have been the Viking he was without his father Erik the Red. You can carry on the legacy of this legendary father-son duo with the Leifsson Childrens Viking Undertunic, based on actual Viking clothing.
Price: $28.78
Lucas Canvas Cloak
When planning a family outing to a renaissance faire or preparing the entire clan for a LARP adventure, make sure your child has suitable outerwear. With its classic design, the Lucas Canvas Cloak is a perfect fit for numerous roles.
Price: $19.00
Niko Childrens Pants
Sometimes it is best to start with the basics. The Niko Childrens Pants provide a great base for the medieval-inspired outfits of any child. These cotton canvas pants are versatile wardrobe staples available in various colors.
Price: $20.00
Niko Childrens Tunic
The Niko Childrens Tunic is an essential basic, great for starting off any childrens medieval inspired outfit. Featuring long sleeves and a classic V-neck collar, this versatile shirt is available in various easy to match colors.
Price: $20.00
Ragnarsson Childrens Viking Pants
Ragnar Lodbrok himself is just a legend, but his sons were real people. Bjorn Ironsides, the oldest, founded his own Swedish dynasty. Your child can walk in the footsteps of such a warrior with the Ragnarsson Childrens Viking Pants.
Price: $35.98
RFB Arthur Cape
On the run from bandits who hoped to ransom you to the king, you avoid the villages and roads, entering the woods instead. Your RFB Arthur Cape works well as camouflage in the overgrown forest, so long as you avoid any wild beasts.
Price: $31.00

"This company ROCKS! I ordered something and it was too big. Their return policy was super easy and when I called and spoke to Rachael about adding something to my order she took care of everything over the phone and even ensured I would have my costume by Oct 25th. In this world where customer service seems to be a thing of the past it is so nice to deal with a company that puts customer service first! Well done!"

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