Push Knives

The push knife has been around for quite some time, and remains just as effective today as it was back when it originated, sometime in the 16th or 17th century. Here at Dark Knight Armoury, though, you will not be finding any historical analogues, but rather modernized push knives that are made for use, particularly in the field of self-defense. The typical shape of a push knife is fairly universal, consisting of a blade that is made for heavy penetration, attached to a T-shaped handle that, when gripped, allows the blade to protrude out between the fingers. The effect is that these knives, while small, possess considerable penetrative power, because behind the point lies the effective force of a shove, a push, or in most cases, a heavy punch. Push knives were particularly popular among gamblers during the early 1800s, when push knives were the weapon of choice when it came to hidden weapons that could be produced in a blink. It was also popular during both World War I and World War II, where static trench warfare made a close-quarters combat weapon like the push knife incredibly deadly in skilled hands. All of our push knives are effective, deadly, and small, allowing them to be easily concealed. Some are designed for use as a last-ditch weapon, while others possess a hardy strength that makes them great for continuous use. And as wicked as they seem, push knives are also great for general-purpose tasks as well, as their shape allows for great application of leverage and force. So, all in all, these push knives offered here at Dark Knight Armoury are a great weapon to carry along with you, wherever you go, if only because they are so useful, both as a self-defense weapon and as a hardy little knife that allows you to put some serious force behind a functional little blade.
Clip Point Punch Dagger
The odd stillness of the night leads you to pause before opening the car door. A not-so-stealthy footstep alerts you to another presence. With the Clip Point Punch Dagger between your fingers, you stop the attack before it starts.
Price: $7.50
On Sale For: $6.75
Covert Carry Fist Blades
Before you begin your mission be sure to have all of the necessary gear, like the Covert Carry Fist Blades. It never hurts to have a backup weapon and these knives can be a wonderful way to never be without protection.
Price: $18.00
FGX Push Blade I
Black as a moonless night, silent as the grave, and totally undetectable, the FGX Push Blade I utilizes high tech materials and innovation for supreme self-defense. The blade is made of a fiberglass-reinforced plastic called Griv-Ex.
Price: $16.00
On Sale For: $12.80
FGX Push Blade II
Utterly discreet, lightweight, and virtually undetectable, the FGX Push Blade II is an essential weapon for self-defense no matter the environment. Its high-tech Griv-Ex construction is reinforced with fiberglass for superior strength.
Price: $13.00
On Sale For: $10.40
Half Serrated Urban Edge Push Knife by Cold Steel
Featuring a stainless steel spear point blade that is serrated on one edge, the Half Serrated Urban Edge Push Knife is a lightweight utility tool that offers supreme cutting power to handle everyday jobs that would test larger knives.
Price: $38.00
On Sale For: $30.40
Mini Pal Knife
The Mini Pal is only half an ounce in weight, yet it delivers heavyweight performance. The edge zips through a host of materials at unbelievable speed, making it a must-have knife for your personal defense and use.
Price: $29.00
On Sale For: $23.20
Safe Maker I Push Knife by Cold Steel
The Safe Maker I Stainless Steel Push Knife offers compact design without sacrificing the effectiveness of a larger weapon. Sturdy and reliable, the blade, shaft, and T shaped tang are fashioned from one solid piece of stainless steel.
Price: $70.00
On Sale For: $56.00
Safe Maker II Push Knife by Cold Steel
Compact and sturdy in design, The Safe Maker II Stainless Steel Push Knife offers effectiveness on par with a larger weapon. The blade, shaft, and T shaped tang are fashioned from one solid piece of Japanese AUS8A stainless steel.
Price: $50.00
On Sale For: $40.00
Serrated Urban Edge Push Knife by Cold Steel
A terrific everyday utility tool, the Serrated Urban Edge Push Knife features a lightweight stainless steel blade with full serrations on both edges for tough cutting chores. The strong spear point blade has big piercing power.
Price: $38.00
On Sale For: $30.40
Split Black Push Dagger
With double the piercing power of a normal punch blade, the Split Black Push Dagger is the weapon you need to give you a leg up on your opponent in any combat situation. This dagger will show off your combat skills with a dramatic edge.
Price: $14.00
Split Silver Push Dagger
A superior and intimidating fighter needs a superior and intimidating weapon to match their skills. With a double piercing blade, the Split Silver Push Dagger is the knife you need to hone your craft in close combat and self defense.
Price: $14.00
Tactical Black Push Dagger
With a blade that is more than five inches long, the Tactical Black Push Dagger is a combat weapon that will be sure to intimidate your opponent. Ward off any attacker who has the audacity to challenge you with this spear point blade.
Price: $14.00
Tactical Silver Push Dagger
In a bout of close combat, you need a weapon that will improve the fighting skills you already possess. The Tactical Silver Push Dagger, held firmly in your fist, enhances the damage caused by your punch, making every jab count.
Price: $14.00
Triangular Push Dagger
When faced with the potential for close combat, an easily concealed knife proves its worth. Made for stealth and quick action, the Triangular Push Dagger has the piercing power necessary to gain the advantage upon an attacker.
Price: $5.50
On Sale For: $4.95
Undercover Black Twin Push Daggers
The Undercover Black Twin Push Daggers feature two double edge push daggers, constructed from solid 420J2 stainless steel with razor sharp edges. The impact resistant sheath is equipped with nylon arm-leg strap with Velcro closure.
Price: $20.00
Undercover Twin Push Daggers
This is the ultimate defender series! The Undercover Twin Push Daggers feature two double-edge push daggers, constructed from solid 420J2 stainless steel and razor sharp. The impact resistant sheath is equipped with arm-leg strap.
Price: $18.00
Urban Edge Push Knife by Cold Steel
Incredibly versatile and useful for everyday utility tasks, the Urban Edge Push Knife features a lightweight, stainless steel spear point blade that packs enough power to handle tasks that would challenge even some larger knives.
Price: $38.00
On Sale For: $30.40
Urban Pal Knife
The Urban Pal should be standard equipment for survival in the urban jungle. At three-quarters of an ounce, it is perfectly at home in a pocket or purse and can easily be attached to a key ring or hung around the neck.
Price: $30.00
On Sale For: $24.00
Windlass Push Dagger
The Windlass Push Dagger takes inspiration from the concealed weaponry from the late 19th to early 20th centuries. Its classic, yet efficient design, proved just as useful for a WWII soldier as it did a bootlegger from the Old West.
Price: $40.00
Zombie Green Fist Blades
When your gun runs dry and you have no choice but to face the horde, you can do it with the Zombie Green Fist Blades. This unique set is designed to enhance the lethality of your fists as you punch the living dead.
Price: $10.00

"I'm in the market for' quality LARP/practice swords for myself and the boyfriend but have a pretty major latex allergy. I sent an email out in hopes that I'd even get a response as far as recommendations. To my surprise I received an email from Joseph with a link for several great, latex free options. I really appreciate the help and wanted to let you know that I will be purchasing from Dark Knight Armoury (and probably Dark Knight Armoury for other items) as soon as I get the funds together!"

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