Functional Swept Hilt Fencing Rapiers

As ornate and decorative as the swept hilt seems, it is not without its uses. Combined with its impressive appearance, swept hilt rapiers were popular with swordsman and nobility both! At Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a wide selection of functional swept hilt fencing rapiers, for the discerning swordsman who wants a beautiful blade. The swept hilt was particularly popular in Italy, though it definitely popular elsewhere as well, and saw wide-spread use across Europe. One might think that the swept hilt was more for decoration, although that is not entirely true. Yes, the swept hilt rapier was an impressive weapon, one that garnered attention and made for a fantastic accessory to carry at ones side, but it also served an important function, one beyond style and appearance. The swept hilt was made to be sturdy and strong, and in a duel or a fight, the twisting quillons and bars could be used to catch an opponent blade in a thrust, which might open your opponent up to a fatal counterattack. Each one of the functional rapiers offered here in this category features a traditional swept hilt, although the designs tend to vary. Variety works out for you, the consumer, though, because it ensures that while you will always get a functional sword, no matter which one you pick out, you do have your choice of several different styles of swept hilts. After all, your sword should be distinctive and suited perfectly to your tastes. Some come one and come all, swordsmen from all around to browse through our selection of Functional Swept Hilt Fencing Rapiers, all located here at Dark Knight Armoury, so that you might find the rapier that best fits into your hand when you take up the sword, either for practice or for a friendly duel.
Bone Grip Swept Hilt Rapier
The swept hilt rapier was quite popular in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. This Bone Grip Swept Hilt Rapier is hand forged and has a blade of high carbon steel. The diamond cross section provides firmness and flexibility.
Price: $245.00
Practical Swept Hilt Long Rapier
In 17th century European societies, swordplay with a rapier was a crucial element in the education of a gentleman. Today, anyone can practice the art of fencing with the balanced and stunning Practical Swept Hilt Long Rapier.
Price: $265.00
Practical Swept Hilt Rapier
Often used alongside a Main Gauche, or parrying dagger, rapiers play an important part in both Renaissance reenactments and modern fencing. This Practical Swept Hilt Rapier combines classic romantic design with modern practicality.
Price: $265.00
Ribbed Shell Swept Hilt Rapier
Beautifully polished and with a single, wide fuller at the forte, the Ribbed Shell Swept Hilt Rapier is a dueling weapon with perfect balance to its long, narrow blade. Its distinctive hilt is made of high quality stainless steel.
Price: $600.00
On Sale For: $480.00
Wood Grip Rapier
Swept hilt rapiers are classic fencing swords, used for centuries as ways of solving gentlemanly disagreements among nobles. Based upon designs from 17th century Europe, this Wood Grip Rapier is a traditional Renaissance fencing sword.
Price: $320.00

"Hi, I recently placed an order but an item was out of stock, so I had to send a few emails and a phone call to substitute items and pay the difference. I spoke with Rachel through emails and Melissa over the phone, and would just like to say that your customer service department is fantastic. Every step of the way they were polite and helpful, and the setback was apologized for and promptly fixed. I've dealt with a lot of companies, but this was arguably the best that I have received to date, and as such I will definitely be ordering from you again."

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