Medieval Flails

Like the mace, the medieval flail was a weapon that developed to give warriors a way to negate the advantage that superior armor might grant in battle. And also like the mace, the flail developed a reputation as a weapon that armor offered little protection against, while also offering a few advantages that even a mace could not begin to provide. As with the mace, the flail is primarily a blunt force weapon, although the addition of spikes and other potentially nasty additions gave the flail a more impressive and more deadly air, as well as a more efficient and deadly strike. Unlike the mace, though, which consisted of a weight and a haft, the flail consisted of a weight, attached to a chain, which was then affixed to the haft. The added length of chain gave the weapon far more versatility, as the chain length could be used to ensnare weapons, while also allowing a warrior to spin the weight and add a bit more force to every blow. Plus, the chain enhances a warriors range, allowing them to strike out from further and at varying angles. Imagine the convenience of a weapon that can strike over a shield and crush the helmet and you have the very picture of why the flail was useful and effective. At Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a wide range of flails, ranging from the purely decorative to the fully functional. We also offer a few subtle variations, which take the classic flail and enhance its destructive power by adding in additional flail heads. After all, if one is deadly, two is worse, and three is absolutely unbeatable. Hung on a wall, these medieval flails will harken your thoughts back to the days of medieval knights who carried this brutal weapons into battle, and in reenactments of your own, they will cause your foes to flee for fear of being hit by this lethal looking instrument.
13th Century Medieval Flail
A unique and devastating weapon used during the medieval period, the flail began as a weapon used by peasants and transformed into one wielded by cavalry. Display a replica of this blunt weapon with the 13th Century Medieval Flail.
Price: $499.00
Authentics Flail
This flail masterpiece features a blackened steel ball with spikes over 2-1/2 inches long, attached to a blackened chain which is linked inside a hand wrought steel bar. The bar of this medieval weapon flail is secured to a wood handle.
Price: $198.75
Authentics Skull Flail
Our Skull Flail looks like one you might find in an old dark ages dungeon! Fully functional, this flail has a blackened steel skull head with spikes. It is attached to the wrought iron bar on the seared wooden handle by a sturdy chain.
Price: $208.25
Owing its genesis to the medieval corn-threshing implement, the military flail was a fearsome weapon with its ability to reach out to a distance far exceeding the length of its shaft, its iron weights travelling at lethal speeds.
Price: $52.00
Large Single Ball Medieval Flail
An impeccable recreation of a popular weapon for medieval cavalry, the Large Single Ball Medieval Flail features the classic flail design of a long wooden handle with a chain connected to its end, which supports a spiked ball.
Price: $17.00
Large Three Ball Medieval Flail
Emulating the appearance of flails from used by cavalry in 14th century Europe, the Large Three Ball Medieval Flail is a weapon that requires immense skill to efficiently wield and can be devastatingly effective in battle.
Price: $28.00
Large Two Ball Medieval Flail
Designed in the fashion of 14th century weaponry, the Large Two Ball Medieval Flail is an exceptional flail, which was a weapon favored by cavalry. The employment of the two spiked balls requires a strong and dexterous wielder.
Price: $23.00
Medieval Flail
Few weapons can match the destructive strength of a well-swung flail. A spiked ball gains a lot of momentum when swung in large circles, and that is the reason why the Medieval Flail is such a feared and revered weapon.
Price: $20.00
Medieval One Ball Flail
This flail has a heavy spiked ball made of cast metal to look more authentic. The Medieval One Ball Flail has an overall length of 18 inches. The medieval flail has a wood handle wrapped in cord and a chain attached to a spiked ball.
Price: $14.50
On Sale For: $13.05
Medieval Two Ball Flail
This flail has two spiked balls made of cast metal to look more authentic. The Medieval Two Ball Flail has an overall length of 18 inches. The medieval flail has a wood handle wrapped in cord and two chains attached to spiked balls.
Price: $19.50
On Sale For: $17.55
Medieval Two Ball Flail
This medieval two ball flail has been crafted in Italy and has an overall extended length of 25.5 inches. This impressive flails handle and two balls are made of wood, while the chain and spikes are metal.
Price: $66.50
Medium Single Ball Medieval Flail
Beautifully crafted in the likeness of a central European medieval flail, the Medium Single Ball Medieval Flail exceptionally displays a lesser known melee weapon from the era, which was favored by cavalry when in close range combat.
Price: $11.00
Medium Two Ball Medieval Flail
An extraordinary replica of a flail from the Middle Ages, the Medium Two Ball Medieval Flail is a superb example of the vast array of weapons used during this period. The flail is a melee weapon that was predominantly used by cavalry.
Price: $14.00
Small Single Ball Medieval Flail
Emulating a weapon used during the medieval era throughout central Europe, the Small Single Ball Medieval Flail is a delightful scale model of a flail. These were weapons that were mostly used by cavalry in tight quarter situations.
Price: $6.00
Small Three Ball Medieval Flail
Crafted in the style of medieval weaponry, the Small Three Ball Medieval Flail demonstrates the complex and devastating design of a three headed flail. These weapons were predominately used by cavalry during close quarters combat.
Price: $9.00
Small Two Ball Medieval Flail
Designed in a medieval style, the Small Two Ball Medieval Flail is a representation of a deadly blunt weapon used by cavalry in central Europe. This close quarters design features two spiked heads that dangle from short chains.
Price: $8.00
Tri-Headed Medieval Flail
Few weapons can compare to the difficulty or the sheer destructive ability of a Tri-Headed Medieval Flail. Difficult to master but virtually unstoppable when used properly, it is perhaps one of the most deadly weapons conceivable.
Price: $28.00
Two-Headed Medieval Flail
The only way to make a bludgeon more dangerous is to increase its impact, either by adding weight, momentum, or strength to the blow. The Two-Headed Medieval Flail has done none of these, instead opting to add a second head.
Price: $22.00
On Sale For: $19.00

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