Zombie Props

Why wait for the zombie apocalypse to arrive when you can just make your own? With the assortment of great zombie props and accessories from Dark Knight Armoury, you have all you need to start building your very own zombie outbreak or horror scene. This section is filled to the brim with all sorts of helpful decorative pieces and scene fillers that are perfect for adding grim horror, and sometimes humor, to your setting. It goes without saying that this section is great for Halloween decoration, and many of the pieces have several uses beyond All Hallows Eve as well. Many of our props depict undead ghouls in a variety of styles, ranging from hungry zombies to well-dressed corpses. Many are full sized stand-ins that create a spooky atmosphere that goes a long way towards any haunted house or creepy crypt. More than just zombies, we also offer an assortment of monster props as well. For added surprise, grab some of our electronic horror props, which speak, spin, and move! They are sure give someone a good fright. From severed heads to ground bursting zombies to skeletal figurines to body bags, this section of Dark Knight Armoury has all you need to perfectly transform a location with some seriously spooky surroundings.
12 Foot Hanging Zombie Man
How big can zombies get? Well, if you take into account the 12 Foot Hanging Zombie Man, the answer is very big. This impressively sized zombie actually is 12 feet tall, and it is every bit as mean and hungry as its smaller zombie kin.
Price: $160.00
Army Green Combat Canteen
The last thing you want to be caught without when you are knee-deep in zombie land is to run out of supplies like water. If you brought along your Army Green Combat Canteen, water will not be one of your biggest concerns.
Price: $5.00
Bag of Skeleton Bones
One look at this Bag of Skeleton Bones, and you will think you are looking at a skeleton body, all contained in one bag! This impressive bag contains 13 bones of various shape and size, ranging from skulls to hands to leg bones and more!
Price: $16.00
Dead Monkey Skeleton
Sure, you know that this Dead Monkey Skeleton is the skeleton of a monkey, but when you place it as a prop in your next real-life survivor game, will your players know? Or will they pause and wonder what beast this was in life?
Price: $49.80
Deluxe Fiberglass Tombstone
It is not often that you see a skeleton clinging to its grave. Typically, the dead try to escape them. But that does not seem to be the case when this Deluxe Fiberglass Tombstone is concerned, as this skeleton clings tightly to it.
Price: $278.00
On Sale For: $250.20
Fanged Groundbreaker Zombie
Not all zombies are putrid, shambling dead things that lack speed or coordination. Some ghouls are more capable and thus, infinitely more terrifying. One such ghoul, the Fanged Groundbreaker Zombie, pops up right there in your yard.
Price: $60.00
Free Food Prop
Someone has gone and done a favor for any zombies that pass by. Perhaps the Free Food Prop is merely a peace offering or a diversion of some sort. Regardless, this sign is bound to distract plenty of hungry zombies.
Price: $159.80
Giant Skull
A head that needed a skull this big must have been huge, indeed, as this Giant Skull is far larger than most. It is also far more resilient then it looks, in spite of the numerous cracks and chips that are visible over its surface.
Price: $200.00
Glowing Black Reaper Hanger
Anyone who looks at this glowing grim reaper will think that death has arrived, although the reason for deaths arrival will remain unknown. The Glowing Black Reaper Hanger is a large decoration that casts an eerie and ghastly glow.
Price: $65.00
On Sale For: $45.50
Glowing Zombie Hand
Are zombies supposed to change colors? This one certainly does. The Glowing Zombie Hand is a novel little decoration that you can use indoors or outdoors to terrify and intrigue all of those who see it.
Price: $8.00
Groundbreaker Party Zombie
Let the creepy Groundbreaker Party Zombie direct your guests towards the party! This eerie figure is all too happy to sit waist-deep in the dirt, holding a sign with its thumb pointed towards the gathering of tasty, living humans.
Price: $80.00
Groundbreaker Voodoo Ghoul
Sometimes, zombies are reanimated because of strange, unknown viruses or infections. Other times, they are horrible experiments gone wrong. Others, like the Groundbreaker Voodoo Ghoul, are flesh-eating monsters raised by magic.
Price: $60.00
Groundbreaker Zombie Corpse
Not all zombies turn before they are buried in their graves. The Groundbreaker Zombie Corpse looks as though it did not turn into a zombie until some time had passed, which is why it now bursts out of the ground.
Price: $60.00
Groundbreaking Zombie Bride
It has been said that a wedding day is the most important day of a womans life. If that is true, this Groundbreaking Zombie Bride is not going to let a little thing like death come between her and wedded life - or unlife, now!
Price: $70.00
Groundbreaking Zombie Groom
Still dressed in his dapper duds, this Groundbreaking Zombie Groom bursts forth from the ground to ensure his arrival to his undead nuptials. It is safe to assume that the groom will utter, Not even after death do we part.
Price: $70.00
Groundbreaking Zombie Hand
Need a hand? The Groundbreaking Zombie Hand can offer an extra helping hand when needed, although it is help that anyone should be cautious of. The last thing anyone wants is a helping hand to turn into a hungry zombie.
Price: $6.00
Hanging Convict Zombie
Just one look at the Hanging Convict Zombie will tell you that crime does not pay. This criminal seems to have suffered the ultimate punishment and is not only locked in the stocks for all eternity, but he has been zombified, as well.
Price: $108.00
Haunted Tree Stump
Did you think that the haunted woods meant that there were ghosts hiding out among the trees? As you can see by the Haunted Tree Stump, that certainly is not the case, as the haunted woods are trees that happen to be haunted!
Price: $360.00
On Sale For: $323.82
Horrible Hanging Pumpkin
Years of pumpkins being mistreated and smashed have made this orange gourd bitter and vengeful. Trick-or-Treaters beware the Horrible Hanging Pumpkin! This sinister creature has a wicked appearance like that of a pumpkin ghoul.
Price: $70.00
Leaning Impaled Farmer Victim
Not every corpse you see is guaranteed to be a zombie or a slain zombie. Some, like this Leaning Impaled Farmer Victim, are unfortunate victims who died in the fight against and inevitable flight from the approaching zombie hordes.
Price: $150.00

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