Zombie Fountains and Misters

Horror is all about atmosphere. Sometimes that means the right lighting or the sounds. Often, it means the right surroundings. To help with that, Dark Knight Armoury is here to offer you a selection of zombie fountains and misters that are perfect to help set the scene. Our zombie and horror fountains are also great for setting up a sinister horror decor! Based on classic zombie and horror scenes, our selection of fountains include large scale pieces that show off vampires, bloody corpses, and more, all of which move water ' or better idea, water dyed red ' in rivulets and paths, creating injuries and flows of blood. Not all of our fountains are large, though, and we offer some smaller severed head, heart, and brain fountains that can fit on your countertop or shelf. We also offer misters, which use water to create smoky white mist that is perfect for adding some mystery to any setting. We also have some mister covers, which are great for disguising a mist machine. Our misters and fountains are great for Halloween decorating as well as for haunted houses, and many fit right into horror themed decors as well.
Mist Maker
What is an eerie and creepy setting without a healthy dose of flowing, rolling mist? With this Mist Maker unit, you will have almost anything you need to create your own pale, ghostly mists that flow and settle just like heavy fog.
Price: $25.00
Tombstone Fog Machine Cover
Do not leave your fog machine sitting out! Decorate it with true Halloween zeal and make it a part of your decor with this Tombstone Fog Machine Cover! Slip this cover over your fogger and it will look like it belongs in a graveyard.
Price: $30.00
On Sale For: $21.00

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